The Easiest Way to Roast Coffee at Home

Currently, the coffee market is increasingly diverse, leading to many different ways of enjoying. But what is better, if you can make your own coffee for yourself and your lover. With just a few simple steps in the following article, you will have a batch of roasted coffee at home :

Coffee roasting is one of the most important factors in the taste and quality of coffee beans. Depending on the ability, perception and experience of each roaster, coffee will smell and taste different. 

Coffee roasting stage from a temperature of 180 – 250 degrees for a period of 18 – 25 minutes. Currently, using machines to roast coffee, the time is shortened to only about 8 minutes. After roasting, the coffee beans expand by about 40 to 60%, but in return, the coffee beans lose 14 to 23% of their weight. During the roasting process, many biological reactions take place. As a result, a variety of substances are formed such as: coffee oil, coffee flavor, unsaturated fat …. and a starch that is converted into sugar and caramel to give the coffee its distinctive color. To keep the aroma of coffee, after roasting, it is necessary to cool it quickly.

1. Materials needed:

– Coffee beans.

– A box of butter, fish sauce, brandy (put in for fat, more fragrance and richer ..)

2. Tools:

 – Large or small pan or saucepan depending on the amount of roasting.

 – Kitchen: electric stove, gas, firewood….

 – Blender used to grind coffee when finished roasting or mini mill.

3. Roasting method: 

– Put the pan on the stove, put the coffee in and roast it on medium heat, avoid the high fire that will burn the coffee.

– Remember that you have to stir continuously for the coffee to ripen evenly, avoiding the case that the beans below are black and the beans above are still white. Roast for about 15 minutes when the coffee turns dark brown.

– At this time, you put the butter in and roast until the butter is evenly absorbed into the coffee, then turn off the heat, add a little fish sauce and wine, mix well, then pour the coffee into a well-ventilated place, or use a fan, The fan allows the coffee to cool down quickly, so the aroma lasts a long time, and avoids the case that hot coffee will continue to ripen, leading to burning.

4. Grinding method: 

After the coffee has cooled down, it is best to leave it for 1 day and 1 night, then put it in a small mill, make sure the soup is not too small, otherwise it will leak out of the filter and it will take a long time to drain all the water in the filter when brewing. .

How do you see the information on how to roast coffee? Is it helpful to you?

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