Fix Nespresso Red And Yellow Light [2 Methods With Easy Steps Revealed]

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Nespresso coffee makers are the most advanced coffee machines at present. They give you various capabilities in addition to making it simpler for you to make coffee. One such functionality is that the Nespresso machine gives different indications when having any specific problem. Now you may ask, what is Nespresso red and yellow light? 

What do these lights indicate? These lights may blink because of two things, Either the Nespresso machine needs descaling or there is no water in it. The Nespresso lights stay on until the problem gets fixed.  

These lights are also called Nespresso errors lights. We will teach you to solve all these erross. Please make sure you read this article from beginning to end to understand it completely.

Let’s flip over to the topic.

A Quick Review of Nespresso Red And Yellow Light

When a Nespresso machine is turned on, a status light that glows signals when it has warmed up and is prepared for use.

The machine either needs descaling or there is no water in it if you see a red or nespresso blinking orange light. The status light on some devices, such as the Nespresso VertuoPlus, is split 50/50 between orange and green.

2 Common Methods To Fix Nespresso Red and Yellow light Issue

 Nespresso Red And Yellow Light

You know very well why these lights blink when you turn on your Nespresso machine. What are the remedies for this issue then? The answers are far too simple. Since the machine needs descaling, then we’ll descale it. 

And then, we’ll fill enough water into the machine as it also causes the machine to blink red and yellow light. The good news is, we won’t’ only cover the Nespresso but also the nespresso vertuoplus red and yellow light erros, and Nespresso pixie coffee maker lighs erros as well.  Ensure to go through the methods completely so you don’t have to be stuck in the middle of the process.

Method # 1: Descaling Nespresso Machine

Descaling Nespresso Machine

Step 1: Select your descaling agent

Select your descaling agent

To descale your Nespresso coffee maker, you must have a descaler You can use any descaler in place of Nespresso’s version, just make sure to follow the directions on how much to use. 

Two sachets are included in the package. We’ve used a Nespresso descaler for this guide. 

Alternative ingredients include vinegar or lemon juice. You can use these alternatives as due to the terrible smell that vinegar produces, we do not advise using it. 

Lemon juice can be effective but utilizing it will likely be more difficult than using a descaling solution because you require a lot of juice. However, you are still free to employ any of the options if you so want.

Step 2: Put The Descaling Solution

Now, add the descaler to your machine’s water tank. One sachet of descaling solution should be combined with 0.5 litres of water, according to Nespresso. With the Vertuo range, exercise caution because these appliances have considerably larger water tanks and you don’t want to overly contaminate the descaler. 

Place the water tank back in its position once you have your descaling solution. Ensure that the area behind the spout is large enough to accommodate all of the water (you can remove the drip tray if required).

The machines feed water and descaler through in bursts, so you may use two containers and swap them out when one is full.

Step 3: Set Your Machine To Descaling Mode

Set Your Machine To Descaling Mode

By opening and closing the machine, first, check  if a capsule has been inserted, then turn the machine off. 

Some devices have a physical power button, while others require you to press and hold a button, like the VertuoPlus, which requires you to push and hold the front lever.Then put the machine into the desclaing mode.

You should consult the handbook or download it from the Nespresso website as the process varies from machine to machine. 

For instance, with the Nespresso VertuoPlus, you must simultaneously press down on the top lever and hold the button down for three seconds. 

Next, press the lever. In order to get the Nespresso Pixie machine to flash its lights, you must first switch it on and then press and hold the espresso and lungo coffee buttons for three seconds.

To wash the cleaning solution through the machine, hit the button after that. Press the Lungo button to operate the Pixie; this is the single button on the VertuoPlus. Check that you comprehend the directions in the machine’s manual.When the tank is empty, the machine will stop once the cleaning solution has been passed through it.

Remember, when the machine is in the descaling mode, the Nespresso desclaing light stays on. If it’s not on, then check if the machine is in descale mode or not.

Step 4: Wash Off The Nespresso Machine with Cold Water

Make sure you have an empty water container underneath the spout that can hold as much water as the appliance can before you wash it with cold water. If you don’t have one large enough, use two and switch out one when it fills up and the machine isn’t dispensing water. You must rinse your normal Nespresso machine twice. 

Every time, top out the cold water reservoir and then push the same button you did to start the cleaning cycle to circulate water throughout the system.For the second cold water run, follow the same procedure.

You just need to flush once with the entire water capacity if you have a Nespresso Vertuo machine because it has a larger water reservoir.

Step 5: Turn off The Machine’s Descaling Mode

When finished, remove the machine from the descaling button. Typically, you utilise this button combination to activate the machine’s descaling mode. 

The down lever and the main button must be pressed simultaneously for three seconds on the VertuoPlus, while the espresso and lungo buttons must be pressed simultaneously for three seconds on the Pixie. For the correct information, consult the machine’s handbook. 

The machine won’t need to be used in the descaling mode once again till the maintenance light comes on. Once the machine has completed descaling, you can add capsules and prepare coffee as usual. Nespresso red and yellow light after descaling not blink.

Method # 2: Adding Water To The Nespresso Machine

Now, we have to fix the second thing that causes the Nespresso red and yellow light which is not having enough water in the machine’s reservoir. Adding water to the machine is too easy. Clean the water reservoir, then partially fill it with new tap water.

If you removed the reservoir to add water, slide it back into position on the back of the Nespresso machine.

Boom, your machine’s red-yellow light should have been fixed by applying the above-mentioned methods.


We hope, after going through the above-mentioned methods, you can easily fix the Nespresso red and yellow light errors. Solving it is too easy. Just check the water in the machine’s reservoir and if it’s less, fill it up. Next, descale the machine by the above-mentioned methods. That’s it. 

If you have any issues, you can always talk to us in the comment section. 

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