Delonghi Ec860 Espresso Maker Complete Review & Features

Delonghi Ec860 Espresso Maker Review

Are you single or perhaps the only coffee consumer in a tiny home where you reside? If so, you will adore our extensive DeLonghi EC860 review. It’s not a perfect computer by any means. It’s a terrific beginner machine unless you’re unfamiliar with the world of specialty coffee drinks because it offers a tonne of value for the money.

A semi-automatic espresso maker is the DeLonghi EC860. The milk frothier is made to pour steaming hot cappuccino into your cup automatically. It is a fairly well-designed function. There are two options: mechanical steam with such a Panarello or automatic steam with a carafe.

Product Review for the DeLonghi EC860 Stainless Steel Espresso Maker

The convenience features & control issues will likely turn off coffee purists, but this model is again very user-friendly for beginners. Keep reading below:

Product Specification

  • Brand De’Longhi

  • Capacity 1 Liters

  • Color Stainless Steel

  • Coffee Maker Type Espresso Machine

  • Special Feature Water Filter, Milk Frother

  • Weight 15.43 pounds

  • Input power 1450 W

  • Heating system Thermoblock

  • Pump pressure 15 bar

Feature Description:

My De’Longhi EC860 arrived last year. The goods box was put inside a shipment box that was tightly taped and taped evenly. When the outside box was opened and the packed box from either the De’Longhi was removed, it still appeared beautiful. It is a high-quality coffee maker that makes sparkling espressos with incredibly resilient froth.

Double shot

Firstly, this machine offers a double shot feature that saves me the time and effort used every morning to make breakfast for me and my husband. I also loved that I could program the machine according to my liking, so I didn’t have to repeat my steps.  I like my coffee hot in the morning. The steaming feature is great for heating my cup with my delicious hot coffee.

Form factor & dimensions

The DeLonghi EC860 espresso maker’s small size is the first thing you’ll notice. It weighs only 15.4 pounds and has tiny dimensions of 10.6″ x 12.2″ x 12″. Although if you live in a kitchenette & a limited counter space, it will not be difficult for you to locate a permanent home for this machine at that weight and dimensions.

Automatic cappuccino

This espresso machine enables me to prepare fantastic espresso or perhaps a creamy cappuccino by employing the same motions that a “Barista” would do. It is made to be utilized with mixed ground coffee and pods. Due to its “automatic cappuccino feature” and excellent stainless steel filtration holder, it is my favorite machine.

Comfortable Water Tank

The storage tank is easy to remove, fill, & reattach, as well as the water level, can be seen clearly to remove any uncertainty. With the help of the Rapid Cappuccino System, users can quickly brew cup following cup by maintaining the ideal temperature. You can use a user manual Delonghi for easy water tank usage.

Produce foamy coffee

The milk, froth, and coffee all have excellent consistency. The pressured dual pouring on the portafilter, which produces a foaming froth and is rapid, is ideal for expressos (coffee froth). It is simple and quick. I must consume too much coffee since I frequently fill up my internal jug. I drank the refrigerator’s filtered water.

Simple to Clean

The components are dishwasher safe and include a detachable water tank & drip tray for simple cleanup. Coffee, hot chocolate, and even Americanos can all be made with hot water through the incorporated hot water spout.

Cost efficient

All things considered, especially considering the price, this is a fantastic household appliance that gives you a tonne of bells & conveniences without requiring you to purchase a costly, fully automatic coffee machine. Furthermore, I don’t need to spend the additional funds on a completely automatic because I already possess an excellent grinder. Thus, this Delonghi ec860 espresso maker price is cost-efficient for me.

Recommended For

This machine is fantastic and extremely intriguing. Although it is semi-automatic, it has many features often seen in a super-automatic. There is a lot to admire when those two factors are added together.

In addition, it is suitable for individuals, Small families with just one or two coffee drinker. It may be too minimalist for purists, whereas power consumers will find it too tiny.

These are all positive traits. I adore this device so much. Also, many claim that there is not a puck but rather simply watery used espresso whenever you remove the portafilter to clean. This is definitely not the case in my experience. Maybe folks aren’t tamping down or adding sufficient espresso, or both.

  • Offers an automatic choice to make automatic cappuccinos.
  • The water tank provides you with a large amount of Espressos.
  • The machine needs not much time to get ready before it can be turned on.

  • The hot water dispenser is really slow

Why do I recommend it to you?

This gadget is something I really like. This is my very first home espresso machine, and then after switching from the Bosch Tassimo equipment, it required me fairly a few cappuccinos & lattes to dial it to match my flavor preference. Nevertheless, I’m learning a great deal.

 It’s great that the milk frother is automatic. When I keep it on the biggest foam setting, it generates wonderful, fluffy foam. Being the sole coffee addict in the house is fortunate for me. I have adjusted the cappuccino & espresso settings to my preferred level of milk & coffee. I love this cappuccino maker ec860.

Frequently Asked Questions

a.How can my DeLonghi EC860 be reset?

  • To begin programming, press the relevant button & hold it.
  • Start releasing the button to halt the milk flow & set the desired amount.
  • Hold down the same button to halt the coffee flow and set the amount and release it afterward.

b. The Delonghi coffee machine is blinking; why?

When the device is switched on, Flashing lights indicate that the coffee maker is heating up. Consistent lighting indicates that the machine is ready to manufacture coffee. The reservoir is empty, or the device won’t produce coffee, according to the quick flashing of the lights.

c. Is Delonghi, a reliable name for espresso makers?

Delonghi ec860 is an outstanding brand for just an espresso machine, as seen by its history and affiliation with Nespresso. The Delonghi brand has been around existence for more than thirty years and continues to be going strong.

d. Why my coffee makers are lights flashing?

Your coffee maker needs a good cleaning if the brew light flashes. Run the entire cycle using water rather than just vinegar and also no coffee. Run a clean water cycle to thoroughly cleanse the lines after the vinegar brew has been done.

What to consider while buying the best espresso machine

Check Multiple Coffee Options in the machine

Do you ever have adventurous dreams? The DeLonghi allows you to brew whatever type of beverage you could want to try for breakfast. You may create a variety of coffees using this coffee maker. You can select a latte, lungo, espresso, or cappuccino with just one push button. You can make the ideal cup of coffee to suit your preferences and tastes.

The efficiency of machines matters a lot

The DeLonghi EC860 is a very potent coffee maker, as is evident at first glance. This device can make coffee in only a few minutes and even includes a standby option. Therefore if you know you’ll need coffee in five, you can set it to standby so it will be ready when you arrive.

A convenient machine is highly recommended

This coffee maker looks fantastic as well. This coffee maker meets the need of everyone who wants a coffee maker that would look excellent in their kitchen. It has a contemporary appearance and will stick out in your kitchen thanks to the black & silver colour scheme.

Simple to Use is easy for all

Nobody wants a coffee maker that is difficult to use. Everyone wants a coffee maker that is simple to operate and won’t require months of training. The DeLonghi EC860’s control panel is compact and only has a few buttons that need to be learned. You may even select the coffee’s heat using a programmable menu. We adore how simple this coffee maker is to operate as well as how quickly & effortlessly you can create a cup of coffee.

Final words – Last but not least

Let’s end our evaluation of the DeLonghi EC860. As you’ll see, despite its flaws, the device has a lot to admire. The DeLonghi coffee maker EC860 has a lot of positive aspects. You get to have a surprisingly large amount of capability for the price. According to us, the model’s greatest advantages are:

  • The availability of pods for use if desired

  • Double milk frothing apparatus

  • The portafilter baskets under pressure

  • The availability of pods, should you choose to use them –

  • The system for dual milk frothing

  • The portafilter baskets under pressure

If you’re on a limited budget, the De’Longhi EC860 Espresso Maker can be a decent sufficient espresso maker. In actuality, it provides a decent value for the money, but don’t anticipate a barista to be pleased. We hope that our detailed review regarding the Delonghi ec860 will definitely help you a lot when choosing.

Happy shopping!

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