Best Vanilla Starbucks Drinks to Try in 2022

Vanilla is one of the standard flavors for both the drinks and other ice-product options. However, vanilla at Starbucks provides a delicious combo with coffee. At Starbucks, the combination of vanilla and coffee can never go wrong.
Vanilla drinks at Starbucks always offer great attention to customers. Those who visit Starbucks for the first time are confused by the vanilla drink menu. We will provide a list of vanilla Starbucks drinks to resolve the confusion.
Thus, we will try to cover the top selected vanilla drink options at Starbucks for you along with all its ingredients and detail. All of the versatility in the vanilla drink range at Starbucks offers a smooth, delicious, and highly classic taste.
So let’s dig into the detail in the section provided below;

Best Vanilla Drinks at Starbucks

Starbucks has a broad menu option in terms of satisfying your coffee cravings. While exploring the menu, you will come up with the choice of vanilla. All of the vanilla drink ranges are very popular and tempting.
The creators perform various experiments with the vanilla flavor and develop several remarkable drink options. These drinks are perfect for all those who do not like too much sweetness in coffee.
Moreover, in terms of the overall choice, vanilla, sweet cream cold brew is the most chosen option at Starbucks. On the other hand, blonde vanilla latte, vanilla sweet cream nitro brew, and many other options are available. However, some of the most popular Starbucks vanilla drinks options are given below;

Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew

As the name depicts, this drink has a cold serving. It is one of the smoothest coffee options available at Starbucks with the original vanilla flavor.
The smooth texture of this cold brew is due to the slow-steeping activity. Furthermore, it has the topping of sweet vanilla cream, making its flavor denser. It does not contain too many ingredients and has a simple formation.
It gets its final form with the help of brewed coffee along with ice and vanilla syrup. Moreover, on average, it contains around 185 mg of caffeine.

Vanilla Blonde Latte (Iced)

This is the signature boss drink at Starbucks; if you are searching for a black coffee along with a specific vanilla flavor, it is available to you at the beginning of your day.
It majorly includes brewed espresso along with milk and vanilla syrup for flavoring.
It has a black color, sweet taste, and smooth and flowy texture. In terms of caffeine content, it contains around 170 mg of it. This caffeine amount is per serving of the grande cup.
This cold vanilla drink at Starbucks is the perfect option for pleasing your mood and starting your summer mornings.

Vanilla Blonde Latte (Hot)

Here is the vanilla base option if you are stuck off taking the standard coffee cup in the morning. You can enjoy its espresso shot with your favorite vanilla taste. You will love this combination.
Unlike the iced blonde latte, it has a hot serving. It has the basic formation in the same way as above without ice.
Like the iced option, it contains the same 170 mg of caffeine. It is sweet and has a strong coffee flavor that contains milk. In terms of calories, it has around 250 calories.
It contains a more strong taste of vanilla syrup and is perfect to have.

Vanilla Crème

As per its name, vanilla crème is an ideal combination drink of cream and vanilla. These two ingredients make the drink smoother and frothy as per the customer’s needs. When it comes to the process of preparation, it contains whole milk.
This shows that it is highly dense in its flavor and contains a highly smooth texture. It is one of the best sweet-to-pick options that will refresh your mind.
The cream options make it a reliable cold drink option. As it does not contain espresso shots and brewed coffee, the amount of caffeine is zero. However, in terms of calories, it has around 350 sugar capacity per serving of the grande cup.

Caramel Macchiato

Out of all the vanilla iced drinks at Starbucks, caramel macchiato is another amicable option as it has the most refined taste and extra sweetness in flavor, so the children equally like it. The biggest attraction of the macchiato is the vanilla syrup. It gets drizzled over it.
It has a simple formation, and you can add or remove the additional ingredients as per your taste.
Moreover, it contains espresso shots, vanilla syrup, and, most of all, steamed milk. You can remove the espresso if you do not want the coffee flavor in your macchiato.
Espresso contains around 150 mg of caffeine in it.
You can have the hot serving as well as the cold one. The serving depends upon your preference.

Caffe Vanilla Frappuccino

This vanilla frappuccino is the happy place for most of the customers at Starbucks. It contains a particular vanilla bean powder and has a rich flavor of the coffee.
The coffee roast and vanilla powder will be finely blended to get a smooth texture. A grande cup of the caffe vanilla Frappuccino contains around 95 mg of caffeine. The significant flavors fall for vanilla bean powder.
Nothing can beat its creamy and rich flavor. It has a cold serving, and in terms of ingredients it includes; ice cubes, milk, coffee, vanilla bean powder, cream, and most of all, frappuccino syrup for taste enhancement.  

Pink Drink

A pink drink at Starbucks is the best pick-me-up option for summer. It has a cold serving and contains strawberries as the primary ingredient.
In terms of formation, the pink drink contains coconut milk, vanilla syrup, and strawberry acai juice.
After blending everything, the drink will manage with whipped cream, making it denser and more enriched in flavor. If you want, you can also ask them to add frozen strawberries as an extra topping.
It is a very refreshing drink option with a very pleasing taste. In summer weather, it is the perfect option to pick.

Iced Coffee

It is one of the most traditional and popular options available to you. The basic iced coffee drink has a precise combination of vanilla syrup and various other flavoring options.
Various methods prepare it. You can brew the coffee as usual; if not, you can use the cold coffee for brewing, providing a similar result.
After which, you combine it with milk, ice and vanilla flavor. In addition, you can use the toppings of your choice for the final serving.

Vanilla Chai latte

Many consumers get confused about the serving of this drink. As it is called a chai latte, the word chai falls for the hot serving. However, here is a twist, this vanilla chai latte is served as an iced drink at Starbucks.
For its preparation, a particular type of chai latte concentrate is used. It is added to the milk along with the addition of vanilla syrup to enhance its aroma and taste. In addition, you can finish it in a very creamy way by adding cream toppings to it.
It contains ice and is one of the most refreshing options for summer. It boosts your mood and mind.
To make it a latte, it further contains the espresso shots. It has a sweet taste and a very smooth texture. You might like it on every sip.

French Vanilla Latte

The French coffee options always gave a very dense and creamy texture. In the same way, the French vanilla latte also contains a very enriched flavor of vanilla and cream.
The coffee addition is customized. You can choose as per your need and choice.
The primary ingredients for its preparation are ice, espresso, vanilla syrup, and frother milk. All the things are blended finely with the ice cubes to serve as a cold coffee drink.
It is one of the very reliable and indulgent drink options that you can choose for a refreshing change in coffee taste.

Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk latte

This cold drink beverage is available at Starbucks and prepared from specially made vanilla powder.
It mainly contains ice, coconut milk, and vanilla bean powder. This powder adds an enhancing texture to it. In another term, this powder holds the prominent flavor of the drink.
A very concise and mild taste appears in the coconut milk. It is so mild that even sometimes, it is not noticeable. Overall, it provides nutritional significance along with a refreshing and pleasing taste. You will surely love its flavor and texture.

Vanilla Matcha Latte

In terms of vanilla bean Starbucks drink, it is one of the innovative options that is different from the other classic options. It is sweeter and is prepared with the help of matcha powder.
Furthermore, it contains vanilla syrup and steamed milk. Most people do not like it due to the extra sweetness. However, you can ask to reduce the sugar content and add syrup to it.
Otherwise, it’s the perfect drink for all matcha lovers.

Fog Tea Latte

This fog tea latte option is a precise combination of tea bags, vanilla syrups, steamed milk, and milk foam. All of them are brewed together and are served as hot beverages. The milk foam makes it a creamy intake.
Moreover, people love to take it over every option as it is a highly balanced combination of all the ingredients.
Moreover, if you don’t want the topping over it, you can easily remove it from the recipe. On the other hand, milk can be replaced with oat milk, almond milk, and other flavored milk options to enhance its flavor.
You will love its intake. Also, it is a different and worth-trying option at Starbucks.

Salted Cold Cream Brew

This is quite a similar option to that of the vanilla sweet cold cream brew. However, the significant difference falls in the addition of salted caramel cream topping over it.
It is prepared with the help of a cold coffee brew along with the 2-pumps of vanilla syrup. This adds more aroma and flavor to the drink.
It has an iced serving, along with the extra topping of the whipped cream. If you are diet conscious, you can remove or lessen the whipped cream option as per your choice.

Vanilla Latte

If you are visiting Starbucks for the first time, this is the most basic and classic drink you will order. As the name depicts, it is an elementary, ordinary, and traditional drink option with a vanilla flavor, but it will shock your mind with its taste.
You will love it on every sip. It has a very smooth texture, and if you like strong coffee flavor, you can ask to add more espresso shots to it.
It is an ideal choice for those who are new to the coffee world and want to taste and try something iconic in coffee beverages.
This has a cold as well as hot serving. Both the preparation methods are samel. It contains milk along with the solid flavor of vanilla syrup. After which, two shots of the espresso become part of it.
You can also ask to add the signature blonde roast to it instead of the espresso shots. It will develop a more pungent coffee taste to it.

The Final Statement

Starbucks contains various creative menus in terms of coffee and other flavors. The creators tend to present something unique, tasteful, and healthy.
Starbucks drinks with vanilla bean powder show a massive range of different drinks; every drink under the vanilla flavor category has its unique flavor and variety.
Thus, we present some of the most popular Starbucks vanilla drinks in the section above. We hope that these options might help you to find your regular pick option.!

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