13 Most Expensive Coffee in The World

Most Expensive Coffee in The World

If you make a list of the most expensive things in the world, what will be the first thing that comes to your mind? Diamond! Gold!  Yeah, these are usually pretty expensive, but What if I tell you that the drink you start your day with, the incomparable mesmerizing, intoxicating, caffeine boosting coffee can be expensive beyond your imagination! Can you tell me what is the price for the Most Expensive Coffee in The World? It’s more expensive than the latest iPhone! It’s more expensive than a Half-carat diamond!

The most expensive coffee is $2000 a kilogram. We haven’t included the travel cost to get them, some of the most luxurious coffee is exclusively available in remote locations of Japan, Thailand, Korea, and many more.

So reading this article will give you a glimpse of the experience you have been missing.

13 Most Expensive Coffee In The World: Everything You Need to Know

It’s time to know about the best coffees and brands of the world who produce some of the most lavish coffee using some special and unique techniques. Without further ado, let’s dive deep into the topic to know more.

01. Black Ivory Coffee Beans of Thailand

Thailand, The land of the White elephant. A beautiful country, they love and protect their elephants. Guess what? The source of our most expensive coffee in the world is an elephant sanctuary. Shocked? Don’t worry! This coffee won’t cause any health issues.

A Thailand-based Dark Ivory Coffee company introduces this coffee to us, and it’s up to $500 (US dollar) for one pound of coffee beans. Mainly, the elephant eats arabica beans, which are harvested in the hilly region of northern Thailand. After that, these beans go through the digestive process of an elephant that breaks down their protein. Also, these beans ferment along with other foods like sugar cane and banana.

This procedure removes the bitterness of these beans and gives them a nice unique flavor and texture. Elephant dung is collected, washed, processed, and roasted. Finally, beans are prepared for packaging and shipping.

It takes 33kg of beans for an elephant to eat and only 1kg (2.2lbs) is recovered after processing. Interesting, isn’t it? However, only 200kg of coffee is produced in a year. The Dark ivory coffee company sells these beans to a few selected 5-star hotels and restaurants in Thailand, Singapore, and the Maldives. It will cost you $50 a cup.

Taste profile: A sip of this coffee will enlighten you with extreme mellowness and full-body, rich Arabic flavor.

02. Finca El Injerto Coffee of Guatemala

Guatemala, the maximum coffee manufacturing nation in Latin America. The moisture content, the hilly areas, and the climate of Huehuetenango are suitable for coffee cultivation. The good thing is that this Coffee is an exclusive Guatemala product.

The brand got numerous prizes for its exclusive delicate fruity taste, utmost quality, and sustainable cultivation practice. Rare and rich flavor coffee beans are selected, washed, and delicately processed preserving the sweet fruity taste. It will cost 400 to 500 dollars for 1 pound of coffee bean.

Taste profile: Strongly rich with subtleties of grapefruit cognac

03. Hacienda La Esmeralda Coffee of Panama

This Coffee is the most awarded coffee beans on the earth. This coffee is famous for its exceptional fruity taste and mesmerizing floral aroma.

Moreover, it’s an exclusive Western Panama product. It is grown in Hacienda Esmeralda coffee farm. It is handpicked and delicately processed under the supervision of great expertise.

The coffee possesses a rich, citrus fruity essence and delicious flavor for coffee enthusiasts.

It will cost you up to 400 US dollars per pound of this uniquely delicious coffee.

Taste profile: Incredibly citrus taste with a little causticity that gives its lemon flavor. Holds a Tea like light texture. Quite an exceptional treat for your taste buds

04. Kopi Luwak Coffee of Indonesia

Before the discovery of Black Ivory Coffee, the most expensive coffee in the world was the Kopi Luwak. Its place of origin is Indonesia. At present time it is cultivated in places like Java, Bali, Sulawesi island of Indonesia.

It will cost you 160-500$ (US dollars) per pound. It has a delicious flavor which makes it renowned to coffee lovers across the world.

Kopi Luwak is collected from the wild palm civet’s feces. The animal eats coffee cherries. The sweet and sugary coffee beans go through their digestive system, get fermented.

These chemical processes reduce the bitterness of the coffee and give it a mellow texture.

Collected feces are washed and processed. Finally, they are roasted. Roasting these beans smoothly unlock the complex floral taste of them.

Taste Profile: It is jungle rich and mellow, tastes similar to Sumatran coffee, the smooth texture provides satisfying chills.

05. St Helena Coffee of St Helena island

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, there is an island named St Helena famous for the exile of Napoleon Bonaparte and its delicious coffee. It is a small and extremely remote island that cultivates the best quality coffee beans.

Green Tipped Bourbon Arabica coffee, a place of origin in Ethiopia was brought to St Helena and the climate and the fertile soil were perfect for coffee cultivation. It possesses a floral taste with a pinch of caramel and citrus.

If you want to buy this coffee, you have to spend around 100-160 US dollars for 1 pound of coffee.

Taste Profile: Well balanced with bold floral hibiscus notes

06. Ospina Coffee of Columbia

It is a Columbian family-based organization product that is one of the most seasoned in this business and is right now headed by their fifth era.

It’s is developed from Arabica coffee beans that are conceal developed. The trees require three to five years to creating cherries. Moreover, this world-class coffee is filled in volcanic debris and has mild-hot, nutty plus caramel zests with a spotless completion.

The particular creation measure has assisted the bequest with developing one of the most expensive coffee in the world that is adored by most. It will cost you up to 100-120 US dollars for each pound

Taste profile: well-balanced fruity flavor with a hint of herbs.

07. Molokai Coffee of Hawaii

Maui County in Hawaii uses the popular wet and dry process to cultivate one of the best coffee beans in the world.

Surprisingly, this is the only place in the United States of America that follows such a way of cultivation.

The wet method produces “Muleskinner”. It’s usually dark-roasted, has a pinch of citrus flavor.

However, the dry method produces “Malulani Estate”. It is medium-roasted, possesses a fruity taste and essence of chocolate and herbs.

It is sold at 50-70 bucks each pound.

Taste profile: Balanced and low acidic fruity flavor with a hint of chocolate and herbs.

08. Blue Mountain Coffee of Jamaica

Jamaica’s Blue Mountains height almost 7,500 feet, the volcanic soil, humidity, and adequate rainfall make it a perfect cultivation ground for arabica coffee beans.

This exotic bean has a unique taste and doesn’t have any bitterness. In addition to that, this Jamaican coffee is wet-processed and well graded.

Nevertheless, Blue Mountain can cost up to 30 to 50 US dollars. It has a bold smell, fruity taste with a little bit of chocolate hint. It is quite popular in the Japanese market but hardly found in the USA marketplace. The scarcity in the USA market is the reason why it is one of the costliest coffees and you are reading it in the list of the most expensive coffee in the world.

Additionally, the Industry Board of Jamaica certified the Coffee. Therefore, the Blue Mountain brand promise high-quality premium coffee.

Taste Profile: bold smell, fruity flavor with a pinch of chocolate and sometimes carries pinch of banana, cedar, and walnut notes

09. Esmeralda Geisha Coffee of Panama

Here is the special Geisha coffee that comes at number nine of the article.  You have to pay 30-60$ for getting a pound of this classic coffee. And, that’s why, many people think that Geisha is possibly the most luxurious coffee in the world. This coffee is harvested in the Boquete area which is a very high (1500 meters from see) place of Panama.

This amazing coffee has a particular kind of smell of juniper (one kind of berry), lavender, and rose. You can enjoy it in the middle part of the year.

Taste Profile: Perfectly balanced with strong floral notes

10. Fazenda Santa Ines Coffee of Brazil

The Santa Ines Coffee is grown in a mountain which is situated in Brazil. People call it the Mantiquera mountain.

However, Brazil is the world’s biggest harvester of coffee and Fazenda Santa Inês beans are considered the absolute best. Since 1979, the Pereira family has executed planting and gathering methods.

At 40-50 US dollars for each pound. The coffee beans are exceptionally scrumptious with a fruity flavor. Its lip-smacking flavors have achieved quite an acknowledgment among coffee enthusiasts.

Taste Profile:  Strong floral and fruity flavor.

11. Finca Los Planes Coffee of El Salvador

This Salvadoran coffee is developed from the Pacamara varietal. It is a cross between a Bourbon known as Paca and Maragogype. It consolidates the sharpness with the nuttiness.

A standard sack of this coffee can be purchased for around $20 or less, yet the best Los Planes coffee costs up to $40 per pack. It is quite possibly the most renowned coffee on the planet.

The flavor of Los Coffee is invigorating and one of a kind. It also comes in tastes like brown sugar, caramel, and tangerine.

The worldwide coffee brand has been the beneficiary of a few honors and grants. It achieved 2nd place in 2006’s cup of Excellence and became 6th in 2011 in the same competition.

Taste profile: It possesses a medium-body, citric taste with a blend of fruit and nut.

12. Mi Esperanza Coffee of Honduras

Without Mi coffee, our list of the most expensive coffee in the world would seem incomplete. Yes, you need 35-40 US dollars for each pound, its colossal prominence among the people who are watching out for a superior and gentle taste.

This extraordinary coffee is accessible in a few flavors like fruits, nuts, and spicy which enrich the experience of having a cup coffee more extravagant and better

Taste Profile: Sweet aroma with a fruity punch. Overall, well balanced.

13. Kona Coffee of Hawaii

Here is the last coffee brand of the list of most expensive coffee in the world. The marvelous Hawaiian coffee. You can purchase one pound of Kona Coffee at 30 to 35 US dollars from any online market place.

It is developed on little family ranches in the Kona locale of Hawaii. However, the climate, precipitation, and warmth of the region are best for coffee.

The special flavor and fabulous taste of Kona Coffee is well known among every coffee enthusiast. It is prepared with fine beans to offer rich aroma and boldness.

However, some corrupt seller blends this well-known coffee with a more affordable one and sell it in online marketplaces. Therefore, before purchasing this coffee, make sure that it’s from any reputed seller.

Taste profile: Slight corrosiveness, and a gentle smooth texture however not overwhelming fragrance, hearty, clean, has no off-flavors like nut, buildup, slight notes of chocolate and spice.

Final words

After reading the entire article, you should have in-depth knowledge about the price range, taste profile, and origin of the 13 most expensive coffee in the world. Therefore, you shouldn’t face difficulties in purchasing and trying them in your coffee shops, offices, or homes.

Go and Buy these luxurious coffees and enjoy your life to the fullest.

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