Is A Coffee Grinder Worth It?

Is A Coffee Grinder Worth It

If you are a coffee enthusiast and are wanting to buy a grinder, this question is likely to puzzle you – is a coffee grinder worth it?

Well, you need to decide for yourself the answer to this question. What we can do is provide you with a discussion that will help you reach a useful conclusion.

In order to understand whether a grinder is worth it or not, we first need to understand the use and necessity of one.

Why Coffee Grinder

Coffee grinders help you in grinding coffee beans. After grinding the beans, you can use the grinds to prepare your coffee of choice. If you use instant coffee powders to make your coffee, then you may not need to buy a grinder.

On the other hand, if you find interest in brewing different types of coffee using fresh grinds, then you should really consider having your own grinder.

How Does It Work

Depending on the type, a coffee grinder either uses blades or burrs to grind the coffee beans into fresh grounds. It’s as simple as that.

Now that you have a basic understanding of a coffee grinder, we can jump right into the main part of our discussion titled – is a coffee grinder worth it?

The best way of understanding whether something is worth it or not is by using cost-benefit analysis, i.e. by weighing the benefits and disadvantages of a certain product.

We shall be exactly trying to do that below, to help you find out whether you need a grinder or not.

Benefits of A Coffee Grinder

  •  Ensures Freshness of Grinds

When you have your own coffee grinder, then getting fresh grinds all the time will become quite easy for you. On the contrary, if you buy grinds from shops, sometimes they might be stale, which will cost you regarding the taste of your cup of coffee.

You might have already experienced this. If so, then there’s no need to tell you how getting a grinder is going to help you save your money from being spent on somewhat spoiled coffee grounds.

This is one benefit, that is really helpful. Still, a question may arise in your mind – don’t beans also get stale? The answer is, yes. When you buy old beans, sometimes, they might also be further from fresh.

But, the likelihood of old beans being fresh is more than that of grinds being fresh. That is because whole beans tend to remain fresh for a longer period of time in comparison to already-ground coffee beans.

  • Ensures Variety

One other benefit of having a coffee grinder is that it helps you enjoy a variety of brews. This is going to make your head nod in the affirmative in response to the question – is a coffee grinder worth it?

When you make coffee using instant powders, you will only get one type of taste from that brew. This might create boredom if you know what I mean.

Almost the same goes for pre-ground coffee beans as well. They come in a fixed size, which makes it harder for you to create variety.

So, if you want to enjoy variety, then having a coffee grinder is a yes-go for you. You can grind the beans as you wish, coarse or fine, big or small, with all the additional settings.

This is sure to help you prepare the brew of your desire.

  • Adjustability

This is yet another fantastic benefit of having your own coffee grinder.

When you grind some beans, then prepare a cup of coffee, and don’t like the taste, you don’t have to worry too much. You can simply experiment with grinding the beans and finding out which size is the best for you.

On the contrary, if you buy a certain type of grind from the shop, and find out that the size of the grinds is not the best for your type of coffee, then you don’t have a choice but to either give it away or consume it with discomfort.

  • Professionalism

If you are enthusiastic enough to be like professional baristas, then there’s no alternative to having a coffee grinder.

If you have a grinder, you experience all you want, and prepare varieties of brews and understand how preparing coffee works.

In other words, you can get the feel of a barista by making coffee from the scratch, which is quite impossible without the help of a grinder.

Some Disadvantages of Coffee Grinders

Not all grinders have the same disadvantages. This needs to be remembered. So if you can find a grinder that is free from the demerits mentioned, you are good to go and you need not worry about the question – is a coffee grinder worth it?


Some coffee grinders are quite expensive. This is certainly a cost for you if your budget isn’t that high. However, it’s not like there isn’t an option. Rather, you can find quite decent grinders at a reasonable price in the market if you look closely.


There are some coffee grinders out there that produce low-quality grinds. Some even overheat and spoil the ground beans a bit. Nevertheless, if you can avoid these low-quality grinders and buy a decent one, you need not worry about this issue.


In the end, the question comes down to whether you like the same type of coffee for consumption or you like having a bit of variety in taste.

If you are someone who’s satisfied with the monotonous taste of brews prepared from pre-ground beans or instant coffee powders, then, maybe, a coffee grinder is not worth your money or effort.

But if you are someone who enjoys brewing different types of coffees, variety of tastes, want the feel of a real barista, or love experimenting with your coffee beans to find out what you like the most, then we can surely say that the answer to the question, “is a coffee grinder worth it?” for you is, “Yes, indeed it is.”

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