Strongest Coffee at Starbucks [Top Coffee Choices]

Most of the time, you need a stronger coffee taste to begin your daily routine. For this, Starbucks is the most reliable option to choose. It contains all sorts of coffee options. Especially when you need a strong taste of the coffee, Starbucks provides you with a wide range of choices.

The hot and cold demands are different for every person. Well, what is the strongest coffee at Starbucks is the primary concern of writing the guide for you. We are going to depict a comprehensive analysis. That provides you with around 15 to 18 strong coffee options. You might get a familiar and reliable pick as per your taste.

It does not matter whether you want a cold coffee drink or a hot one; all the Starbucks options will be enough to satisfy your intense coffee craving.

So, let’s find out the details in the section below;

Strongest Coffee at Starbucks

There are versatile coffee options available at Starbucks. However, Clover Brewed Coffee has vital importance when it comes to the most stronger taste. Until now, this coffee has the most assertive flavor with a high concentration of caffeine.

In proportion, it contains around 280 mg of caffeine per serving of 12 oz. After that, various other options are available with the relative amount of caffeine. Some of Starbucks’s most strong coffee options are;

Clover Brewed Coffee

Clover brewed is the most strong option available everywhere at Starbucks easily. It is prepared with the help of the clover premium brewing system, and it will be worth your money in terms of its taste.

It has the taste of French press coffee that makes it worthy. Also, it is a potent option and contains around 280 mg of caffeine per serving. Moreover, this caffeine amount is enough to deal with the tiredness of the whole day.

After proper brewing, it is poured into the cup with precise filtration. Furthermore, this thorough filtering activity is worthy of providing you with a pleasing and smooth taste.

Veranda Blonde Roast

The veranda is one of the unique blends in terms of blonde roast. It is a different and stronger option that is sweeter, less bitter, and has more caffeine impact. Per serving of the 12-oz contains around 270 mg of caffeine.

People are more likely to choose it because it is an easy-to-grab option rather than clover coffee. In addition to it, you can add up various flavors to your coffee as per your preference and taste.

This aspect might confuse others to consider it an espresso but it is not that. Certainly, this clover coffee will ensure a more strong taste for you.

Dark Roast Featured

As the name depicts, the dark roast is the more substantial brewed option for your need and craving. It does not only have a darker taste and a dark color, but also a stronger color.

It ranked third with a stronger flavor at Starbucks in terms of caffeine quantity. Per serving of dark roast features contain around 195 mg of caffeine. This amount is much more than the usual espresso shots. An ordinary espresso shot only has 75mg of caffeine.

It is served hot and has tough competition from the other options available. The stranger’s taste can easily be detected by its darker color. In terms of taste, it is more bitter than the regular roast option.

Nitro Cold Brew

The brewing of coffee beans prepares the strongest iced coffee at Starbucks. The preparation method for nitro brew is very different; the small patches of the coffee beans are dipped inside the cold water for a long time before brewing.

As a result of dipping, it develops a unique aroma that becomes the reason for its popularity and stronger taste. 

In addition, it is a nitro-infused drink that gets a smooth and velvety texture. It is one of the ideal options to grab in the summer morning for all those who want something cold and strong  in terms of coffee.

Blonde Caffe Americano

This is one of the variants of the order Americano, with a unique and stronger taste. It is served hot and cold as per the customer’s preference. Both hot and cold servings of this blonde Americano contain around 170 mg of caffeine per serving.

It is trendy, and people are most likely to take it as an iced drink that refreshes you with its stronger taste. Moreover, it guarantees something highly hygienic and best in flavor. You can even go with the cold foam as an additional aspect to have a more smooth and fine texture.

Pike Place Roast

It is considered a signature drink at Starbucks that offers around 253 mg of caffeine with a strong flavor per serving.

It is a form of brewed coffee prepared from coffee roast. Moreover, it is known to be the most liked caffeinated drink by the customers at Starbucks. It has a stronger taste than the blonde roast and has more significant recognition.

Even after the more dark taste, it has a balanced, outstanding taste. It is highly customizable. You can adjust the taste along with other flavors in foam elements. Moreover, it has a serving as that of a hot brewed beverage.

Espresso Con Panna

It is the most balanced brewing option for your more vital caffeinated needs. It contains around 225 mg of caffeine. In terms of serving, it has specially designed caramel espresso shots and added whipped crème to enhance its flavor.

 This is not a reliable option for health-conscious people because it is around 50% calories. You can remove or lessen the whipped cream from its top for your diet factors.


Cappuccino is another usual strong coffee option. It is high in demand because of its causal intake. It contains around 150mg of caffeine, which is not too much but still, brewing extracts a strong coffee taste out of beans.

It does not contain too many calories and can easily be prepared from espresso shots and frother milk. You can even make it casually at home also. It is one of the best-known option for you at Starbucks.

Flat White

It is one of Starbucks’s most smooth and whole milk products. It does not contain the water content and aligns with the concentrated shots of espresso in milk.

Also, it provides you with the taste of around 200 mg of caffeine, especially in the grande cup.

You can even add extra espresso shots if you are feeling low in the strength of the caffeine taste. It is a classic choice that can facilitate you in terms of smooth flavor and strong coffee taste.

Espresso Macchiato

It is a foamed milk product prepared with the help of espresso shots. It is a signature choice for every coffee lover in the world. Macchiato is also very efficient to grab at times when you are searching for a low-calorie strong coffee flavor.

It contains whole milk, so most of the bitterness will be managed with the help of the natural sugar of the milk.

You can enjoy an exceptional aftertaste of this macchiato. It is a potent drink option that is worth your money in all aspects of taste, quality, and strength.

Further, on average, it contains around 225 mg of caffeine.

Cold Brew

If you are a cold coffee lover, the cold brew is available in terms of the strongest cold coffee at Starbucks. It specifically offers up to 205mg of caffeine. For its preparation, the coffee must be dipped in cold water for some time, after which it will be added to the brewing machine.

This coffee has passed through all the complex phases to provide a stronger, smooth, and highly appreciated cold coffee taste, exactly as per your need.

Moreover, It does not contain any additional flavor in it, thus you can enjoy the unaltered cold coffee option at your ease and comfort. It is free from all calorie-related issues.

Iced Café Mocha

It is the strongest iced coffee at Starbucks, containing around 175 mg of caffeine.

This old coffee option has an apparent strong taste of coffee along with the chocolate chunks. Chocolate can make it more popular among children as well.

It is very potent in terms of calories. Because you can add whipped cream over it to enhance the flavor and make it even denser. It is concisely balanced in terms of coffee flavor and sweetness. Moreover, you can add flavors to it according to your choice.

Java Chip Frappuccino

Java Chip Frappuccino offers a caffeine amount of around 195g per serving grande cup. It has a cold serving with highly dense and enriched flavors. Also, you can find it quickly from Starbucks.

It specially contains mocha sauce, along with Frappuccino chips. In addition, the coffee flavor gets stronger by cocoa. 

Frappuccino makes the drink sweet and crunchy to some extent. You will be worth your money if you are looking for an all in all coffee and flavorful beverage that is rich in taste.

Caffè Misto

It is another primary drink option that provides a strong coffee flavor. It contains around 150 mg of caffeine per serving. At Starbucks, you have the exciting permission to add any flavor or customization to your misto drink.

Moreover, you can increase the number of espresso shots to have a more potent mix.

Iced Shaken Espresso

As the name depicts, it has a cold serving. This is the right choice to look for the strongest cold coffee at Starbucks. It is a classic, simple, and smooth drink that only contains milk and espresso shots.

In terms of caffeine, it contains around 200 mg of caffeine capacity. Additionally, you can add up various classic syrups to it. These flavors provide excessive enhancements to it in terms of texture and taste.

These are not only coffee drink options for you. You can effectively go for a wide range that has not been explained here. The main concern is to ensure you with the easy availability of the coffee according to your taste and likeability at Starbucks..

The Final Statement

If you are over coffee, you will need a strong coffee option to begin your day. At this point, Starbucks is all available to help you in your hour of need.

Visit the nearest location and grab your favorite coffee option. All the possibilities and coffee drinks will provide heavenly enchanting tests so that you can have exceptional taste.

Overall, there is great versatility regarding Strongest Coffee at Starbucks. To provide details about some of this, here we have tried to present a precise informational guide. We hope that you will find it worthy of your coffee needs!

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