How does a programmable coffee maker work?

How does a programmable coffee maker work?

With the advancement in technology and the invention of programmable coffee makers, making coffee at home has become even more convenient. These smart coffee makers help make coffee even before getting out of bed.

These coffee makers consist of additional features like energy improvements and scheduling, ensuring that you do not have to wait for your drip. A smart coffee maker helps you schedule the time for brewing. One only has to fill the filter basket and the water reservoir and choose the correct time for brewing.

The programmable coffee maker itself will complete the remaining process. If you are looking for a small programmable coffee maker, you should read on further.

What is a Smart Coffee machine?

Smart Coffee Machines are popular kitchen tools that allow you to adjust brew settings on your phone to make a perfect cup of coffee. These machines also allow us to schedule our coffee.

For example, if grinds are added to the coffee maker beforehand, you can schedule your coffee maker timer to make coffee when you wake up or any other specific time you want. There are various coffee makers, including simple ones, Keurig K-cup machines, pour-over funnels, and multi-function units.

According to Goldstein Research in New York, the demand for all types of coffee machines has increased with the increase in the disposable income of people. The firm also forecasted that by 2024, the coffee machine market would have expanded to about $4.25 billion.

How to use a programmable Coffee maker?

Like any other basic coffee maker, the installation of a programmable coffee maker is also simple, which means you can add grounded coffee and water and start the machine manually.

These machines differ due to their additional feature of being able to be operated through wi-fi. To do so, connect the machine to your wi-fi network and then to your smartphone. This will allow you to operate your machine through your phone.

Hot water is sprayed over grounded coffee in an automatic drip coffee maker. The coffee then falls through a filter into a glass consisting of the oils and flavors of the coffee beans. The brewing process for a drip coffee differs from an expresso in the following ways.

  1. Coffee beans of drip coffee are lighter compared to espresso beans.
  2. A drip coffee maker uses a thicker and coarsened grind compared to an Expresso grind.
  3. The brewing required by a drip coffee maker is 10 minutes compared to 30 seconds required by an expresso machine.
  4. A drip coffee maker uses gravitational power to let the water flow, while expresso machines use high pressure to push water down.

Setting up

  • Remove all the packing material and stickers from your small programmable coffee maker.
  • Go to your coffee maker’s brand’s website and register your machine.
  • Clean the machine parts as instructed.
  • Run two full coffee-making rounds with water to clean all the internal parts as well. Throw out the water after every round.
  • Remove the plug and let your machine cool down.


  • Plug your programmable coffee maker into an electric supply.
  • The time on the cock would show 12:00. Reset the coffee maker timer using the ‘Hour’ and ‘Min’ buttons
  • If you want to reset the coffee maker timer after changing once, click on the hour or min button once to enter into the set time mode. Follow the same process as described above.


  • Fill the water reservoir with filtered water till the full mark.
  • Line a paper filter with the corners of the brewing basket.
  • Add grounded coffee to the brewing basket.
  • Close the carafe properly to prevent the coffee from overflowing.
  • Choose the required strength for your coffee.
  • Press ON and wait for your coffee.
  • Open the machine once cooled and get rid of the used grounds.
  • Enjoy your coffee.

It must also be understood that your small programmable coffee maker will keep your coffee warm for a maximum of 2 hours after brewing. After this, the machine would turn off automatically.

How does a programmable Coffee maker work?

A coffee maker consists of a water reservoir where cold water is poured. Water then passes through a one-way valve. This water is heated using the heating element, which consists of an extrusion made of aluminum.

This extrusion comprises two components: a water tube and a heating element. The heating element is a wire coiled up and gets hot when connected to electricity. This heating element heats the water and ensures that your coffee is kept warm once made.

The hot water is then carried to the drip area through a tube. A filter basket is placed inside the coffee machine where pre-grounded coffee beans are added. The machine also has a shower head to pour water over the grounded coffee.

Some coffee machines also consist of a drip area that pours water onto the grounded coffee through the holes in their disc-like structure. Coffee makers also consist of fuses and sensors that maintain the heating elements’ temperature to prevent hazardous outcomes.

Do coffee makers have wi-fi?

The recently invented coffee makers do contain the additional wi-fi feature. A wi-fi coffee machine operates normally but contains the added function of being controlled by your smartphone, which means you do not have to be in front of the machine to make your coffee. Even though the connectivity of the coffee machine and the smartphone is through Bluetooth, it is called a wi-fi coffee machine.

Wi-fi coffee makers have made life more convenient since you can start your machine when leaving work for home or when you are still in bed through your phone.

But this requires some preparation beforehand, i.e., you must keep an empty cup in its place and add the capsule or grounded coffee. Wi-fi coffee machines also help keep track of the number of coffees that were served and the usage stats of the coffee machine.

There are mainly two types of coffee machines with the additional wi-fi connectivity feature: the super-automatic coffee maker and the pod machines. However, these machines are way more expensive than the normal coffee machines, so their usefulness is often questioned.

Are programmable coffee makers worth it?

Programmable coffee makers have surely made our lives more convenient than before. But these machines usually cost far more than the simple machines. For example, the wi-fi Nespresso machine is twice as expensive as the simpler coffee machine versions of the brand.

For this reason, the effectiveness of programmable coffee machines is often questioned. While we agree that programmable coffee makers benefit from controlling the coffee maker with our smartphones, the added cost does not seem to be justified. That is because the basic task can be performed through both machines.

Paying almost double the amount for the same machine with just one added feature, which is more like a luxury, is not a worthy expenditure.

What happens if you forget to turn off the coffee machine?

Some coffee makers have an in-built shutdown feature that switches the coffee pot off after being on for long periods. This saves you from an extremely high electricity bill and prevents any tragic damage to your coffee machine. If the coffee machine is left on for too long, the coffee will thicken and make clots and eventually burn the coffee pot. On the higher scale it could lead to an explosion.

On a lower scale, the coffee pot might be damaged. Before inspecting, you must scrape off the coagulated coffee. If the pot is damaged slightly with a few burns, you can try cleaning the coffee pot with baking soda and lemon.

When left on for several hours, coffee machines can also cause a fire. For this reason, you should not keep your coffee maker on for more than 2 hours. It’s not a good idea to leave your coffee maker on when you’re not using it, especially at night.


With the increase in the disposable income of people, the demand for coffee machines has also increased. The advancements in technology have resulted in the invention of programmable coffee makers.

These coffee machines have made our lives easier by letting us operate them through our smartphones. While this added benefit is commendable and is preferred by many, it seems like a luxury and not a need when analyzed from the price point of view.

Buying the perfect automatic coffee maker requires thorough research to find the coffee machine that best suits your needs and desires, and the numerous options available in the market allow us to do that.

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