How To Make Double Shot Espresso

How to Make Double Shot Espresso

Find out How to Make Double Shot Espresso at home? If you need a special caffeine kick in the morning or after a hard day at work and you are a lover of Italian coffee enjoyment, the Caffè Doppio is the right choice for you. Here you get a double portion of a good espresso.

In this article, you will learn what this type of coffee is all about and how “the great Italian” is properly prepared.

What is a Double Shot Espresso?

What is Double Shot Espresso?

Doppio means “double” in Italian. A Caffè Doppio is therefore quite simply a double espresso. After all, in Italy, you get an espresso when you order a coffee at the bar.

Since the Italians are very particular when it comes to enjoying coffee, there is not just one type of coffee, but many different varieties. For example, if a southerner wants to enjoy a little longer coffee, they can either order a Caffè Lungo or a Caffè Doppio.

While the first variant simply prepares the same amount of coffee powder with more water, the Double Shot Espresso guarantees the intensive caffeine and crema enjoyment of a good espresso.


Double Shot Espresso: The Right Preparation

Like a normal espresso, the Double Shot Espresso is prepared in an espresso machine, but instead of 25 ml of water you use 50 ml, and the amount of coffee powder is doubled from 7 g to 14 g because otherwise, it would be a Caffè Lungo! Sometimes, however, the gastronomy cheats and simply serves an “extended espresso”.

The Double Shot Espresso is served in a large cup, like those used for cappuccinos. If the cup is also warmed up and a creamy froth on the double espresso, nothing stands in the way of the perfect espresso pleasure.

While an espresso contains an average of around 33.25 mg of caffeine per cup, a Double Shot Espresso contains twice the amount of caffeine – i.e., around 66.5 mg. This makes the Doppio a real pick-me-up.

The Right Coffee Bean for The Double Shot Espresso

The Right Coffee Bean for The Double Shot Espresso

High-quality coffee beans are of course a prerequisite for first-class coffee enjoyment. For espresso or double shot espresso, these are roasted particularly vigorously to conjure up the typical variety of aromas of the espresso.

The fresher the roast, the better the coffee tastes. Real coffee lovers therefore regularly buy freshly roasted coffee beans in one of the many roasting plants and grind their coffee beans fresh before brewing them themselves.

This is the only way to get the full aroma that you are used to from your holiday in Italy or from your favorite barista around the corner.

Variations for More Variety

In addition to pure enjoyment in a classic way, the Double Shot Espresso can also be used as a basis for delicious variations. So, it can be refined with milk or milk substitute or “stained” with milk foam, as the Italians say so beautifully with their “macchiato”.

The Caffè Doppio is also suitable for a real cappuccino with a double effect. In summer you can also “sink” ice balls in it and thus provide a delicious refreshment.

A “shakerato” also offers cool enjoyment for purists and anyone on a diet, in which the double espresso is shaken vigorously with a little sugar and ice cubes. The result is a creamy, ice-cold coffee treat that is ideal for hot afternoons.

Double Shot Espresso with the Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Fully automatic coffee machines are true all-rounders and conjure up numerous coffee specialties at the touch of a button – including an aromatic Caffè Doppio, depending on the model.

If you choose a high-quality machine and prepare your coffee with the right ingredients, this option also meets high-quality standards.

At the same time, it also guarantees that you can choose between numerous coffee varieties and can thus offer the right thing for every taste.

However, you should think twice about buying fully automatic coffee machines with coffee capsules or pads. This can quickly become a cost trap.

On the one hand, you commit yourself to one manufacturer and must buy their usually very expensive products, and on the other hand, you are denied the freedom to choose between the best beans from the nearest micro-roastery.

In addition, capsules in particular produce a lot of waste that doesn’t have to be.

The results are now quite good in terms of taste, but real coffee lovers still swear by their ritual of coffee preparation and don’t let the fresh grinding of the coffee beans be taken away from them.

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Double Shot Espresso with the Espresso Machine

Double Shot Espresso with the Espresso Machine

If you value high-quality espresso enjoyment, you will not be able to avoid an espresso machine. Lovers swear by the coffee that is only in contact with the coffee powder for a short time because the water is pressed through the coffee powder with a lot of pressure.

This not only keeps the espresso as free of bitter substances as possible but also gives it its typical crema, which the fully automatic coffee machine simply doesn’t do that well. With espresso machines, you can bring that professional barista feeling into your kitchen.

While the fully automatic coffee machine usually has an option for the Double Shot Espresso, with the espresso machine you simply take a portafilter for two portions of espresso and let them run into a large cup with a double spout instead of dividing it into two cups.

However, the use of an espresso machine needs to be learned. The correct amount of coffee powder must first be filled into the portafilter and then pressed with the tamper.

The coffee powder must not be pressed too hard or too lightly, because this is the only way to guarantee the correct throughput time of approx. 20 seconds and thus the perfect espresso pleasure.

With integrated steam nozzles, milk can now also be frothed and a caffè macchiato or cappuccino can be created with the espresso or caffè doppio.

Double Shot Espresso Recipe

Double Shot Espresso Recipe

What sounds simple at first glance with two basic ingredients is in fact one of the supreme disciplines in the world of coffee: the correct preparation of an espresso. What is the best way to combine water with espresso powder? For our double espresso recipe you only need an espresso machine.

  • Espresso Machine
  • Double Espresso Cup
  • 14 g Finely Ground Espresso Powder
  • 50-60 ml Water
  1. Preheat your espresso cup to get a perfect result at the end. The best way to do this is to fill the cup with hot water and then pour it out again. With the hot water dispenser of your espresso machine, you can do this without any problems.

  2. If you haven't already, grind your coffee beans. The degree of grinding should be as fine as possible.

  3. Use your preferred amount of espresso powder. The standard amount for a double shot is 14 grams, although this number is a guide. With 0.5 grams more or less you are also good, so you should find your own optimal quantity.

  4. Fill the portafilter and smooth the surface with a tamper.

  5. Then tamper the espresso powder. This has the purpose of compaction to withstand the water pressure of the machine. In this way, the aromas unfold as desired.

  6. Brew the espresso into your preheated cup in about 25 seconds extraction time. Enjoy your espresso!

You should definitely pay attention to this when making espresso. These go into the most important elements you need to make your espresso taste the way it should.

They are as follows:

  • Blend: Darker blends, often with a high proportion of Robusta, are particularly suitable for espresso. This is because these roasts are typically less acidic than lighter blends.
  • Degree of grinding: If you want to make espresso, then you should pay special attention to the degree of grinding of your espresso ground. In order to achieve the desired effect in your machine, the powder should be ground as finely as possible.
  • Espresso Machine: The machine must meet the requirements to produce an original espresso. This is especially true with regard to three factors: the temperature of the water, the water pressure, and the quality of the water.
  • Human: Of course, you are also a factor in preparing the right espresso. Just follow our step-by-step instructions and you are guaranteed to get a delicious espresso as the end result.
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Conclusion on Double Shot Espresso

The Double Shot Espresso offers twice the espresso pleasure and can be refined as the mood takes you. All you need for a premium treat are:

  • A good fully automatic coffee machine or an espresso machine
  • 14g high-quality coffee powder for espresso
  • 50ml of water

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