Coffee Stain Removal From Sinks

Sinks in general do take a great deal of work to keep clean, and porcelain sinks are no exception. Stains and dirt show up easily on porcelain sinks but there are various steps that can be taken to help with the cleaning process.

Cleaning a Porcelain Sink

There are many purpose designed cleaners available, but bleach is still one of the favourite cleaning products in many homes. Bleach will clean many of the stubborn stains that can accumulate on porcelain sinks, include the likes of coffee.

In most cases it is best not to use neat bleach, but rather a watered down version. Fill the porcelain sink with water and bleach and leave it to soak on the stains. The sink should then be rinsed clean. The caution of using watered down bleach though is necessary as full strength bleach is likely to eat into the protective layer of the porcelain as well as the stubborn stain.

If store brought cleaners are to be used, it is essential that they are non-abrasive in their make up, and are not used in conjunction with scratching pads. Anything abrasive will make inroads into the surface of the porcelain sink, which will only make it more susceptible to staining.

An Alternative Way to Clean a Porcelain Sink –

Many homeowners do shy away from bleach and instead make use of the natural and safer oxygen bleach, and although more expensive is kinder to the environment. Oxygen bleach will obtain the same kind of results as normal bleach although it may take slightly longer to get to those results.

There are though other products that can be used to get a porcelain sink clean, and one of the favoured items are fresh lemons. The citrus fruit is a natural alternative to bleach, and will remove coffee stains. The best method of using a lemon is to cut the fruit into two and then rub the open half directly onto the stains before washing away. This process may take several applications.

Another favoured cleaning agent is white vinegar, and if used as a bath will help remove stubborn coffee stains, although may also require some scrubbing. Again care is needed with the scrubbing, but white wine vinegar can result in a sparkling porcelain sink.

The best tip to help with cleaning porcelain sinks though is to ensure that the sink is part of a regular cleaning regime. Regular cleaning is certainly easier than having to give the porcelain sink a thorough clean.

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