Reheat Starbucks Coffee With 2 Easy Methods

Reheat Starbucks Coffee

Who doesn’t like to have a cup of coffee ordered from Starbucks? The coffee they make is super delicious and intense. Each sip of it gives an extraordinary taste. But, what if you’ve ordered the coffee and due to having some sort of work you couldn’t drink it and it got cold? 

Will you have to drink it cold, or can you reheat it? These sorts of questions always hit the mind of users. So,  the simple answer is yes, Luckily, it’s likely to reheat the Starbucks coffee, so drop the idea of drinking it cold as it’ll ruin the taste of your mouth. But the question is, how to reheat Starbucks coffee without ruining it

You’ll know the correct way of reheating the coffee of Starbucks without ruining its taste and thickness. But, to learn everything in a good way, you’ll have to go through this piece of writing thoroughly so you don’t miss any crucial steps.

Without making the Introduction lengthier, let’s make our way to the topic.

The Important Thing You Should Know Before Reheat Starbucks Coffee

No doubt you can reheat the Starbucks coffee, but there are some things that I want you to know before doing so. As you all know, coffee contains beans. The taste of the coffee beans is mainly determined by the way they’re roasted because the chemical that it has inside reacts to heat. 

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Most flavours are fixed until personal coffee is brewed, but when reheated, the reaction resumes, and the flavour changes. Some may not notice it. Others believe it is no longer worth drinking.You must make this decision for yourself.

You can also see that after the first brew, the aroma of heavenly coffee almost disappears. You may not realise it, but what we smell has a big impact on what we taste.

Loss of flavour also affects the taste of coffee and its second appeal. Finally, keep your health and safety in mind. If your morning cup is only slightly warm, you can reheat it without fear of contamination, but germs adore coffee. Therefore, if the pot sits overnight, it is best to simply pour it and start anew.

What Is The Best Way of Reheating Starbucks Coffee?

reheat Starbucks Coffee

Although there are tons of different methods that you can use to reheat Starbucks coffee, the one which is my all-time favourite is using a stovetop to do this. Why? Because when you put the coffee in a pot on the stove, you’ll have complete control over the heat. 

Like, you’ll be able to heat the coffee slowly at a proper temperature to avoid burning it. However, this method is a bit time-consuming. So, if you’ve got some time to spend with this method, you should go for this. Or else, you can reheat the coffee in a microwave oven as that’s the quickest method.

The Recommended Temperature Of Your Starbucks Coffee

The temperature at which you drink your coffee has an impact on the flavour since it determines how quickly or slowly the beans characteristics are extracted. Too hot coffee can be harsh, whereas too cold coffee or coffee produced with insufficiently hot water has a flat, less full-bodied flavour. 

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Most coffee establishments serve their coffee at 180–185 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the average coffee drinker prefers it at 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Boil the water first, then let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes before using it, whether you’re steeping coffee at home or creating a pour-over.

First and foremost, a coffee maker should be set up to adequately heat the water.

Because there is some debate on the subject, we’ll put it up to personal preference: season your cup with a pinch of salt before heating. 

The notion is that the salt will aid in re-energize the caffeine components, increasing the flavour, and balancing the bitterness.

Methods of Reheating The Starbucks Coffee

Method 1, How Can you Reheat Starbucks Coffee On A Stovetop?

Reheat Starbucks Coffee

As stated earlier, reheating the coffee on a stovetop helps you to avoid burning it by controlling the heat. It also improves the flavour of your coffee without making it taste bad. Therefore, the best method that I’m going to teach you is using a stovetop. It’s easy. Just follow these simple steps. 

The Method

  • Boil some water and pour it separately into your empty cup. This will bring the cup back up to temperature.
  • Remove the water from the cup once the coffee has been reheated
  • And then, immediately pour the warmed coffee into it.

And there you have it; your Starbucks coffee will be now reheated. Wasn’t it too easy?

Method 2, How To Reheat Starbucks Coffee Using A Microwave?

Reheat Starbucks Coffee in microwave

We’ve just discussed reheating the coffee on a stovetop, but this method was quite time-consuming. But what if you’re in a hurry and want to reheat the coffee as soon as possible. Then this method is for you because the Microwave oven can reheat the coffee faster and without more effort. 

The temperature of your coffee determines how long it takes to reheat.

Remove the sipping cover if you’re reheating it in a takeaway cup so you can see the coffee reheat without the froth exploding out of the drinking hole in the top. You should start with 1 minute on high for a stone-cold coffee, but keep an eye on it and keep your finger on the stop button in case it boils sooner than intended.

If you’re not sure how hot your Starbucks coffee is, start with 15 seconds.Add another 20 seconds till everything is great. And make sure you’re using a safe microwave mug.

Is It Ideal To Reheat Starbucks Coffee In A Coffee Maker?

The quick answer is no, it is not advised. Why? Most coffee makers are designed to keep your coffee warm, which is great. If you return the coffee to the canister and switch on the heating element, the bottom of the coffee will scorch, spoiling your pot and damaging the flavour.

The heating plate is meant to keep you warm rather than generate it. It doesn’t become hot enough for the heat to spread throughout the pot, but it does warm up the bottom layer of liquid sufficiently to harm it.

Can You Drink Starbucks Coffee The Next day?

It depends on the way you’ve stored it. If you leave it in the cup in a hot place overnight, then its taste will be ruined the next day. However, if you put it in a freezer, then not only for 1 day, but for several days it won’t have any impact on its taste. So, if for any reason you have to drink the coffee the next day, make sure you put it in the freezer.


If you’ve ever noticed, the cups Starbucks come with a text that you cannot reheat them. You’ve probably pondered why that is.

Let me make it clear for you. They write it for two main reasons. 1) They are unable to guarantee the quality of reheated coffee and hence advise against it. 2) Their cups have an extremely thin, microwave-unfriendly inner liner. 

But, If you need to reheat your Starbucks coffee, transfer it first to a microwave-safe mug, then reheat it using one of the ways listed above. Starbucks would undoubtedly prefer you to simply purchase a new cup. 

Because, if you reheat the coffee and then drink it, then they’ll lose one customer. For that reason, Starbucks writes that text on their cups so that people can buy their new cup of coffee instead of reheating it.

Make sure you follow all of the instructions given above carefully so you don’t end up ruining the taste of your coffee. So, now you know how to reheat Starbucks coffee by simply following easy methods. 

I’ve tried to make everything clear to you, but being a human, I might forget to mention something here. If so, then you can tell me in the comment section; I’ll surely add it here. Or, if you have any confusion, I’m still here to help you out.

In case of any query or confusion, You can contact Starbucks.

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