How to Enjoy the Taste of Coffee

We all feel tired, no matter what time of the day it is. Some of us feel tired right after waking up, some of us are tired in the middle of the day and then there are some of us who feel knackered after a good day’s work. The solution to all of these? A good cup of coffee.

How to Enjoy the Taste of Coffee

Merely drinking any cup of coffee will not be as efficient as a nicely brewed, refreshing one. The taste of coffee is the most important part of this. And you have to enjoy the taste to make it worthwhile.

So join me in a journey, at the end of which you will be well familiar with the concept of how to enjoy the taste of coffee.

Types of Coffee

For making and enjoying a cup of coffee, first, you have to know the different kinds of coffee. After you get to know them, you can choose the one you feel you like the most.

Types of Coffee Beans

Coffee is a drink that is made from brewing coffee beans. These coffee beans are of two types: Arabica and Robusta

  • Arabica: This is the most used kind of coffee bean. Being higher in quality than Robusta, they also cost more. They produce a sweeter drink, which is also less harsh than the aforementioned Robusta.
  • Robusta: They are cheaper than Arabica because they can be grown comparatively easily. They taste a little bit more bitter than Arabica as they contain more caffeine. For making instant coffee and espresso blends, these are the go to beans.

Types of coffee drinks

Now that you have learned about the types of coffee beans, let’s make you acquainted with the kinds of coffee drinks, which are essential for you to make up your mind and help you enjoy the taste of coffee. Fasten your seatbelts, as we take a dive into the vast world of almost 20 different kinds of coffee drinks.

The coffee drinks that are mostly enjoyed are divided into two different kinds: Hot coffee and cold coffee. We will take a look at both variants now

Hot coffee drinks

Decaf: We all know coffee drinks are filled with caffeine. But it is possible for roasters to remove most of the caffeine by several processes and brew decaf coffee with those decaffeinated beans.

Black coffee: This one is just pure coffee without any additives at all like milk, sugar, etc.

Espresso: This is probably the strongest of all coffee drinks. So much so, it is served as a one-ounce shot instead of mugs or cups. The reason behind its strength? Even though it sounds like a lie, there isn’t much of a difference between the beans used for espresso or any other drink. The only differences are that the beans used for espresso are more finely ground and have more grounds to water ratio than most other beans

Latte: This is a classic. It is made with one-third espresso and the rest being milk. But over the years, the cafes have come up with endless different variations of their own. You can even experiment on it by adding various syrups like vanilla etc.

Cappuccino: This drink is similar to Latte as it also uses espresso, but the top layer is more frothy. Sometimes, cinnamon is sprinkled on the top.

Macchiato: This espresso shot drink is served with just a little bit of milk.

Americano: This is yet another espresso drink, but this time diluted with hot water.

Flat White: This is similar to Latte and Cappuccino as it contains Espresso and milk as well, but what makes it different from the other two is that it has a higher proportion of espresso than milk. This drink originated from Australia and New Zealand.

Cortado: Originating from Spain, this drink contains exactly 50% espresso and 50% milk. But the milk in this case is half steamed.

Cafe au Lait: This french drink is almost similar to Cortado in its proportions, but instead of half steamed milk like its Spanish counterpart, this drink uses steamed milk.

Red-eye: In need of an extra boost of caffeine? This is the drink you want. This is a drink which not only contains your regular coffee but also an espresso shot

Irish Coffee: Leave it to the Irish to make their own kind of Alcohol-based coffee drink. This drink contains black coffee, sugar, whiskey, and to top it all of literally, whipped cream.

Mocha Latte: This Latte comes with a twist. It is flavored with chocolate and sugar.

Cold Coffee drinks

Iced Coffee: On a hot and humid day, there is almost nothing better than a full glass (or cup, whatever you are comfortable with) of Iced Coffee. It is very easy to make, just make a regular cup of coffee and just put ice and whatever sweet additives you want.

Cold Brew: In the last 10 years or so, very few trends have gathered momentum as a cold brew. It is made differently as well. Coffee beans are poured over room temperature water which makes it less bitter and smoother than regular Iced coffee

Iced Latte: This is exactly as it says here, a latte drink with ice in it.

Frappe: This one is not a single drink, rather a wide range of espresso drinks and coffee which have been mixed with Ice. They often contain milk and whipped cream.

Nitro Cold Brew: This is probably the latest drink to make its debut. The beer industry has had a great influence on it. Nitrogen bubbles are put in it to produce a beer-like texture. This one can be poured from taps (like beer) and bought in cans (like beer)

Tips for Enjoying a Cup of Coffee

Now that you have learned all about the types of coffee, let’s take a look at how to enjoy the taste of coffee.

  • Most people don’t like the taste of black coffee. So if you are just starting to drink coffee, it’s better not to drink black coffee from the very start. Start with coffee drinks with additives, like milk, sugar, cream, etc. Let your tongue acclimate to the taste of coffee at first.
  • The beans, which are heavily roasted, taste bitter to a new coffee lover. So while starting out, try lightly roasted beans and drinks like cappuccino or latte. As you drink more and more coffee, you can move towards more bitter-tasting drinks.
  • On the other hand, the lighter beans contain the most caffeine while the dark roasted ones contain almost none. So if you are caffeine sensitive, it’s better to use smaller cups.
  • Try to drink coffee every morning. To make your tastebuds accustomed to the taste of coffee, there is no better way than to drink a cup of coffee every morning.
  • Don’t think you can’t enjoy the taste of coffee after just a few drinks. Give yourself time.
  • If you think having coffee at a coffee shop is too expensive, try making it at home. It will save you a lot of time and money and also will allow you to experiment on it.
  • Let your nose tell you about the drink. More often than not, the smell of a coffee drink will tell you about the quality of that drink. So trust your nose about it.
  • Don’t drink your coffee in a hurry. Take your time drinking and analyzing every sip, especially at the start.

A few last words

If you’ve never been a fan of coffee, we hope this article has given you some great new tips on how to enjoy the taste of Coffee. You should also try adding your favorite type of milk or creamers to different types of coffee for an even sweeter taste!

I hope this post has given you a few new ways to enjoy the taste of coffee. Let us know your favorite tip or if there is anything we missed in our list!

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