The Blue Bottle Dripper is a unique dripper developed by Blue Bottle Coffee to produce the ideal pour-over for their coffee shops. Your electric coffee maker’s convenience & performance are simply unmatched. After reading about it recently on spurge, we took advantage of the chance to try the Blue Bottle coffee dripper.

James Howdy – the French café owner, says a lovely and useful piece of equipment, the blue bottle dripper is a great addition to our collection. We’ve discovered that this dripper outperforms conventional flat-bottom drippers in regards to both taste & uniformity of brews outside of Blue Bottle’s functionality.

Blue Bottle Dripper Review

Blue Bottle Dripper Review


  • Brand Blue Bottle Coffee
  • Material Porcelain
  • 1 Number of Pieces   
  • 5.16 x 4.96 x 3.78 inches Dimensions
  •  Weight 14 ounces      

Feature Description of Dripper:

Elegant engineering

The coffee industry’s attractive pour-over coffee machine is a masterpiece of straightforward engineering. Due to a handful of design features that took years to develop, it claims to provide a cup of coffee with a greater fragrant and aromatic.

The finish appears rich and savory, from large to little cups, versatile Due to the coffee’s single-dropping mouth. In any case, I adore the dripper since it makes brewing coffee a pleasant and enjoyable experience.


According to my testing, the Blue Bottle dripper often produces a cup profile with a substantial body and a powerful mouthfeel. I’m delighted to say that it’s remarkably reliable. It has a rather quick flow rate, and I haven’t noticed much stalling or clogging.

The Blue Bottle dripper, in my opinion, is a cool product. It has been in my repository of drippers for a while, and I have to say that I’m delighted to have it.


Even though the Blue Bottle Dripper can handle larger brews, we favor smaller brews because they are simpler to handle. However, this technique can be changed to make more servings.

Simply increase the dosage and the rate of each pour. Use a medium-coarse grind, the 185-sized wave blue bottle dripper with blue bottle coffee filters, & aim for a 2:45–3:00 total brew time.


To account for the Blue Bottle Dripper’s strong ceramic construction, the water temperature in this location is 95°C/203°F.

To maintain a temperature as evenly distributed as possible throughout the brew, more pre-heating or hotter water is required. This aids in giving the finished cup a richer flavour.

Pouring Style

Pour 50ml of coffee after heating this and cleaning the paper filter, then wait thirty seconds for it to bloom. It’s not required to spin or stir the brewing bed.

With a flat-bottom dripper, hitting all the coffee is considerably simpler than with a cone dripper. Pour the following 100 ml after thirty seconds, then halt after 50 seconds. Four more circles should be added, and you should aim to complete them at the center.

  • Interior ridges guarantee complete brewing
  • No assembly is required, and 100% dishwasher safe
  • To optimize flavour, coffee flow rates are controlled
  • Wider water contact with beans due to flat bottom

  • Ceramic may crack.
  • Water swiftly drains for tasteless.

Finding the blue bottle dripper – buying guide

Before delving too deeply into one of our preferred coffee drippers, the following are a few things to consider.

  • Indispensable

    • A dripper is a terrific tool if you are an experienced multitasker or if you desire your fresh brewed coffee to just be your initial act of wellness in the day. Drippers, in our opinion, are essential if you want to get the maximum flavor out of each cup of coffee.
  • Saves time

  • Time is the most crucial component of making your regular drip coffee. It takes effort to make a complete pot of excellent drip coffee. Making it perfect takes and several more minutes. But in exchange, you get a flavorful brew that gives you more control over the procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1.   Is pouring better than drizzling?

Pour-over can produce coffee of a higher caliber, but it is up to the customer to prepare it properly. You should use an electric drip coffee maker if you lack the patience or time to understand how to brew pour-over coffee.

  1.  Is the Kalita Wave Better than the Blue Bottle Dripper?

As previously indicated, we discovered that the Blue Bottle Dripper performed better than conventional flat-bottom drippers. My brews at the Blue Bottle have proven more reliable than the Origami. Similar in both mouthfeel & strength are the drippers.

The blue bottle dripper vs kalita wave has a lower risk of over-extracting as a result of choking. Greater complexity has been observed when compared to the Kalita Wave. The Kalita Wave’s modest flow velocity results in occasionally heavier and less complicated brews.

  1. Do they serve drip coffee at Blue Bottle?

Pour-over coffee is comparable to drip coffee, yet it is notably more refined and sophisticated. Pour-over preparation gives you more control over the coffee, just like a stick shift, and you’ll improve with practice. Your inaugural cup will be great, thanks to the innovative design of our Dripper.

Final words – Last but not least

We enjoy the Blue Bottle due to its well-crafted item meant to provide you with what you require most early in the morning: a fantastic cup of coffee. But the options are plentiful. Spend some time exploring the area.

Although we haven’t collected any extraction information on this dripper, we have found that it is incredibly tolerant to many brewing methods and brewers during a small number of brews.

Coffee aficionados have many options, but the Blue Bottle dripper and our other suggestions are safe bets. If you enjoy coffee, purchasing one of these little drippers will ensure you always have the ideal cup.

Given that I like the flavor of your coffee dripper and other items, I would suggest them. We hope our detailed review regarding the blue bottle dripper will help you a lot when choosing.

Happy dripper shopping!

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