Nespresso Capsules Vs Coffee Beans

The debate around Nespresso capsules vs coffee beans often starts with a simple question: which is better? Although there is no obvious answer to this, we can settle this matter by learning the pros and cons of each type of coffee.

Nespresso is a preferable option for those who desire a quick cup of coffee; rather than looking to the best taste and flavor. Freshly ground coffee beans are, however, great for people that never compromise on the taste and flavor.

Nespresso Capsules Vs Coffee Beans

But, the story does not end here; there is more to learn about differences between Nespresso capsules and coffee beans’ matter.

The Difference: Capsules Vs Beans

 Coffee Beans

Coffee beans are seeds of a plant called the coffee plant. Even though they are not beans, we call them as such because of their appearance. Not to mention, coffee beans are the source of coffee, no matter what type of coffee you love and which brand you prefer.

Coffee connoisseurs always appreciate the authentic taste and aroma that freshly ground beans offer. The best thing about coffee beans is you can customize your cup of coffee, depending on your preferences. That is why you will find different types of coffee beans: roasted or not roasted, darker or lighter, and so on.


If coffee beans were so great, then why is it that more and more people are preferring capsules over beans? This is where the debate around Nespresso capsules vs coffee beans starts again! Capsules are made for greater convenience.

Imagine you are in a hurry, and a cup of coffee could get you some energy. You will prefer a coffee capsule since it is easier to make and takes much lesser time than ground coffee.

Now the problem is you may fall in trouble when choosing the brand of coffee capsules. Because you will hardly find capsules that are compatible with every coffee machine. Most of the time people end up limiting themselves to a specific brand of capsules. This is, however, not as much of a problem if you find a good brand like Nespresso that tastes no bad.

Not to mention, Nespresso is one of the most popular brands of coffee capsules you will ever come across. As mentioned earlier, the brand also produces machines for coffee capsules, famously known as the Nespresso machine.

Does Nespresso Taste as Good as Espresso?

Although there is no universal measurement system of espresso, coffee connoisseurs still can tell the difference. Espresso and Nespresso are the same as long as we talk about the brewing method. This method relies on heat and pressure to brew a cup of coffee.

Now there are some differences too. To understand it better, take a look at a recipe of espresso (it is not something universal, by the way):

  • 7 grams of ground coffee
  • 9 bars of pressure
  • 25 – 30 seconds of extraction time
  • 25 mL of hot water

The difference starts with the standard Nespresso capsule that contains as much ground coffee as 5 grams. It lacks 2 grams. Plus, Nespresso takes a few more seconds than the espresso. If you are strict with your definition of espresso, you have to be more lenient to appreciate a cup of Nespresso. Other than that, Nespresso is suitable in its separate way. The taste and aroma are just right.

Nespresso Capsules vs Coffee Beans: Which Is Preferred?

The preference depends on the circumstances. Coffee lovers always prefer coffee beans over Nespresso capsules based on their taste and aroma. But, what more do coffee beans have to offer? Here are a few things you will love about coffee beans.

  • Specification: You can buy either roasted coffee beans as well as not-roasted beans. Plus, the choice among dark roast, medium roast, and light roast are in your hand. Let alone the opportunity of choosing between whole beans and ground beans.
  • Different Taste and Flavor: With so many types available, coffee beans come with different tastes and flavors. You need, however, some skills to make a different type of coffee.
  • Inexpensive: Coffee beans are cheaper than Nespresso capsules. Not to say, it doesn’t compromise on the taste and aroma.

However, there is one thing you may not love about coffee beans. If you expose them to the air, they will get stale so fast. But, you can remedy the situation by sealing the packet or bottle instantly after you use them.

The bar is so high on the side of coffee beans some people choose not to consume Nespresso capsules. This is not wise, however, to ignore something without knowing its pro and cons. Here are a few things you may love about Nespresso capsules:

  • Convenience: Nespresso capsules are almost ready to consume. Just turn the machine, put a capsule in the place, and wait just a few seconds. Your coffee is ready!
  • Saves Time: As you can make a cup of coffee instantly using a Nespresso machine, it saves you a lot of time. Besides, the Nespresso machine is very affordable.
  • Feel of Espresso: Although it lacks authenticity, it still tastes and espresso.
  • Make Your Choice: Nespresso offers coffee capsules of different flavors and tastes. The difference with coffee beans becomes minimal here.
  • Cleanliness: Nespresso capsules give you a fresh cup of coffee. Even the machine needs minimum cleaning. Make coffee as many times as you wish; Nespresso capsules will not create any mess.

But there are some downfalls you may notice:

  • Expensive: Nespresso capsules are expensive than regular coffee beans. It is because you have to pay for the plastic containers as well.
  • Impact on Environment: Plastic containers of Nespresso capsules are not helpful for our planet. However, the manufacturers are trying to remedy the situation by recycling those plastic containers.


The whole discussion around Nespresso capsules vs coffee beans can conclude two ways. Either you taste each of the coffee types yourself or rely upon a coffee connoisseur. Either of the two ways you choose, you will discover that both types of coffee are fantastic in different ways.

Here, I have tried to show how they are different and what both types have to offer. Hopefully, this will settle some of the fracases regarding Nespresso capsules and Coffee beans.

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