Coffee Tech DF64 Single Dosing Coffee Grinder Review

This single-dose, flat burr grinder from Coffee Tech lets you get more from your coffee beans by producing an even grind and eliminating micro fines, even at its finest setting.

0:53 Hopper
1:24 Burrs
1:42 Grind Dial
2:41 Grinds
2:56 Catch Cup
3:45 Grind Chute
4:35 Workflow
5:24 Maintenance

Compact yet robust, the Coffee Tech DF64 is built to last with its 64mm Italmill burrs which are titanium coated to ensure durability. Unlike other flat burr grinders that tend to be noisy, this Coffee Tech grinder is low-noise and works fast, thanks to its powerful 1400rpm motor.

Compared with conical burr grinders that inevitably produce micro fines when used at espresso settings, a flat burr grinder like the Coffee Tech DF64 produces an even, uniform grind that lets you explore your favourite coffee beans better.

This single-dose grinder’s design also keeps retention at a minimum with its silicone pump system that blows all coffee grounds out. Stepless adjustment Whether you’re grinding for espresso or for cold brew, this Coffee Tech grinder is capable of doing the job right. Its stepless adjustment system lets you customise your grind to match the type of coffee beans and brewing method you’re going to use.

Coffee Tech DF64 Single Dose Grinder Features
Flat burrs – Flat burr grinders produce a uniform grind that is especially helpful when exploring new ways to make espresso.

Low-noise – Most flat burr grinders are noisy but the DF64 is designed with a powerful motor that works fast and with less noise.

Minimal retention – The grinder is designed with a silicone pump that minimises retention and improves the accuracy of your coffee recipes.

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