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best sumatra coffee

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. It can be enjoyed all year round and there are so many different types to choose from that it’s hard not to find something you like! Sumatra coffee beans are a great choice for any coffee lover because they have a deep, rich flavor that will keep you coming back for more.  What makes them even better is that this type of coffee has less acidity than other coffees which means it won’t make your stomach hurt or give you heartburn after drinking it.

Different coffee growing regions produce different tasting coffee that varies from light to dark roasts and even blends with other beans like Arabica or Robusta. One of the best types of coffee, Sumatra Coffee, has a rich flavor profile that ranges from earthy to fruity.  Sumatra coffees are grown at an altitude between 1,000-1,500 meters (3200-4200 feet) above sea level where it’s cooler and wetter than lower altitudes which produces better quality beans for brewing.

What makes this coffee the best, and what is the best Sumatra coffee? Follow me here as I review some of the best Sumatran coffee.


10 Best Sumatra Coffee Review




Peet’s Coffee Sumatra K-Cup Coffee Pods for Keurig Brewers

Peet’s Coffee Sumatra K-Cup Coffee Pods 

Starbucks Dark Roast Ground Coffee

Starbucks Dark Roast Ground Coffee

Starbucks Dark Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods

Starbucks Dark Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods

Caza Trail Coffee Organic Sumatra Gayo Mountain

Caza Trail Coffee Organic Sumatra Gayo Mountain

Amazon Fresh Organic Ground Sumatra Coffee

amazon Fresh Organic Ground Sumatra Coffee

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Sumatra Reserve

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Sumatra Reserve

Sumatra Mandheling Coffee Beans

Sumatra Mandheling Coffee Beans

Copper Moon Sumatra Blend, Dark Roast

Copper Moon Sumatra Blend, Dark Roast

Maud's Organic Sumatra Coffee

Maud's Organic Sumatra Coffee

Copper Moon Single Serve Coffee Pods Compatible

Copper Moon Single Serve Coffee Pods 

01. Peet’s Coffee Sumatra K-Cup Coffee Pods 

Best Sumatra Coffee

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This coffee has a simple origin in Sumatra. The coffee plants are grown in small gardens on the island through rustical processing by hand. Its rich earthy flavors make it a favorite of many coffee drinkers.

It owes much of its flavor to dark roasting that adds on herbal freshness to the drink – a caramel and earthy flavor that’s hard to replicate coffee from other places in the world.

It comes with recyclable pods that are compatible with Keurig cup brewers. This coffee has a high standard of freshness to give you only the best servings of coffee from the coffee world.

It is Kosher certified and obtained from only one place. The 100% Arabica makes it of high-quality taste, and you get 32 pods of dark roasted coffee in a single box.

The hand roasting ensures the best craftsmen can get the best out of the coffee’s potential. That is what makes this coffee so impressive since the processing isn’t automated.

You will sip satisfaction with every sip.


  • Comes with recyclable K-cup pods
  • Rich bodied flavor
  • It is available in bags
  • It depends on hand roasting for sweet-tasting coffee
  • Although the pods are recyclable, sometimes they become defective

02. Starbucks Dark Roast Ground Coffee

Best Sumatra Coffee

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Starbucks is one of the most famous coffee vendors in the US today. That is alongside Java. Because of the coffee, they serve up, it is only fair to give credit where it is due.

This Starbucks coffee is a dark roast full body coffee with spicy and herbal undertones that give it a deep, hearty aroma. The flavor of this preground coffee is sure to get you hooked to this brand of Sumatran coffee.

Some people tend to think that dark roasts usually have a bitter taste. That isn’t the case, as all they have is a bold and robust taste they owe to their full bodies.

With this Starbucks coffee package, you won’t have to leave your house to grab a cup of your favorite drink. You will get a 20-ounce bag of the best ground Starbucks coffee in each pack.


  • It has a spicy dark roast that makes have a wonderful flavor
  • It is available in any flavor
  • You can brew it in different styles
  • If you store it for too long, it might start testing old and bitter

03. Starbucks Dark Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods

Best Sumatra Coffee

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This is yet another stay at hoe coffee variant from Starbucks. You won’t have to leave your house to enjoy your favorite brand of Sumatran coffee as this package brings it closer to you in your home.

It has the distinctive flavor of premium Starbucks coffee with a dark roasted full-bodied allure giving it an earthy aroma. That’s because they roast the best quality Arabica coffee beans from tropical climate regions.

You can use the Starbucks K-cup pods with all Keurig brewing systems. That means you can have your coffee wherever you are, whether in the office or at home.

On purchasing this coffee, you will get 32 pods of Sumatra Starbucks coffee in one box. They source the coffee sustainably to ensure it directly benefits everyone down the chain.

Add a personal touch with milk to every cup and get to enjoy sweet flavored coffee right in the comfort of your home.


  • Convenient and time-saving
  • The dark roast gives it a rich earthy flavor
  • The coffee is from the best Sumatran farms
  • It has a fuller body, which gives it strong and bold flavors
  • None

04. Caza Trail Coffee Organic Sumatra Gayo Mountain

Best Sumatra Coffee

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Do you love that quick on-the-go cup of coffee every morning? If you are, you should try the Caza trail organic Sumatra coffee.

This gayo coffee comes with single-cup serve cups that you can use with Keurig brewers. You will appreciate the rich taste this coffee has. It gets the rich flavor from the rich growing conditions it gets in the Indonesia Island of northern Sumatra.

The robust and bold flavors of this decaf coffee will invigorate your senses. It could even have you rekindle your relationship with coffee.

The quality of this coffee is also a guarantee because Kosher certified it. Kosher ensures the coffee beans used to process this coffee meet the required standards and are nothing but 100% arabica and specialty grade coffee beans.

You can choose various roasts ranging from light, medium, and dark roast you can select. You have many options to choose from and can even decide to add some milk for a more personal touch.


  • Compatible with Keurig brew
  • Available in different roasts
  • Bold and rich flavor characteristic of Sumatra coffee
  • The dark roast is overwhelmed with even a little milk.

05. amazon Fresh Organic Ground Sumatra Coffee

Best Sumatra Coffee

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This is a dark roast coffee with a bold flavor that will excite you and tingle your tastebuds. The deep intense flavor lends credence to the notion that Sumatran coffee is one of the most preferred by coffee drinkers.

It comes in three bags, each weighing 12 ounces. On the inside is 100% ground Arabica coffee, which is Fair Trade certified, offering the highest quality.

amazon Fresh coffee is roasted to unlock the potential of the coffee. This gives the coffee an aroma and flavor that will please any coffee lover.

To ensure the coffee is of the finest quality, the beans are packed immediately after roasting. In that way, they can keep their freshness and keep their flavor for longer.

Coffee experts have curated and sourced this organic fair trade Sumatra coffee from the best growing fields in Sumatra. That ensures that coffee aficionados like you sip only the best coffee from Sumatra without having to miss the flavor.


  • Pure, organic, high-quality coffee
  • Dark roast with an intense flavor
  • Certified for quality by Fair Trade
  • The grind isn’t suitable enough for AeroPress coffee

06. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Sumatra Reserve

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Sumatra Reserve

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Green Mountain’s coffee has quite the following. That isn’t in the least surprising as their coffee is usually of the highest quality. This Sumatra reserve coffee has a sweet and bold complexity that you will love.

It also has a tinge of warm spices, brown sugar, and a fruity taste. Green Mountains Sumatra coffee is certified by Fair Trade and usually Union Kosher.

That makes it out as one of the best coffees in the market today. 100% arabica beans are used to make Green Mountain coffee. The Coffee beans are grown in the best lands of the Sumatra Islands.

It also has a heady and bold aroma that will attract any coffee lover. The dark roast has a flavor that will feel right at home in your mouth as you sip every cup.

You can have several roast profiles ranging from light to dark as you wish.


  • Made with the best quality arabica coffee
  • The delicious body gives it a sweet aroma
  • Sustainably sourced coffee
  • Some tend to arrive while close to the expiry date

07. Sumatra Mandheling Coffee Beans

Best Sumatra Coffee

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If you’ve been drinking Sumatran coffee for some time, you know that it is famous for its heavy body and the smooth dark chocolate flavor that has a tinge of an earthy flavor profile.

The Sumatra Mandheling Beans from Volcanica Coffee serves you precisely that. These are often grown in a place near Lake Toba.

It displays a full body and is vibrant with a mild acidity to it. The acidity shouldn’t worry you, though, since it doesn’t overpower the coffee’s sweetness. The acidity ensures you can brew the fresh roasted coffee beans with different brewing styles, including cold brew.

It is medium roasted beans that allow the beans’ authentic flavor to come to the fore, giving the coffee an incredible taste. The wet hulling process also boosts the taste of this medium roast coffee to ensure you have a more satisfying cup of coffee.

Green Mountain works directly with farmers to ensure they. That provides the profits trickle down to the farmer and that they aren’t enduring hard times growing the coffee.

Another thing that makes Volcanica Sumatra Mandheling so fresh is that it is only roasted on demand. That ensures there aren’t stores of roasted coffee, which ultimately have a reduced flavor due to the lack of freshness.


  • Coffee beans are roasted only on demand to maintain their freshness
  • Wet processing helps to unlock the full flavor potential of the coffee
  • Has mild acidity, which reduces bitterness in the flavor
  • It is quite pricy

08. Copper Moon Whole Bean Coffee Sumatra Dark

Best Sumatra Coffee

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Copper Moon produces evenly roasted Sumatran coffee with a uniquely smooth coffee that will give you a satisfying coffee cup each time.

They have a sustainable coffee sourcing system that selects only the best coffee for processing. That ensures that they only use 100% Arabica coffee, which is the best quality of coffee anywhere. Yearning for fresh roasted coffee? Look no further. This is one of best Sumatra coffee beans, for sure.

Their coffee is also handcrafted before taking it through a small batch roasting process that brings out the best flavor and aroma. Whether light, medium, or dark roast, this coffee retains the rich and sweet smell of real Sumatran coffee.

Also, this coffee is Kosher certified and contains no allergens. You can thus enjoy it without harboring any fears of allergic reactions to any of its ingredients.

The coffee is roasted to a dark, full-bodied flavor that will tingle your taste buds. What’s best, though, is that you can brew it with any style you want.


  • It retains an earthy aroma even after roasting
  • Uses only the best arabica coffee
  • It has a sweet smell and flavor
  • The dark roast is much too dark

09. Maud’s Organic Sumatra Coffee

Best Sumatra Coffee

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Maud’s organic, Sumatran, Arabica, and dark roast coffee, that’s a lot of adjectives for a fine cup of coffee.

You may have already got an idea of Maud’s Organic Sumatra coffee’s features from the aforementioned sentence; nevertheless, let me tell you further about what those adjectives mean.

Firstly, being organic coffee makes it safe to consume. Certainly, you wouldn’t want any chemically treated food to enter your healthy body. Organic coffee is grown without the help of chemical fertilizers or other such unhealthy chemicals.

Secondly, northern Sumatra is highly famous for its quality coffee production. Indonesia is on the list of top countries for producing the most coffee in the northern Sumatra region. That says a lot.

Sumatran coffee is known for its smooth body, earthly flavor, and low acidity. Arabica coffee and its other coffee blends are also renowned for less acidity and bitter tasting notes. The low acidity coffee is also easy on your stomach.

And lastly, dark roast coffee means that the coffee beans are more burnt and roasted. If you prefer less caffeine then Muad’s organic coffee is for you. Besides, dark roast coffee will taste bitterer, having less moisture and density. It is even considered healthier than light roast coffee.

More than seventy percent of the customers seem to have grown a liking towards Maud’s Organic Sumatra Coffee. Therefore, it is more likely that you will also love it, rather than hate it!


  • Sumatran dark roast
  • 100% organic Arabica coffee
  • Second roast in California
  • Can be used in K-Cup brewers and single-serve coffee makersProvides Sumatran coffee pods that are made from 100% recyclable plastic materials
  • Might taste mild for some
  • Likely to create a bit of a mess

10. Copper Moon Dark Roast K-Cup Coffee Pods

Best Sumatra Coffee

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Copper moon Sumatra dark roast coffee is rich & bold in quality. This is a dark roast coffee with an intense flavor that will be an exciting treat for your tastebuds.

It comes in single-serve coffee pods, 80 pods of dark roast coffee in a single box. overall weight of 1.6 pounds. This coffee has authentic Keurig K-cup pods that guarantee quality and compatibility with Keurig cup coffee manufacturers.

Their coffee is handcrafted before taking it through a small batch roasting process to unlock the potential of the coffee. This gives the coffee an aroma and flavor that will satisfy any coffee lover. The more you roast coffee beans, the more they will lose their original taste. It will increasingly develop a new taste from the burn.

This coffee is 100% arabica and doesn’t contain any Gluten or Allergen or any additives. Also, it’s grown in the northern tip of Sumatra. That is why you should consider it.

  • It has an herbal note and a pleasant earthy aroma
  • Posses uniquely smooth smoky character
  • Kosher certified quality product
  • Every now and then there may be coffee grounds in the finished result
  • Sometimes the boxes come with defective cups

Buying Guide

There are specific requirements everyone looks at before purchasing anything. It is the same for coffee, where you have to consider several factors to buy the best coffee. Since we are buying third wave coffee, we need to be extra careful about the origin and production practices. Coffee connoisseurs around the glove recommend focusing on these aspects.

So, what are these factors?

The Type of Roast

There are several types of roast that you can enjoy coffee in. The light roast reduces the bitterness and focuses more on the sweetness. The coffee isn’t roasted as much as with the medium or darker roast.

Some people prefer the light or medium roast because they deem the darker roasts too bitter. Before buying coffee, you have to consider what type of roast you are getting.

You don’t want to end up with coffee with a type of roast you can’t drink. The flavor ranges from dark chocolate flavors to banana, brown sugar, cedar, cardamom, dried fruit, etc. In terms of aroma, you can get brown spice, cocoa, rice bean, etc.


Most of the coffee on our list is single origin coffee, which means the coffee cherries are sourced from coffee trees that grow only in one area, typically from coffee farms of the Indonesian island. You have to consider the origin because the coffee cherries from different places give different-tasting coffee beans. 

You might be used to one type of coffee from a particular region, making you averse to trying out those from other areas.

For example, due to lack of rainfall, Indonesian coffees go through the process of wet hulling or giling basah method. This wet hulling process gives your Indonesian coffee bean the earthy flavors. Wet hulled coffees also retain a higher proportion of moisture than other Sumatran beans. On a side note, almost 90% of coffee beans grown in Indonesia are robusta beans.

For aged coffee, some Sumatran coffees are stored for months by the coffee growers. They offer a unique taste. Also, Lintong coffee will offer you the flavor of sweet tobacco and ripe tropical fruits. It’s a favorite among specialty coffee lovers.

Certification (Organic and Fair Trade)

Do you want to enjoy coffee from the coffee industry that benefits from illegal activities or child labor? I don’t think so.

For example, Kopi Luwak, popularly known as cat poop coffee, is often collected through unethical and cruel ways by coffee producers. This involves the caged production of civets. We don’t want that to happen, do we?

That’s why we, coffee lovers, have to check if they are certified by the Fairtrade Organization or not. If they are, they obtain their coffee through legal ways, and that the farmers earn from the proceeds. 

The organic certification ensures that the coffee wasn’t grown with pesticides or any other chemicals.

Pesticides will alter the test of the coffee in addition to being a health hazard for you. So, you should look for the Organic Fair Trade tag on your Sumatran coffee beans.

Coffee Bean Type and Quality

You’ll find that most of the coffee we have reviewed is 100% Arabica. Arabica is the best quality of coffee available, although there are other types as well. Sumatra is the perfect region for growing arabica beans.

If you want to enjoy your coffee with earthy flavors, you have to consider the types of coffee beans and their quality. Fortunately, most of the coffee that is processed is usually the best available.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Sumatra coffee have more caffeine?

Unfortunately not, Sumatra does not have more caffeine compared to other Arabicas out there, but it has a small percentage of caffeine. Moreover, Sumatra has less caffeine than Robusta coffee beans.

  • Is Sumatra Coffee arabica or robusta?

Most Sumatran coffee beans come from Arabica species. That implies the level of caffeine is very standard. Robusta coffee has more caffeine than Sumatra. Nevertheless, Sumatra beans win the heart of coffee enthusiasts all around the globe.

  • Why is Sumatra coffee so good?

There are some impressive facts about why Sumatra coffee is delicious and famous. Such as for this coffee offers smoother, earthy, creamy, and chocolaty with full body. Moreover, it has low acidity.

  • Is Sumatra coffee low acid?

Yes, absolutely. Sumatran coffee beans contain very few portions of acidity. In general, it’s earthy and mouthfeel with full-bodied rather than African or Central American coffees. Nevertheless, it has to be ensured that the roast is medium for having it non-acidic.

  • Is Sumatra coffee good for espresso?

Yea, definitely, For making a fantastic flavor with spice-based coffees and complex earthy feelings, it can be the right choice. There are very few options available as an alternative to Sumatra beans if you want a top-notch espresso from your espresso machine.

Final Thoughts

I hope it won’t be hard for you to choose the best Sumatra coffee for your enjoyment. Remember, the type of coffee you select should depend on your tastes and preferences.

All the best.

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