Uses of Old Coffee Beans


Many a time you buy a bunch of coffee beans, and you can’t finish all of them before they go stale, nor do you know anything about the uses of old coffee beans. You are then left with a number of useless beans. But are they completely useless?

You might think they are. On the contrary, you can use those not-so-pleasant beans in several ways so that you don’t have to just throw them away.

Today, I’ll be showing you 13 ways you can use your stale coffee beans.


13 Uses of Old Coffee Beans

You can either use whole beans or use them after grinding. I’ll try to include all the ways you can use them so that you have a variety of options to choose from.

Let’s get onto the discussion.

01. Experimentation

If you ever wanted to practice different brewing techniques but always hesitated because you don’t want to misuse your fresh coffee beans, this is an excellent opportunity.

These beans are already wasted. Experiment with them all you want. Although you won’t be able to test your abilities to the fullest with them, they will still develop your skills even if a little. That’s not bad.

02. Coffee Bean Candles

You have probably already heard about coffee bean candles. These are candles that are decorated with coffee beans. You can do it yourself at your home.

Just melt some candles and put whole beans or grounds in the molten wax and prepare your candle in a glass. As simple as that. This is one of the most artistic uses of old coffee beans.

03. Chocolate Espresso Beans

Here’s another good use of your old coffee beans. You can cover those beans with molten chocolate and consume them as chocolate espresso beans. Just because they can’t be used for brewing doesn’t mean you can’t eat them any other way.

04. Other Recipes

Just like chocolate-covered coffee beans, you can use them for other recipes too. You can use your stale beans in cakes and ice creams and in whatever other food you like. Exploration knows no bounds, right?

05. Cleaning Scrub

You read it right. You can use the old beans for cleaning purposes. Before that, you need to grind them to get better results. As you have the grounds in your hand, mix them with a bit of water and soap. What you have is a mixture that can make your dish-washing job easier.

06. Insect Repellent

From many of the best uses of old coffee beans, you can use them as insect repellents.

Do you have a problem with insects and snails in your garden? Then take those old beans, grind them, and spread them all over your garden. Those grounds have a lot of caffeine in them. That’s going to help you repel those tiny plant destroyers.

07. Remove Bad Odor

This is yet another good use for old coffee beans. What you need to do is get dry grounds out of those beans and use them to absorb the icky smells of the surroundings.

The nitrogen in coffee helps neutralize stinks.

08. Art

If you are an artist or someone who admires arts, then this is a good use for your beans. You’ll find many ways to create works of art using the old beans that you can’t use for making coffee anymore.

There’s a whole world of things you can make from those beans using your artistic creativity and enjoy your pleasant art.

09. Use as Fertilizer

Here’s another way you can use your coffee beans in the garden. You need to grind them first and then mix the grounds in the soil.

Coffee grounds have plenty of nutrients such as calcium, potassium, nitrogen, iron, phosphorus, chromium, etc. These are sure to help your plants grow better.

10. Compost

If you don’t have an immediate need for fertilizing your garden’s soil, you compost those grounds for later usage. Not a bad idea for uses old coffee beans!

11. Solve Flea Problems

If you have a pet in your house, it likely has fleas in its body. You’ll be glad to learn that fleas aren’t fans of coffee. They hate it.

So you can rub coffee grounds onto your pet’s body after giving a bath. Clean them after that and let them dry. This is very likely to help remove fleas from your pet’s body.

But be sure to use the coffee for external use only.

12. Treat Dark Circles

Grind those old coffee beans you have and mix them with water to create a paste. Apply them under your eyes and wait for a bit and then rinse them off. The caffeine and antioxidants in coffee help cure your dark circle problems.

13. Brew Coffee!

Yes, you saw it right. You can make coffee from your old coffee beans. It’s just that they’ll not taste much good. However, you can add other flavors to your cup and make your own variation.

The beans have gone stale. Instead of throwing them away, why not try out a variant flavored cup of coffee?


We have reached the end of our article, and by now you have read 13 uses of old coffee beans.

From now on, if you have leftover old coffee beans at your house, you don’t have to worry about throwing them away. You can use your creativity to the fullest and use those beans for whatever purpose you see best.

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