How Do You Store Brewed Coffee?

Coffee is a familiar drink every morning of Vietnamese people. Many people have the habit of buying or making themselves a cup of pure coffee to use. However, many people still do not know how to preserve brewed coffee . Especially at business establishments, preserving ready-to-drink coffee is always an essential element to serve customers quickly and professionally. Soon, Classic Coffee will join you to “decode” how to preserve the most rounded coffee.

How to store brewed coffee?
Can coffee be left overnight?

Can brewed coffee be kept overnight?

Scientists have proved that coffee that has been brewed after 45 minutes without use will be contaminated with bacteria, fungi and microorganisms found in tools such as filters, glasses, cups,… in the infiltrated air. In addition, coffee at this time is prone to change in taste from a strong bitter taste, a mild sweet and sour taste to a grumpy sour taste after 2 days.

Because it takes 2 days to translocate, the coffee can be left overnight. However, the taste will certainly not be as strong as when it was freshly brewed if it is not stored properly.

How to store brewed coffee?

Many people do not realize the importance of preserving brewed coffee. In fact, this stage plays a very important role, if you store it incorrectly, you will cause this drink to change in taste, color or spoil it, then you have to throw away the whole cup of coffee. regrets. And the common mistakes that you need to avoid when storing brewed coffee are:

– Many people have the notion that leaving coffee brewed overnight will make the coffee taste richer and more delicious, However, this is an extremely wrong thought. If left to drink overnight, you will see the coffee change in flavor and taste. The longer the coffee, the lighter the coffee, which may turn sour and show signs of going rancid even when stored in the refrigerator.

– Putting brewed coffee directly in the refrigerator is also an incorrect way of preserving. Although this is not completely wrong, but if you leave it overnight, the coffee will change quite a lot of flavor, no longer keeping the original flavor inherent. For many people, this is a common way of preserving brewed coffee, but it is not very applicable to those who have a good knowledge of coffee.

How to store brewed coffee?
How to store brewed coffee

The best way to store brewed coffee

Large, professional coffee shops need to prepare a large amount of coffee so that even at the busiest times, they can still meet the needs of customers. Usually, for ready-to-drink coffee, business establishments will brew it with a large filter, then pack it into sealed bottles and jars and store it in the refrigerator.

After making coffee, you should put the finished product in an airtight container so that the coffee retains its original flavor. Then store in the refrigerator with a temperature of 0 – 4 degrees Celsius. This method can keep the quality of coffee for up to 2 days, but should be used as soon as possible.

Note that, storing brewed coffee in the refrigerator should only use glass bottles and jars that are tightly closed. At the same time, do not pour coffee close to the mouth of the bottle and limit shaking to ensure the quality and taste of the coffee.

This is a way of preserving brewed coffee commonly applied by coffee shops and is also the only way to ensure the inherent flavor of pure coffee.

How to store brewed coffee?

Cases when ground coffee should be discarded

Storing brewed coffee is very important. Because the strong flavor of coffee will fade over time. However, not all coffee when we drink excess can also be preserved to continue using in the next time. There are cases we should leave like:

– Put ice in the coffee.

– Brewed coffee with added sugar, cream or milk.

– Coffee was once refrigerated and heated to drink but not used up.

Although there are many ways to preserve brewed coffee, it is still a good idea to brew coffee in moderation. At that time, the coffee will be richer, more delicious, and much more attractive than the preserved coffee cups.

Above is the information that Classic Coffee wants to bring to you on how to preserve the best quality brewed coffee. Hope this article has answered your questions. Wish you can enjoy the best quality and best coffee every day.

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