Coffee Maker Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know

As time is passing, and technology is evolving, more and more modern coffee makers are being created. And without a decent coffee maker buying guide, it becomes hard for someone to pick and choose from all the different varieties.

We are, therefore, here to help you in this regard by providing useful information that is sure to help in buying a suitable coffee machine.

Coffee Maker Buying Guide

Coffee Maker Buying Guide: Everything you need to know

First Things First

Before buying a coffee maker, the first thing you need to know is that there are different types of coffee machines in the market and you need to choose from them based on the type of coffee you like.

So, first, let’s talk about all the major types of coffee machines. This will help you decide what you want for your home.

Types of coffee machines

Here are the most popular types of coffee machines: No particular order has been followed. The list includes only those kinds that people around the globe are familiar with and love to make coffee with.

Non-Electric Coffee Brewers

While an electric coffee maker occupies a permanent space in your kitchen, a non-electric brewer can fit in a small space and you can put it in the cabinet when not needed. French press, pour-over, and stovetop espresso pot are the most popular, non-electric brewers.

A stovetop espresso pot does the entire process in the pot, you need a separate pot or kettle to boil water when relying on a French press or pour-over. Moreover, you have to pay more attention to brew a perfect cup of coffee with a non-electric brewer.

Drip Coffee Makers

Drips coffee makers come with a filter and carafe. The machine heats the water, then makes way for the hot water to reach the coffee grinds. Then the brewed coffee drips down to the carafe through the filter. You can choose the coffee beans; be it pre-ground or you grind at home.

Plus, you can control the strength of the brew by adding more grounds, or water. No worries about the price tags; there are simple, easy-to-use, and inexpensive drip coffee makers on the market. However, you can also buy one with more features, spending a bit more money.

Espresso Machines

Whether you buy an inexpensive model or one that comes with many features, a dedicated espresso machine offers you the real taste of espresso. However, you can also buy a hybrid espresso machine to make regular coffee as well.

Although the hybrid ones may not serve the best cup of espresso, they do not compromise the identity of real espresso, while also serving regular coffee for you.

Single-Serve Machines

Single-serve machines are among the most convenient coffee makers. Whether you use a cup or capsule, you can be assured that the machine does most of the works.

No confusion about the amount of water and coffee grinds; you just put the cup or capsule in the right position, set the right temperature, and the machine will do the rest.

Some machines can read the printed information on the cup or capsule, hence set a custom temperature for every cup or capsule. However, the most simple machines let you adjust the cup size and temperature manually.

Cold-Brew Coffee Makers

Cold-brew is an unconventional coffee-making process as it uses cold water to make the coffee less acidic, and less bitter. The issue is it takes as much time as up to 24 hours to extract flavor from the ground coffee.

Hence, you need to think ahead of time about making the coffee since it does not offer an instant serve. However, you can prepare a large quantity of coffee for several days and store it in the refrigerator.

Things to ConsiderCoffee Maker Buying Guide

With so many types of coffee machines, you may wonder which one is the right coffee maker for you. Well, there are some key considerations you should never forget when buying a coffee machine. Thus you can make the best choice.

The Type of Coffee You Want

People around the globe have different coffee traditions. Despite the differences, most people differentiate them into two types: regular coffee vs espresso. If want to make both types of coffee with a single machine, you should opt for a hybrid coffee maker.

While two machines mean doubled cost and larger footprints in the kitchen, a hybrid coffee maker offers you both types of coffee with a smaller footprint and cheaper rate.

If you are looking for authentic espresso, however, you have to buy a dedicated espresso machine. Remember, this coffee maker buying guide only tells you which is what. But, the ultimate choice is yours.

Brew Size

The amount of coffee you need at once is a key feature to consider. Single-serve coffee makers are great for the person who lives alone, or for a household where everyone has a separate time of having coffee.

On the other hand, a coffee maker with a large carafe is good for a family or office where many people drink coffee together. The bottom line is you have to choose a brew size that fits your household’s requirements.


You do not have all day to make coffee. Hence, you want something that keeps your coffee hot for a long time. A coffee machine with a thermal carafe can help you in this regard. A glass carafe with a warming plate is also useful.

However, you may not like the burnt taste of coffee sometimes. So, a pod machine is a great alternative for coffee lovers. It offers you a quick cup of coffee without compromising on the taste and flavor.


If you have a small kitchen, you will probably want a small coffee maker. Whether you buy it for your household, office, or shop, make sure it fits the space where you want it to settle.

Additional Features 

Some coffee makers offer you extra features to make your life easier as a coffee lover. A thermal carafe, for example, keeps the coffee warm for a long time. Many coffee makers have a light to signal you about whether or not the coffee is ready. So go even beyond that, letting you choose a specific time of brewing coffee, and offering many more features.

Last Words 

Three things are key to choosing any electronic product: preference, convenience, and cost. The same things apply to coffee makers as well. The more features you want, the more money you have to spend.

Famous coffee maker brands such as Bunn, Mr. Coffee,krup, Cuisinart, Ninja, Keurig, etcetera make coffee makers with different designs and appearances. However, you have to choose one that brews the type of coffee you like, and the amount you want at once. Make sure you get a long-term warranty as well.

Hopefully, this coffee maker buying guide is helpful for you. Have a good day!

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