How to Make Coffee Americano at Home

How to Make Coffee Americano at Home

The Coffee Americano is one of the most popular specialties among coffee drinkers. It was invented in Italy, but it owes its name to guests from America. Because Italy is not only one of the most popular travel destinations among Europeans, the American population also became aware of the Mediterranean flair and the magical Dolce Vita.

However, the Italian coffee was initially far too strong for the American guests. For a long time, American vacationers disdained the cult Italian drink, but an espresso variant in Italy’s bars and cafés was convincing: the Coffee Americano.

Few coffee specialties are as popular as the Coffee Americano. But where exactly does the Americano come from? How is it prepared and what are its special features compared to Coffee Lungo and Espresso? We took a closer look at it!

What is a Coffee Americano?

The name of this coffee already suggests that both the drink and its history are directly related to the USA. Although the American-Spanish term “Americano” did not become popular until the 1970s, the world-famous hot beverage existed many decades earlier.

The Coffee Americano was born at the height of the Second World War when American soldiers landed in Italy and discovered the local coffee culture for themselves. Since the GIs initially found the Italian original too strong, they filled it up with water to be able to enjoy the drink – the Americano was born. Contrary to the popular assumption that “Americano” is a specific type, brand, or roastery, this is simply a “stretched” espresso.

Another myth: the British writer Somerset Maugham used the term “Cafe American” in a novel published in 1928. However, it is unlikely that this was today’s Coffee Americano, even if no specific information has been passed down.

Americano coffee is the classic espresso bar and coffee drink. It is the practical alternative for those who prefer a larger amount, but do not want to forego the unique taste experience of espresso.

Since the Coffee Americano contains the same amount of acid and caffeine as a normal espresso – after all, tap water is only added – it tastes less strong than espresso. An excellent alternative to classic coffee, especially after a meal.


Coffee Americano vs. Lungo Coffee

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The catchphrase “Americano vs Lungo” or “long coffee with the espresso machine” is a common phrase. But what exactly is behind it? What is the difference between an Americano Espresso and a Lungo Espresso? Would you like to learn the difference between coffee and Americano and the perfect Americano coffee recipe?

Coffee Americano is a kind of “stretched” espresso that is filled into a larger cup and then enriched with water. This weakens its intensity without adulterating the original taste of the espresso. The ideal solution for Americans who were also given the honor of receiving an Italian drink named after you.

However, Americano coffee should not be confused with a similar type, Lungo coffee. The big difference is that the Americano only enriches the water after brewing. With the Lungo, on the other hand, twice as much water is used when brewing. This is, therefore, stronger than the Coffee Americano, which is more like a filter coffee. In terms of taste, however, it differs significantly.

Coffee Americano Recipe

At first, the preparation of an Americano coffee sounds extremely simple: boil espresso, add hot water. No complicated enrichment with milk or milk foam like with a latte macchiato or milk foam like with a cappuccino. Nevertheless, if you want to prepare a real Coffee Americano, you not only have to use the right ingredients but also follow the correct sequence.

The preparation of an Americano coffee is comparatively simple. After all, all you have to do is mix espresso and hot water together. However, it depends very much on the taste and preparation of the espresso.

The mixing ratio ultimately depends entirely on your preferences, there are no rules for correct preparation. For the start, however, we recommend a ratio of three parts water and one part espresso.

There are basically two ways to make a Coffee Americano in the cup. In terms of taste, they differ only minimally.
Follow our simple steps and you will soon have a delicious end product in your favorite cup.

Cafe Americano Recipe

There are basically two ways to make a Cafe Americano in a cup. In terms of taste, they differ only slightly. Follow our simple steps and you'll soon have a delicious end product in your favorite cup.

  • Espresso Machine
  • Kettle
  • 7 g Finely Ground Espresso
  • Water to Warm on the Kettle
  • Thermometer For The Water
  • Cafe Americano Cup
  1. If your espresso beans aren't already ground, do so now.

  2. You need about 7 grams of finely ground espresso.

  3. Heat the water in the kettle.

  4. Measure the temperature of the water with a thermometer. Ideally, it should be around 195°F.

  5. Pour the hot water into your cup and place it under the espresso machine.

  6. Now prepare a single shot espresso. 

  7. The crema will now float on top of the espresso and give a visually excellent picture. 

  8. Enjoy your drink

Alternative Preparation

  1. First prepare your espresso in the espresso machine and fill it into your cup.

  2. Now pour the hot water over your espresso. 

  3. You have to make sure that the water temperature is still sufficient. 

  4. The taste result is a bit more bitter because the crema is destroyed when pouring water on top of espresso shot.

An interesting tip for the Americano recipe is that the more crema you skim off at the top, the more mellow the flavor becomes. However, if you like the intense aroma, you should not touch your Americano coffee.

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Which coffee beans are best for coffee lungo?

As for any coffee specialty, high-quality coffee beans are of course the basic requirement for Americano. Especially because the coffee must of course not lose its aroma if you add water after brewing. If you also prefer the milder variant in between, we recommend coffees whose intensity can be weakened without having to compromise on the delicious aroma.

For a Coffee Americano, blends made from Arabica and Robusta beans are usually used in cafes. But is this really optimal?

As so often, it depends on your preferences. Basically, you can easily use the type of espresso for your Americano coffee that tastes best even without water.

The probability is then quite high that it will also taste as delicious as a Coffee Americano.

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Iced Cafe Americano for the Summer

Iced Coffee Americano

Without an iced coffee, many people no longer want to tackle summer at all. A delicious and cool variant is also available as the Iced Cafe Americano.

In order to prepare this specialty, you will need cold water and ice cubes in addition to your espresso this time.


  1. Pour your espresso directly onto the ice cubes to cool it down.
  2. Now fill the glass with cold water.
  3. Let your glass sit to lower the temperature further.

The big advantage of the Iced Coffee Americano is that you don’t have to pay attention to the water temperature as in the classic variant. The cooler, the more refreshing!

Difference Between Cafe Americano, Cafe Lungo, And Cafe Crema?

Even if they are often confused with one another, there are big differences between an Americano and the similar coffee specialties Coffee Lungo and Coffee Crema.

Basically, all three drinks are extended espresso. In contrast to coffee lungo, with Americano a completely normal espresso is prepared and only then extended with hot water. This is not the case with the other specialties. Here, more water is poured directly into the portafilter machine. In terms of taste, this makes a big difference.

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The Italian specialty Coffee Americano is a delicious drink and is especially suitable for all those for whom a normal espresso is too strong. The stretching with hot water leads to a less strong espresso, but the taste is still reminiscent of the original. An alternative is an ice-cold variant, especially in summer.

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