What Is French Roast Coffee?

When it comes to coffee, everyone has a particular taste. Some people like a stronger flavor, while others enjoy something light on the mouth. It is individual preference that separates one taste from another.

The term “French roast” sounds like a description of dark, gleaming coffee beans originating from a French coffee plantation. However, the first half is correct, but the second part is a work of fiction. Therefore, you might be thinking, “what is French roast coffee”?

what is french roast coffee

To find all your queries about French roast coffee, let us go through this article together.

Different aspects of French Roast Coffee

If you ask me to answer in just one sentence, what is French roast coffee? Then the answer would be: deeper roast coffee with a smoky, rich taste sweetness is known as French roast coffee.

Although many people may not realize where the word “French roast” originates from, even if they ask for it when they buy coffee. Because it is roasted to a deeper color than other beans, this popular coffee has a charred or “burnt” coffee flavor.

French roast coffee is not from France!!

The term “French” might be deceiving, causing many people to believe it came from France. Let us take a blast from the past.

Most European countries liked black coffee in the nineteenth century. Italian roasts (sometimes known as Espresso roasts) are a little lighter than French roasts. The Viennese roast, which is lighter than the Italian roast, is popular among Austrians.

Wait! Aren’t you getting more curious about what is French roast coffee?

The term “French roast” refers to the roasting quality. The French roast coffee beans have dark color combined with a powerful taste.

All of the limelight went to the French. Because their roast was the darkest of all, thus it was given the title “French Roast”.

French roast coffee vs Turkish Roast

Here is the interesting part; the French roast is also sometimes called the Turkish roast. Therefore, you may expect to get something similar. If you look at the word on the menu of the foreign coffee house, do not be hesitant to order.

What Makes French Roast Coffee Unique?

With so many various types of coffee beans, roasting processes, and brewing methods available you might think what makes it special from other coffees?

Interestingly, the coffee bean itself is significantly darker — when contrasted to a milder roast, it appears practically black or burned. The amount of time the coffee beans are roasted gives the French roast a richer, more robust flavor. Amazing, isn’t it?

In short, the coffee brews are virtually the same, however, some chemical products form during a rubbing process that reduces acidity and pH. That makes the French roast coffee less acidic than light-medium roasted coffee.

How is The Taste of French Roast Coffee?

Users roasting coffee beans to get unique flavors out of the coffee they brew. Some parallels, though, are unavoidable. French roast beans will release oils over the top. The coffee itself will have an appealing smoky flavor.

On top of that, aromas like citrus or berries may be present throughout the roasting process. The provenance of the coffee berries typically makes the difference. The French Indonesian roasts come out with a terrestrial in flavor and even black.

Level of Caffeine

Some people feel that dark roasting coffee has a greater amount of caffeine than light roasting coffee. Generally, the reverse is true.

However, the more roasted a coffee bean, the more caffeine molecules will be removed. This implies that French roasting is a wonderful alternative if you want to reduce your consumption of caffeine.

Beans are Extremely Versatile

The adaptability of French roasted beans is one of the finest features.

In addition to making fast and simple coffee on the move on a standard auto-drip cafe machine, it can be utilized in the form of expressos for a special event.

Therefore, the adventurous coffee enthusiast might be more pleased to test it in the French press, leading to stronger coffee than a drip coffee maker does.

How to roast French Coffee?

The first stage in roasting French roast is to follow a particular roasting method and the amount of roast you prefer.

Moreover, every method of roasting coffee is complicated and needs an exact amount of heat to turn out from green to mild, medium, average, or dark roasting.

The fresh, green coffee beans are heated during the roasting process. As the bodies keep heating, they start to become yellow and smell like grass.

Meanwhile, in the roasting process, the beans also begin to grow as the sugars released from the boots begin to caramelize, causing the beans to turn dark brown gradually.

Extra Facts about French roast coffee

While the flavor of French Roast coffee is bolder and bitterer than other roasts, the caffeine content is neither lower nor higher than other roasting degrees. However, the same weight of coffee obtained from dark and lightly roasted heaps will contain a different amount of beans. The former will contain more beans since, while caffeine is not lost during the roasting process. Other components such as moisture, which reduces the weight of the coffee.

Because it is a dark roast, French roast has a few unique features as a coffee, which contribute to its continued appeal among coffee consumers. For one thing, it is a coffee with mild acidity. The less acidic the roast, the darker it is. As a result, it is popular among individuals who suffer from gastrointestinal problems.

Furthermore, the roasting process, in reality, overpowers the inherent flavor of the coffee bean, which is one of the main reasons why it tastes so similar from area to region. As a result, consumers can nearly anywhere request a French roast and get a cup of coffee that tastes just as they anticipate!

To sum up

In the end, you should have a clear idea about what is French roast coffee. I believe this article has given a lot of information to help answer that question and any others related to it. It’s time for you to get some high-quality java in your life!

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