Using Heavy Whipping Cream In Coffee [Is It Worth Trying]

Use Of Heavy Whipping Cream In Coffee

The thing that makes coffee unique is its versatility. It goes well with a variety of foods. Like, delicious powders, sugar, syrups, and of course, different creams. However, the thing that gives a coffee a new and stunning look is the heavy whipping cream

When there is your favourite cup of your coffee, and the whipping cream is on top of it, then nothing can be more delicious than that. However, some folks say that heavy whipping cream ruins the taste of the coffee. So, is it for real? No, it’s not true at all. So, can you put heavy whipping cream in coffee?

The easiest answer to this query is that you can add it in your coffee. Because not only does this cream make your coffee delicious, but it also gives it an outstanding look.

To understand the topic well, let’s go through it comprehensively.

Can You Use Heavy Whipping Cream in Coffee?

You definitely can use heavy whipping cream in your coffee. In spirit, using heavy cream in coffee enhances the taste of coffee. Heavy cream is denser and thicker than regular cream and does not blend well with coffee.

You can get it to dissolve with some churning, but the result is a lumpy mess rather than a smooth blended drink.

Coffee With Heavy Cream: When To Use it

Although heavy cream can be used in coffee, it is not suitable for all types of coffee. Heavy cream has a slightly sweet flavor that will combine with the flavors in your coffee, in addition to being thick and viscous.

According to us, you shouldn’t use Mild light or medium roast coffee with heavy cream. Why? Because it doesn’t taste so good.

We like our milk or cream to complement the coffee rather than distract from it. So, what type of coffee can you drink with your heavy whipping cream? Bold, dark solid roasts are great for employing heavy cream because they can tolerate some dispersion without disappearing into the background.

We found that producing a strong dark roast in a French press with a 15:1 water-to-coffee ratio is the best way to add heavy cream to coffee.

Why is heavy whipping cream required in coffee?

A lot of folks ask this question, what is the purpose of putting so much heavy cream on the coffee? So, its purpose depends on a person’s own choice. Some people find their coffee delicious having this heavy whipping cream on top of it. On the other hand, some individuals do it to give their coffee a unique appearance.

But, now the question is, why do people put heavy cream on their coffee when they have too many other creams which are specifically made for coffee? 

So, let us tell you. The heavy whipping cream is the softest, lightest and thinnest. When you sprinkle them on your coffee, it softens and melts on your tongue.

Not only this, this cream prevents you from using too much sugar in your coffee which is a great health benefit.

What is the Recommended Amount Of Heavy Cream in Coffee?

This is an excellent question to ask how heavy would the cream be in the coffee? Heavy cream is quite thick. As a result, you only require a minimal bit of it. Some people like to use a smaller amount of heavy cream than they would with milk or creamer in their coffee.

Fortunately, a full cup of heavy cream will not harm your health unless your doctor has recommended you avoid high-fat foods. Experiment with varying amounts of heavy cream in coffee to determine what you prefer.

What Effect Does Heavy Cream Have on Coffee?

When you put heavy creams on your coffee, it makes the coffee thicker, which increases its taste. It changes the colour of the beverage quite brighter as the white cream is usually white and bright. Furthermore, it adds more calories to the coffee as well because it contains 101 calories each ounce. 

Well, depending on your personality, the calories might either be good or bad for your health. The last thing that heavy whipping cream does to your coffee is to improve its taste. It makes the taste of the coffee more soft and delicious.

Advantages Of Putting Whipping Heavy Cream On Coffee

A lot of folks say that adding heavy cream to your coffee makes it too unhealthy. And if you drink it, you will have health problems. However, using heavy whipping cream in coffee has a lot of advantages that are great for your health. Wanna know about them? Read on!

1) Flavour

When you put the heavy whipping cream on your coffee, it takes its taste to the next level. It’s similar to the butter used in bulletproof coffee (also known as butter coffee), except it’s less salty and sweeter.

While the flavour isn’t overwhelming, a little goes a long way toward smoothing out some coffee’s bitterness.

2) Natural Fats

When it comes to the word fats, people have bad thoughts about it. Because they believe that fats are the unhealthiest thing in the world. However, there is nothing like that. Fats can be natural and healthy as well. So, the one that this heavy whipping cream contains is natural and healthy. 

So, if you use it on your coffee, then you’re gonna get a natural fat which would be around 30 to 36% in the cream material. Fats are very beneficial for our bodies. Like, if you’re someone who doesn’t take in calories at all, then it’s crucial for you to intake a little fat in your body. 

That’s our requirement. However, If you’re a health-conscious guy, remember that your coffee contains fats. So, if you have set a routine for you to take limited fats inside your body every day, then cut the fats of the coffee as well. 

3) Best Choice For Those Who Are Intolerant To Lactose

Heavy cream is made by removing the fat from milk. The method removes the majority of the lactose content in milk. Heavy cream has so little lactose that it rarely causes lactose sensitivity in some people. Because it contains no lactose, it is less difficult to digest, even if you are lactose intolerant.

Disadvantages of Putting Whipping Heavy Cream On Coffee

Indeed, there are many advantages of heavy cream, but there are some downsides to it as well that we want you to know about. 

1) More Fats

Aren’t fats our enemy who wants to kill when dieting? Unfortunately, heavy cream contains about 30 to 36% of fats in it. It can be harmful to you if you’re willing to come in shape and work hard towards it. In this condition, we recommend you use coffee with the lowest calories, plan brewed coffee which contains almost zero calories.

When your body intakes higher fats in it every day, you may have heart issues as well. Please, if you’re oversized and want to eat limited calories, take the number of calories this cream contains in your mind.

The amount of coffee consumed varies from person to person. Some people are crazy coffee lovers who finish several cups of coffee with cream on top of it every day. So, if you’re one of such people, you should be careful about it. However, if you’re a normal person who’s skinny and your body needs fats, then you can use the cream.

2) More Calories

Fats are not the only thing that you need to be aware of, but calories are also there. As stated earlier, coffee cream contains 101 calories per ounce which aren’t less. When you put a lot of cream on the coffee and then have it, then extra calories will go inside of your body. 

When you drink three or four cups of coffee each day, you’ll be close to the calorie count of a medium McDonald’s fry. To avoid consuming too many calories, you must keep track of your intake.

3) Covered Taste

Heavy cream may not be a good choice if you enjoy the taste of coffee and only require a tiny edge off the bitterness. Heavy cream can calm your coffee, but too much can mask the underlying coffee flavour. 

Some people want to change the flavour of their coffee, but adding dairy to coffee isn’t for everyone. If you’re concerned about disguising too much of the flavour, you might substitute cocoa powder for the heavy cream.


1) Does heavy whipping cream curdle in coffee?

Yes, heavy cream can curdle in coffee.

2) Is heavy cream better than milk for coffee?

Because heavy cream contains more calories than other milk products, it is generally not suggested for weight loss.

3) What cream is best for coffee?

The best cream for coffee is Whipping cream.


Is it okay to put heavy whipping cream in coffee? Yes, it’s good. In fact, it ups up the taste of the coffee and improves its overall texture, including its appearance. However, it has some side effects that you should know about. 

Heavy whipping cream contains 30 to 36% fats, which you should worry about. Especially when you’re dieting and want to consume as few fats as possible. For coffee lovers, we suggest controlling your consumption and keeping the fats in your mind. 

Not only that, heavy cream contains calories as well, which is 101 per ounce. So, keep that in your mind, according to your personality and routing. Overall, the whipping cream in coffee is good. 

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