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How Often Should You Clean Your Coffee Grinder

The best cup of coffee does not involve any extra effort; it only requires the things a regular barista does, part of which is cleaning and maintenance of your grinder. How often should you clean your coffee grinder then? Well, it depends on how often you use your coffee grinder as well as several other factors.

Some say it is okay to clean your coffee grinder twice a month. Other Baristas, however, suggest that if you clean it every time you use it, you may expect some fresh grinds as well. After reading the article, you might also have your opinion about this.

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When You Should Clean Your Coffee Grinder

You may not notice any considerable difference after grinding a couple of times. However, as you grind more and more coffee beans, the grinder catches some elements that are stuck here and there. Plus, the oily beans make the grinder’s burrs or blades greasy. So, when you see such is happening to your grinder, you will know that is the time for cleaning and maintenance.

Baristas, however, have different opinions regarding how often you should clean your coffee grinder. If you use your grinder very frequently, you may want to clean it once a week. On the other hand, if you use the grinder occasionally, for example, when friends visit your house, you can clean it every two weeks. It only depends on how many times you use your coffee grinder in a week, or month.

If you, for example, often buy coffee grinds instead of grinding coffee beans yourself, then your grinder will hardly come in use, which means you don’t have to clean it every now and then. That said, you have to take care of the grinder so that it does not catch wear and rust. In such a situation, you can check your grinder’s condition on a monthly basis.

To make things easier for you, consider the following chart as a guideline:


 Grinding Options/ Grinder’s Conditions How Often to Clean       How to Clean
      Grind daily         Daily      Dust off the leftover elements in the grinder.
      Grind daily Every 1 to 2 weeks      Clean the coffee bean hopper.
     Using dark roast, oily            coffee beans, and flavored coffee beans      2 weeks      Clean every component of the grinder. Wipe off everything that is stuck in the hopper, burrs, or elsewhere.


Noticeable change in the taste of coffee Immediate Clean every component of the grinder. Wipe off everything that is stuck in the hopper, burrs, or elsewhere.
Switching coffee bean Each switching Clean every component of the grinder. Wipe off everything that is stuck in the hopper, burrs, or elsewhere.
Grind daily (light to medium roast) 3 to 6 Months Clean every component of the grinder. Wipe off everything that is stuck in the hopper, burrs, or elsewhere.

How to Clean Coffee Grinder?

Coffee grinders come in three different types: manual, electric, and blade. Each type needs different approaches for cleaning. Any of them, however, doesn’t take any more than 10 minutes for cleaning. Only 5 minutes should be enough if you intend only to give it simple cleaning.

Here is how to clean a coffee grinder:

Use a Brush

Excess coffee grounds or dust can cease the motor or fans to work. Using a brush can be useful to dust off those elements.

How to Clean Coffee Bean Hopper and Grind Chamber

This takes only a few steps:

  • Unplug your coffee grinder.
  • Remove the coffee bean hopper, leaving the grinding chamber exposed.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the inner part of the machine.
  • Dust off the hopper and grind the chamber using a brush.
  • Reassemble the coffee grinder.

Grind a Capful of Grindz Tablets

This is rather a good option when it comes to cleaning your coffee grinder. If you grind a capful of Grindz tablets, it will effectively absorb oil and other elements that spoil the taste of your coffee.

This method also saves your time and effort. So, you can try this method once to check if it serves you well.

Why You Should Clean Your Grinder Regularly

Even if they are not much of a hassle, some may find it boring to clean the grinder regularly. But if you like to enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning, or in the lazy evening, you will probably want to clean your coffee grinder regularly, anyway.

Here is why you should often clean your grinder:

  • Coffee grinders have multiple components assembled together to serve only one purpose: good coffee grounds. If you do not take the time to keep those parts clean, they will become oily and dusty which will affect the taste of your coffee.
  • A clean coffee grinder means fresh grounds, good extraction, and authentic taste.
  • Different coffee beans result in different flavors. If your grinder is not clean, the flavor will be distorted every time you grind them. So, if you want to retain the authentic taste, flavor, and strength, you have to clean your coffee grinder regularly.


Drinking coffee is more than just a habit; it gives you the energy and enthusiasm you need to make your day productive. So, why not endure a little bit of cleaning hassle to have that fresh, strong, and authentic coffee you want to have? That’s the point you’re here: yes, coffee is a lifestyle, and I mean it. So, keep your grinder clean.

I hope this post will help you to easily determine when and how often you should clean your coffee grinder. Have a nice day.