The Best Tasting Coffee

Brewing a great tasting coffee can be a bit of an art form. However, if you concentrate on the basics and make sure that you only use the best quality coffee that you can afford then you should obtain a superior result. One that will be the envy of your friends. Make sure to do the following.

Quality beans

Use superior quality coffee beans instead of instant coffee granules. Try to buy coffee beans that are in air tight, resealable packaging to ensure the best taste. Exposure to air can affect the taste, beware!

Grind your own beans at home and only use the amount that you will need at any one time to ensure the ultimate in fresh flavour. Take care to grind the coffee to the right size according to your method of brewing.

Some coffee makers require a coarser grind than others and getting this right can make a big difference in the taste and quality of your brew. If you are making espresso then you will need a fine grind.

Clean equipment

Make sure that any equipment you use for boiling or coffee preparation is in a clean and spotless state. Use clean cups, saucers and spoons too and you shall produce a supreme coffee drinking experience. There’s nothing worse than having pieces of grit or dried residues in your fresh brew so take care.


Ensure that the water you use for brewing is of the highest quality. It should be fresh and clean and preferably not too soft; start with cold water for the boiling process, filtered or bottled water is acceptable. Make sure that you brew the coffee for just the right amount of time, usually 3 – 5 minutes is adequate. If using a drip brewer you won’t be able to control the time.

Use the right amount of coffee for the amount that you are making and never be tempted to reheat it as it just doesn’t taste the same as a fresh brew. It is important that you don’t use boiling water to make coffee; the best results are had when the water temperature is just off the boil. If you let boiling water cool down for a few moments you will have the ultimate temperature for the best tasting brew.

Reusable filter

Use a good quality metal mesh filter rather than the paper varieties. Stainless steel or even gold are the best choices for filters.


The adding of milk, sugar or cream in to coffee is not to everyone’s liking. Some coffee purists believe that coffee should be served with no additives so that the pure aroma and coffee taste can be savored.

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