How To Fix Nespresso Blinking Orange Light [5 Easy Working Solutions]

Fix Nespresso Blinking Orange Light

We can’t even imagine our day without having a cup of coffee. Coffee is not only a drink but an energy booster that keeps us going throughout the day.  However, a very common issue that most Nespresso coffee machine users encounter is the Nespresso blinking orange light. This issue is hard to figure out, and thus tough to solve as well. I know many folks who ended up damaging their machines just trying to fix this annoying issue. But, How to Fix Nespresso Machine Blinking Orange Light safely? 

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And what are the causes of this problem? Considering this problem for you, I’ve put together all of the causes and solutions for solving the Nespresso machine blinking orange light. So, please make sure that you don’t skip anything from this piece of writing so you can understand everything in a good way.

Let’s get to the subject without wasting any more of your time.

What Are The Causes Of Nespresso Blinking Orange Light in The Nespresso Machine?

There are many reasons that cause this Nespresso blinking orange light issue. But, the most common among them is that your machine is dirty and hasn’t been cleaned for quite a while. Let’s say it’s been a whole month since you haven’t cleaned your Nespresso coffee machine and have consistently been using it as well. Then it must be dirty, for which it’s blinking orange light.

The second possible reason could be that your coffee machine is overheating or there is not enough water in it. Also, there might be some blockage of the capsule inside the machine.

Remember, the Nespresso coffee machine is the most advanced machine. It’s designed in a way that whenever it has any issue, it indicates by blinking the indicator light in a different way for different issues. 

To make it simpler for you, I’ve added a table in which all the reasons and the blinking alerts that this machine gives for them are mentioned. Examine them to see which one you have.

Nespresso Blinking Orange light Issues?
Blinking three times per second The machines requires to be descaled
Blinking two times per second The Machines needs cleaning
Fades off then on The machine has become overheated and must be cooled.
Blinks twice for a second, then turn off The fault is in the machine’s capsule holder
light blinks twice quickly, then goes off for a long time descaling, emptying, cleaning, or volume programming
5 Times in 10 seconds Needs reset

So now you know what the possible causes of your Nespresso blinking orange light are. But what’s the solution? Let’s head over to the solutions to this issue now.

How to Fix Nespresso Blinking Orange Light?

Nespresso Blinking Orange Light

As stated earlier in the table, the machine gives different types of blinking alerts for different issues. So to solve all these issues, we’ll have to learn to solve all types of blinking light alerts separately. 

Therefore, I’ll mention all the methods individually so you can understand everything better. First of all, find out what alert your machine is giving so that you can only read about what you need.

1) Orange Light Blinks Twice Every Second

If the machine’s orange light blinks twice every second, it’s time to clean it. It’s usually because something is preventing the barcode scanner from working in the machine head. How to solve it?

  • Firstly, open the head of the machine for ejecting the old capsule.
  • Then, unplug the machine and wipe off the rotating component within the head as well as the capsule holder using a balled-up piece of paper towel.

That’s it. It should fix the issue. However, this is just a simple cleaning, not a thorough one. 

So, if you encounter the issue again even after applying the above-mentioned steps, then consider either descaling or cleaning the machine properly. 

Even if that doesn’t fix the issue, you can contact the support team of the Nespresso coffee machine.

2) Orange Light Fades off And On

When the orange light of the machine fades and on, it means that the machine is overheated. Turn it off first By pressing the machine’s button for 3 seconds. 

Then, to turn on the machine again, hit the button. Then, give the machine around 20 minutes to cool down. When you try to turn it on but it doesn’t turn on, then it means that the machine is in the descaling mode. 

To get it out of the descaling mode, push the button for three seconds again and it’ll exit the descaling mode.

3) Orange Light Blinks Three Times Each Second

This alert of the machine shows that you need to descale it properly. Do it when you have time, as the descaling process is quite time-consuming. You may take around 20 minutes to complete this task.

Using a descaling Nespresso solution is ideal instead of using vinegar or any other liquid. Moreover, you can head over to the official site of the Nespresso machine where they’ve given instructions about descaling each of their coffee makers. 

Follow these instructions to do the process properly. For now, let’s learn a quick way to descale your Nespresso coffee machine.

If it keeps blinking after this, You may want to run the descaling process before calling Nespresso support. The toll-free number is 1-800-562-1465.

Way Of Descaling Your Nespresso Machine

descale Nespresso

Even though, descaling is a time-consuming process, this little hack won’t take you a long time. So, first fill the Nespresso line water tank with 500 mL of fresh water. 

Remove the packets of Nespresso descaling liquid from the kit, carefully open them, and place them in the water.You will get a descaling solution if you purchase a Nespresso machine. 

Otherwise, you can purchase it online or you can also use vinegar if you do not have any other option.

Open The Descale Mode on your Machine

Press the button at the top and turn on your machine. Then, unlock and close it.The button will flash and ultimately turn off during preheating. 

To start descaling mode, press and hold the button for around 7 seconds. So, you have 45 seconds to begin the descaling procedure.

  • Turn the lever towards the lock sign to lock the machine, and turn it to the right to open it.
  • For at least 7 seconds, tap and hold the button once again.
  • Allow your Nespresso coffee machine to drain into the bowl by placing a large cup beneath the spout (one that can hold at least 20 ounces).

The machine will keep rinsing until the water tank is completely empty. Refill the tank and push the machine’s button to restart the rinsing procedure. 

Now, you have to exit the descaling mode of your machine by pressing and holding the power button for 7 seconds. That’s it.

4) The Orange Light Blinks Twice Quickly, Then Goes off For A Long Time

This light shows multiple issues, and the solution varies depending on whether it appears during coffee espresso preparation, descaling, emptying, cleaning, or volume programming. 

There are several fixes according to the different issues. The solutions to each issue are mentioned below.

  • Ensure that a new, undamaged capsule is in the machine and that it was inserted correctly during coffee or espresso preparation. Replace the cover of the machine. Check to make sure the water reservoir is full.
  • Whenever you’re descaling, emptying, or cleaning, please see if the used capsule has been thrown away. Replace the lid of the machine.
  • Ensure that a capsule has been properly inserted during programming volume.

If the light still blinks, disconnect the machine for 10 seconds and then plug it back in.Then, re-start the brewing process by turning the machine back on. If this method doesn’t fix the issue,  You may need to contact Nespresso customer service.

5) If Five Times In Ten Seconds Orange Light Blinks

When your Nespresso coffee machine blinks the orange light for over 10 seconds, it means that it’s required to be reset. How to reset the Nespresso coffee machine? It’s easy. Allow the present capsule to eject by opening the machine head. 

After that, close the head while leaving the handle unlocked. Lastly, hit the button five times in three seconds.

If the reset process worked, then the orange buttons would blink five times and then turn into a white continuous light.


I’m sure by now your Nespresso coffee machine must have been fixed. Because the ways that are mentioned above are the ones that I’ve tried myself, and they worked for me.  So, they’ll work for you as well. Usually, the reason why your Nespresso coffee machine blinks orange light is that it’s overheated, uncleaned, or there is not enough water in it. 

As stated earlier, the Nespresso machine gives alerts by blinking the lights differently according to different problems. I’ve mentioned all of these alerts with their solutions. Please make sure that first you go through the alerts and issues to find out which problem you’re having. 

Because if you apply all of these methods without having proper information about the problem, first it’ll  waste your time for no reason, and second it may be harmful to the machine as well. 

It’s better you know the issue before deciding which solutions you should apply. So, now you know how to fix the Nespresso blinking orange light. You can reach out to me in the comments area if you have any questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do I do if my Nespresso is blinking orange?

This can be caused by several things, such as a clogged water line or a faulty heating element. To fix this, ensure that the water line is clear and that there is no blockage preventing water from flowing into the machine.

2. What does a Nespresso Vertuo red light after descaling mean?

If the red light on your Nespresso Vertuo machine starts flashing after you’ve completed a descaling cycle, the machine needs to be descaled again. This usually happens when the water used for descaling is not clean enough or if the machine has not been properly cleaned after the last use. To fix this, descale the machine again using clean water.

3. Nespresso lights flashing 3 times, what does this mean?

If your Nespresso machine’s lights are flashing three times, this usually indicates that there is a problem with the water supply. Make sure that the water reservoir is full and that the machine is properly connected to a water source.

4. How do I get my Nespresso out of descaling mode?

To stop the descaling mode on your Original Line machine, press and hold its button for two seconds. On VertuoLine machines you can do so by pressing the button for three seconds.

5. My machine is over-heated, what do I do?

Unplug the machine and wait for at least 30 minutes and let it cool down. Then, try making espresso again.

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