Types of Coffee Grinders

types of coffee grinders

 There are various types of coffee grinders in the market. But which kind of coffee grinder is perfect for getting the desired grind? After all, The size of ground coffee and the brewing method matter when you want a specific type of coffee.

To get the perfect size of coffee grind, you have to choose among several types of coffee grinders. And every type has its pros and cons, requiring you to choose wisely when you need one.

In this article, we will be discussing why the size of coffee grind matters and the varieties of coffee grinders.

Why You Need a Coffee Grinder?

Is it worth buying a coffee grinder when there is pre-ground coffee available in the market?

Well, pre-ground coffee doesn’t have the aroma and taste that you would find in the coffee you grind exactly before brewing. It is because the coffee starts leaving an aroma after grinding, and over time, the coffee is left with no fragrance at all.

That’s why we recommend you buy a coffee grinder to get the real taste of the coffee. But what types of coffee grinders should you buy?

Perfect Ground Sizes for Different Brewing Methods

It depends on the brewing method. Given that, Not every technique works well on any and every size of the ground, you have to combine the right size of ground with the correct method of brewing. Here are some brewing methods at a glance.

  • Espresso: Espresso requires extremely fine ground coffee.
  • Aeropress: The Aeropress is able to make pretty much every type of coffee. For each type, you need the perfect size of your grounds.
  • Moka Pot: This method is somewhat similar to espresso, as both ways brew coffee by pressure. So, you would prefer finer grounds for Moka Pot as well.
  • Pour Over: The size of the grind varies in pour-over methods. You may need medium-fine to medium-coarse grind, depending on the type of coffee you make using this method.
  • French Press: This is called the immersion method. You have to immerse the beans in hot water for a while, then go further. That’s why you may need a coarse grind.
  • Drip Brewers: Medium size coffee grind is perfect for this process.

Types of Coffee Grinders

There are many types of coffee grinders you have to choose among. But don’t worry, we’ll tell you the strengths and weaknesses of every type.

Blade Grinders

Blade grinders are cheaper as well as more comfortable to use for beginners. As the name suggests, this type of grinder uses a blade that slices coffee beans into pieces. The more time you take, the finer ground you get.

In the end, you may find some of the coffee beans are evenly split, meaning some is finer than the other. That’s why many coffee lovers don’t like a blade grinder. Yet, for beginners, it’s an excellent option to get started with.

Burr Grinders

Burr grinders use two burrs made of steel or ceramic. The two burrs oscillate in an effective manner, making sure that all beans are crushed. In the end, you find grounds that are really even and uniform.

The best thing about a burr grinder is, you can adjust the distance of two burrs to get the desired size of grounds, making it ready for any type of brewing method.

Electric Grinders

You may be in a hurry sometimes, yet you feel a cup of coffee. An electric coffee grinder could help in that situation. Also, you have an adjustable setting so that you can find your ground in the desired shape, ready for the specific method you want.

Electric grinders come with burr grinders as well as blade grinders. You should opt for the ones with burr grinders as they offer a uniform coffee grind, something that every coffee lover desires.

Manual Grinders

Manual grinders can offer you the perfect size of ground coffee. Many even argue that a manual grinder can provide more uniform ground than electric grinders. But the problem is, it takes more time to get ready.

Manual grinders are adorable for several reasons. They don’t make noise which is suitable for families with sleeping children. Another good thing about a manual grinder is, that you can carry it on travel and picnic. It is very lightweight and doesn’t require electricity to start. From buying to using, it saves you a lot of money.

However, as it is manual, you have to work by your hand.

Espresso Grinders

As the name suggests, espresso grinders are specially designed for espresso lovers to get the perfect ground coffee. As the blade grinders offer a bit coarse and the burr grinders provide extremely fine grounds, you may find an espresso grinder perfect for your process.

However, this machine includes some features that make it more eligible as well as more expensive.


Everybody loves coffee, yet not all of us don’t know how to make a good cup of coffee. It’s not just the machine that does everything; you have to know grinding and brewing and everything in between.

However, if you know what size of ground coffee is perfect for which method, the whole process becomes easy for you. Now that you know the types of coffee grinders and their specialties, it’s as if you have learned the most significant part of the coffee-making process.

Make your next cup of coffee on your own, and let us know how it has tasted.

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