How to Make Coffee While Camping

How to Make Coffee While Camping

Dazzling night sky with millions of stars, the smell of the woods, and great people around a cozy fire – these are the beauties of camping. But you know what? When you wake up at dawn; a warm cup of coffee in the middle of the woods works wonder to refresh your body and mind. Not just morning, you may need a few cups the whole day on various occasions. Having a coffee break between hiking, fishing, or during night-time chat just adds more color to your camping experience. Here, this piece is all about how to make coffee while camping.

Learn how To Make Coffee While Camping

Millions of people go camping each year. Many of them crave coffee during their camping times. However, craving is one thing, and actually preparing for it while camping is another.

Good coffee during camping needs some preparation and you may have to take some equipment with you. How much weight you wish to increase and how much time you wish to spend on brewing – these two are the fundamental factors that will decide your coffee-making process.

Instant Coffee

If you are a light-backpacker, then the equation is simple. Just take some instant coffee with you.

Generally, instant coffee has a bad reputation with coffee drinkers as it contains preservatives, additives, and often low-quality powders. However, in the last few years, instant coffee has gained significant advancement.

A lot of brands are out there that offer instant coffee. This is an excellent option because the things you need are just coffee granules or powder, kettle, and water.

Instant coffee might be the best option, but not all campers are the same when it comes to giving priority. Some of them might prefer to have a full experience of brewing, grinding, and all that in the middle of the woods rather than simple solutions like instant coffees. Let’s move on…

Cowboy Camping Coffee

The name of this method itself takes the campers from the modern world filled with all the gadgetry. The cowboy method is one of the simplest ways of coffee brewing. It only requires a kettle or pot, water, and coffee grounds.

To prepare the coffee in the cowboy method, put about 6 cups of water in the kettle, and bring a perfect boil. You can even do it over the campfire. Take away the kettle from the heat and put 2 handfuls of newly ground coffee.

Now you have to stir and steep for about 3 minutes. Finally, to settle the coffee grounds, put a small amount of cold water.

There are other methods like the cleanup method or scoop top method to prepare the cowboy coffee. A popular way is adding broken eggshells or even a whole egg while making the coffee. Point is, it doesn’t add too much weight to your camping baggage but offers a full-fledged experience of old-fashioned coffee brewing during camping!

Coffee Bags

This is another simple and convenient way to make coffee during camping. Coffee bags are available in the stores. You just have to boil water, throw these bags into the kettle, and steep for a few minutes.

You can even make your own coffee bags with regular basket coffee filters. Fill the filters with good scoops of coffee and tie them.


Using a percolator is a great option for small or large groups. You can prepare the brew over the campfire, but the stove is a better option for percolators. If you are doing car-camping or traveling in an RV with your family, this method can be a champion.

Various sizes of percolators are available in the market. The percolator works by cycling water constantly through the grounds until the desired strength is attained.

To start brewing, pour water at the bottom of the chamber and put coffee grounds at the top chamber. Heat up, let the brew percolate, and drink when it gets done.

Pour-Over Method

The pour-over method is another attractive way to enjoy coffee during camping. This is also an excellent option for small or large groups. Filter cones utilize the pour-over method for brewing.

Some special types of pour-over products for campers are available in the stores. For brewing coffee using this method, open the cone and place it on top of the mug. Put a coffee filter in the middle of the cone and then put the coffee. Pour the boiled water to saturate the coffee.


If you don’t want to miss the real taste of a good cup of coffee even during camping, then take the AeroPress equipment with you. From a gentle morning brew to a rich expresso, you can make it all with the AeroPress.

The general process goes like this: put coffee scoops in the larger tube. Steep the grounds and let it bloom. After some time (about half a minute) put hot water and fill the chamber. Stir with the paddle, and finally, press down the plunger in a gentle manner into the chamber.

Moka Pot

Moka pot is a traditional stovetop espresso maker. If you like strong and rich brewed coffee, then you can tap this. The brewing method begins with filling the bottom chamber with water and the middle one with coffee.

On the top, put the serving carafe. The best part is, most of the Moka pots are made out of aluminum. As a result, they are light in weight and ideal for carrying while camping. 


If you want to go camping without a kettle or pot but still want the charm to cook your coffee in the deep wood, then Bripe is for you. It offers an alternative to a kettle, just the Bripe, and a jet flame lighter (for heating) is enough.

The brewing process is straightforward. Just throw the coffee and water into your Bripe and stir. Heat up using the jet lighter, and your coffee will be prepared.

Espresso-maker (Hand-powered)

A manual espresso maker is always a pretty option while camping. They are handy and portable.

To make coffee with a hand-powered espresso maker, you need to boil water in the maker for about half a minute, then through the coffee grounds in it. Wait until the coffee settles, then pump it and make a sweet brown layer of espresso.

Although a hand-powered espresso maker doesn’t produce espressos like those big espresso makers, yet it is great for camping.


It’s not an exaggeration to say that camping & coffee – the two C’s go along just like twin bros.

A lot of ways are out there to make a cup of coffee during camping, even more than the methods you have just read. For example, using super lightweight coffee grinders or camping drip coffee makers, the Macgyver coffee method – these are also worth a try.

In this article, I tried to give a basic idea about each brewing process to draw a picture of every method and show you the numerous ways of how to make coffee while camping.

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