How to Program A Black and Decker Programmable Coffee Maker?

Many people around the world cannot imagine starting their day without a cup of coffee. With the advancements in the world, many coffee makers have been invented, making people’s lives easier and more convenient.

How to program a Black and Decker Programmable Coffee Maker?

Likewise, there are many types of coffee makers available in the market. To program a Black and Decker coffee maker, you should use the buttons on the machine to change the settings according to your preference.

To get a detailed guide on programing your coffee maker, you should continue reading this article.

Types of Black and Decker Coffee Makers

The black and Decker coffee makers can be divided into 3 main categories: single cup, 5 cup, and 12 cup coffee makers. We have described the differences and features of each of the types below.

Single Cup

The single-cup Black and Decker coffee maker has been launched in two different models. One of them has a capacity of 150 oz while the other has a capacity of 160 oz. These cups are convenient to use but can not be operated digitally.

The single cup coffee maker is specially designed for people who have an on-the-go lifestyle as it performs the brewing process with one click and pours the coffee into a thermal travel mug when ready. This type of coffee maker shuts down after performing the brewing function.

It also contains other features like a removable coffee ground basket, parts that can be washed safely in a dishwasher, and a permanent filter. One can brew coffee with this machine using coffee pods or grounded coffee.


The 5-cup black decker coffee maker line has been the most popular one yet. It consists of some of the brand’s best-seller coffee makers. These coffee makers can produce coffee for 5 mugs simultaneously.

The additional features of these coffee makers which makes people love them immensely include a removable coffee ground basket, a glass carafe, and a non-stick hot carafe plate.

With a permanent ground function, these coffee makers allow us to brew coffee in 4 different sizes: standard, travel size, pour-over coffee, and 5-cup carafe.


Black and Decker introduced a wide range of coffee machines in its Black and Decker 12 cup coffee maker category. These coffee machines are the most convenient and efficient as they have an in-built digital programming structure that helps you brew the perfect cup of coffee according to your taste buds and preferred timing.

The Black and Decker 12 cup coffee maker features include the coffee strength selector, Glass Carafe, Non-stick Carafe plate, and Sneak-a-cup technology. The 12-cup range of Black and Decker coffee makers can further be divided into 3 categories: Standard, Thermal, and Mill and Brew.

How To Program Black and Decker Programmable Coffee Maker?

Programming any Black and Decker coffee pot requires following the steps explained below.

Set up the Clock

Plug the coffee maker into an electric source. You will be able to see the default time set as’12:00’. To set the time according to your time zone, press the PROG button followed by the HR button, which you must hold until it shows your desired hour. The time will be set in AM as default. To set the minutes, press the MIN button and hold it until it shows the desired time.

Carafe Plate Settings

To keep your coffee warm after it has been brewed, you will have to use the carafe plate function. To set the time, press the ‘Keep Warm’ button on your coffee machine and then set your desired time.

The available options range from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Setting this timer would mean that your machine stays on for the selected time after brewing coffee to keep your coffee warm.


If you plan on using whole beans and grinding them in your coffee machine, you must set the machine to do so. Add the coffee beans, press ‘Grind,’ and then select the number of cups of coffee you intend to make from 4 to 12. If you plan on using already ground coffee, press the ‘Grind’ button until it turns off.

What is the common ratio of coffee to water?

While brewing a perfectly balanced cup of coffee depends on several factors, including grind size, grinding method, brewing time, water used, water temperature, etc., the coffee to water plays the most important role. Every type of coffee requires a different ratio which can be determined with practice.

According to the golden ratio of making coffee, the ratio of coffee to water should be 1:17.42. While there is no standard ratio that can be applied to all types of coffees, a few set standards show the ideal ratios for different types of coffees.

The common ratio of coffee to water for drip coffee, the most common type of coffee, is 1:17. For French Press or similar coffees where the water sits with the coffee grounds, the ideal ratio can be lower, i.e., almost 1:14.

What does the Auto button do on the Black and Decker coffee maker?

The Auto button on a Black and Decker coffee maker sets up a specific time when your coffee machine should brew a coffee. You will have to press the PROG button and then set up your desired time by holding the HR button to set up this function. The time display on your machine will then return to the current time. Click AUTO and your machine will be set up with the auto-brew function.

When the clock hits the auto-brew set time, the machine will switch on and brew a coffee. The coffee will stay warm for the next 2 hours in the machine.

How do you use Black and Decker coffee?


Before making your coffee, you must perform an overall cleaning process. To start, remove all the removable parts from your machine, for example, the mug and filter basket, and wash them. Let those parts dry completely, then place them back at their usual positions in the machine.

The next step is to remove any bacteria, dirt, or coffee from the machine. To do so, brew water in the machine and then throw it off. Repeat this step. Wait for the machine to cool down before starting to make your coffee.


Open the cover. Fill the reservoir with water until the highest or indicated maximum capacity point. Line your filter basket with a paper filter if your coffee machine model requires it.

To check for this, you must look at the instructions paper or machine manual with your Black and Decker coffee pot. Add the required amount of grounded coffee to the filter basket and secure the lid tightly.

Choose the strength of your coffee from the options on your coffee machine, and then press START to begin the brewing process. Let the coffee machine cool down before opening the cover. Once cooled, throw the filter paper along with the coffee ground in the trash.

Cleaning again

After brewing coffee, you must ensure that all parts of your coffee machine are cleaned. Let the coffee machine cool down first. Then, remove the carafe and filter basket from your machine and wash them. Clean your machine from the inside using a cloth.

Ensure that you are not using a harsh cloth or cleanser. It is also a good idea to clean your machine with vinegar once in a while to ensure there are no remains of used coffee. Getting rid of the smell of vinegar might take some time, so you must run a water brewing cycle after cleaning it with water.


While many coffee makers are available in the market, the Black and Decker coffee makers are convenient, easy to use, and have up-to-date features. While one might get overwhelmed by the various types of Black and Decker coffee makers, choosing the correct coffee maker that suits your needs and preferences is important.

Programming and using a Black and Decker coffee maker are easy processes and similar to other standard coffee makers in the market. This guide and the instruction manual for your coffee maker will be sufficient for you to understand how to operate your Black and Decker Coffee maker.

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