How to Distinguish Between Clean, Pure Coffee and Mixed Coffee

For many people, coffee is not only a drink but also a unique cultural feature. In particular, quality is the decisive factor to the aroma, taste and love of a cup of coffee. However, just for the sake of profit, many units have mixed coffee with different ways, affecting the taste and especially the health of consumers. In today’s article, I will share how to effectively distinguish pure coffee from mixed coffee so that customers can choose more accurately.

Distinguish between clean pure coffee and mixed coffee

  • Based on the porosity and smoothness of coffee

With pure coffee, even if it is finely ground, it still has a fairly uniform size, porosity, and is not sticky or lumpy.

In contrast, blended coffee has a heterogeneous smoothness, a higher density, and is prone to stickiness and lumps.

  • Based on the color of the coffee powder

Pure coffee is usually roasted very elaborately, with the right time and temperature standards. So the color of coffee also becomes excellent with dark brown color, pleasant aroma.

For coffee mixed with other grains, coffee powder is usually black or opaque yellow of soybeans, far different from pure coffee. Moreover, the smell of this type of coffee is often harsh and pungent due to the presence of many flavors and impurities.

  • Variation during preparation

With pure coffee, when mixed with hot water, the coffee powder appears swollen, effervescent and sometimes spills out of the filter. In contrast, blended coffee will not have this phenomenon, but the coffee powder will shrivel, have an aroma, but most of it is the smell of aromatherapy.

  • Coffee after brewing

Many people mistakenly think that coffee water after brewing will be black. However, if it is pure coffee, the color of coffee is usually dark brown or cockroach brown. When taken with ice, it will appear lighter and clearer in color. Coffee foam still appears normally but quickly dissolves.

The black color of the coffee you see may be blended coffee. Often these coffee cups will appear foamy when stirred and take a long time to dissolve. More dangerously, this could be a foaming agent of similar origin to soap.

  • The taste of coffee

Pure coffee has a slightly sour, post-sweet taste and a dominant bitter taste. However, this bitter taste is gentle, not too harsh and accompanied by a seductive aroma.

Meanwhile, mixed coffee has a more bitter taste, still has an aroma but is quite strong, persistent and unpleasant, sometimes even has the burning smell of popcorn.

  • The comparison of coffee

For many users, they often have the mentality that the stronger the coffee, the stronger the coffee is. However, this is the appearance of blended coffee due to its high starch content.

Pure coffee is often thinner, has no consistency, does not stick to the walls of cups and preparation tools, and especially helps users have a clean feeling in the mouth and tongue when enjoying.

Harm of using blended coffee

Pure coffee and mixed coffee are completely different in form and effect. If pure coffee is a product with many benefits for health, mixed coffee brings many harms if used regularly.

The grains that are often mixed into coffee are beans and corn. These two types of nuts, when roasted, are easily burned, which will then turn into carbon, which is harmful to health. The bitter taste you feel may be due to this agent.

Identify clean coffee and blended coffee

In addition, other chemicals also have a significant impact on consumer health such as:

– Coloring agent: usually caramel is used, only used as animal feed.

– Sweeteners: usually chemical sugars, accompanied by other compounds that have the potential to cause cancer.

– Bitter substances: parasitic drugs are mixed directly into powdered coffee, making coffee more bitter, causing harm to the heart and kidneys.

– Foaming agent: this is a cleaning agent, which helps the coffee cup to foam much, long to dissolve, causing skin irritation, mucosal damage.

It can be said that pure coffee and mixed coffee are two completely different schools. Classic hopes you will make the right choice to be able to feel the true taste of coffee as well as protect your health. Come to Classic for more peace of mind about the product you choose and join us in eliminating mixed coffee and poor quality coffee.

Identify clean coffee and blended coffee

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