A Chemex Coffee Maker is one of the most popular coffee makers in the market today. It’s easy to use, and it offers a wide variety of brewing options for your perfect cup. Of all the coffee makers out there, Chemex has quite the name. And it certainly deserves so.

This blog post will outline how to use your new Chemex Coffee Maker so you can brew up delicious cups at home!

But before that, you should know what exactly Chemex coffee is. So, Let’s have a look.


What is Chemex coffee?

Simply put, Chemex coffee is coffee that is brewed in a Chemex coffee machine.

But this doesn’t say much, does it? The part about the machine still remains unclear.

Chemex coffee maker is an hour-glass shaped container that can hold a special filter on its top part. The brew is gathered in the lower part.

Thus you have Chemex coffee.

How to use Chemex coffee maker: 5 Easy steps

Before getting into the steps of making a perfect cup of coffee with a Chemex coffee machine, let’s first have a look at what things we need to have in order to do so.

  • Sufficient amount of coffee beans
  • A good quality Coffee bean grinder
  • Water heater to heat water and pour from
  • A decent scale
  • A cup, and last, but not least
  • Chemex coffee machine with Chemex filters included

Now that we have all the necessary things at our disposal, we can jump right into the discussion about how to use the Chemex coffee maker.

Grind Your coffee beans:

First of all, you need to grind those coffee beans into medium-coarse sized grinds. You’ll need a Chemex coffee grinder for that purpose. Nevertheless, you can grind beans through other means as well. Also, use the water heater to boil some water.

Placing the Filter:

Take up the Chemex filter and fold it in the correct way. The Chemex filter is folded in a specific way. It needs to be placed on top of the coffee machine before water and ground beans are added so that it can catch all the flavorful oils from your choice of roast.

Pour some water on the filter paper:

As the water boils, take it and pour a little bit on the filter paper so that the whole thing heats up a bit and the paper-e taste also gets removed. The small amount of water that you just poured has now become useless. So just throw it away.

Use those ground beans:

Remember the beans you ground at step-1? Get them on the scale and use the amount you see fit for your cup of coffee and put them in the upper part of the container. This is the first part of using a Chemex coffee maker.

One thing to remember here. If you like the darker taste, you need to use more grinds and vice versa. Make sure that the grinds are not spread out in an un-uniform fashion.

 Pour Boiled water and Enjoy:

Get the water heater and pour boiling water on the coffee grinds in a manner that the grounds are not too much submerged. Once done, wait for about half a minute.

Start the pouring again and do it in a way that all the grinds get touched by the hot water. Once you have all the brew you need, stop the pouring process and through away the Chemex filter. Finally, hold your cup and pour the coffee in it and enjoy the awesome taste.

And now you have learned the proper usage of a Chemex coffee maker. It’s not as hard as the impressions made by its name. in fact, it’s one of the simplest ways of making your own cup of coffee.

You can brew as much cup of coffee as you want. Just make sure you put 15-16 grams of water into 1 grams of coffee ground.

Final words

Though the process seems quite easy, some of the steps demand a bit more caution than the others. Especially when it comes to handling electrical and heat-producing devices.

This process of brewing pour-over coffee with a Chemex coffee machine is indeed a fulfilling one. More so when you enjoy the taste to the fullest.

Now you know how to use a Chemex coffee maker. So, enjoy making your favorite cup of coffee whenever you want.

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