How to Mix Delicious Coffee According to Taste

Coffee is a drink with bold regional culture. Moreover, this is also a product that speaks to the style of the bartender as well as the person enjoying it. Pure coffee is already a class, but instead of using only one type of bean, why not try mixing coffee together to create a new, more sophisticated taste. 

1. Good coffee mixing ratio

  • Harmony Blend

For luxury cafes, Harmony is a commonly used coffee blend with a ratio of 70% Arabica combined with 30% Robusta. Arabica has a high price in the market, so many investors choose to add Robusta to reduce costs. However, this blend results in an extremely delicate, balanced flavor. There is Ro’s bitterness, Ar’s sourness and extremely sweet aftertaste.

  • Charm Espresso

This coffee blend is more suitable for machine brewing. Charm Espresso has a ratio of 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta, only roasting until it turns brown is standard. This recipe has a typical Arabica flavor, but still has a bit of strong, strong Robusta.


  • Passion Blend

Unlike the two coffee blends above, Passion Blend has 70% Robusta. This means the coffee flavor will be darker, more bitter. So this is a product that is only really suitable for certain customers.

The way to balance the flavor of Passion Blend is to roast it medium, not too dark to reduce the bitterness in the coffee. This way, your coffee will be stronger with a hint of sour, seductive.

2. How to mix delicious coffee according to taste

  • Coffee blends for men

Men often have strong personalities, like boldness, so you should prioritize increasing the amount of Robusta in coffee ingredients. According to Classic, you should blend 60% Robusta, 30% Arabica and 10% cocoa coffee. This popular recipe retains the inherent bitterness, combining the aromatic, slightly sour aroma of Arabica and cocoa to create a perfect, balanced product.

  • Blending coffee for women

Most women do not like bitterness but prefer gentleness and passion. Therefore, when the customer is female, you need to reduce the amount of Robusta in the product. The general recipe will be 20% Robusta, 50% Arabica, 20% Cherry and add about 10% cocoa coffee. When combined together, the product is formed with a characteristic, gentle aroma and a delicate, gentle aftertaste.


  • How to mix delicious coffee for teenagers

One of those potential target groups is young people. They tend to prefer a neutral, coffee that is not too bitter but not too light either. Therefore, the reference rate for this object is about 40% Arabica, 30% Robusta, 20% Moka and 10% cocoa. This recipe not only helps to awaken the taste of teenagers but also has outstanding refreshment advantages.

  • Blending coffee for late-nighters

For people with busy jobs or football followers, they often stay up late and most need a cup of coffee to stay awake. To fuel this group of customers, Classic would like to reveal how to blend delicious coffee that requires 30% Arabica, 30% Robusta, 30% Cherry and about 10% cocoa. Ro’s strong, deep Ar’s scent and delicate sourness from Cherry will surely help them quickly regain their spirits. The amount of caffeine of this type is relatively high, enough for customers to stay awake to work or watch sports every night.

3. How to mix good coffee by geographical area

One thing you should consider when mixing coffee is where your coffee shop is located. With large city areas, tourist areas, luxury customers or foreigners, they like the lightness and sophistication. You can use 100% Arabica or blend coffee according to Harmony Blend, Charm Espresso recipes.

For the provincial city, 20% Arabica and 80% Robusta are rich enough for both filter and machine brewing. As for rural areas, you can mix less Arabica or use 100% Robusta which is enough to attract users. Note that the coffee used must be pure coffee to bring the best experience as well as ensure the health of consumers.


It can be said that how to mix delicious coffee is not simply a business recipe but also an art. Understanding interests is the most important thing to retain customers. With those recipes, over the years, Classic Coffee, although not noisy and flamboyant, has gradually built a strong brand.

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