Top 15 Starbucks Drinks For Kids

Starbucks Drinks For Kids

Starbucks does not need any introduction. It put all its efforts and determination into making its name and recognition in the coffee industry. Everyone, including kids, loves to rely on Starbucks for its variety of drink options and originality of taste.

Also, the Starbucks chain is getting more international recognition due to innovation in its coffee drink range. They mainly focused on the kid ordering section to provide the best Starbucks drinks for kids.

In this term, what should a kid get at Starbucks? Depends on the needs of the kids themselves.  There are versatile drink options available according to the specialized kid’s standard guidelines. The drink size, coldness & temperature of beverages and flavor addition is all according to the digestion level of kids.

Thus, to provide you with more information about what are good Starbucks drinks for kids,  here we are presenting an overview of drinks at Starbucks for kids. Let’s get the detail about drinks below;

Does Starbucks Have Kid-Friendly Drinks?

Starbucks is unbeatable in providing the best coffee taste and drink options. As it fulfills the coffee taste requirements for adults and people of other ages, it has a special menu section for the kids.

Moreover, when ordering for your kids at Starbucks, the staff fulfills the order along with the guide chart guidelines. These guidelines are for the drink size, temperature ranges, sugar, and caffeine content.  

For the kid’s intake, these aspects must be conditional in quantity, and it is better to maintain neutrality so it does not affect them a lot. It is essential to follow up properly because of health concerns.

Furthermore, Rinks for kids at Starbucks have a more unique and temptatious taste which the kids love. The drink options for the kids include hot chocolate, regular milk, syrup steamers, pumpkin spice crème, and many more.

Best Starbucks Drinks for Kids Menu

Regarding the concern for the kids-friendly drink menu at Starbucks, it stands up with the most popular and highly temptatious drinks, which are equally reliable and tasteful for kids and other adults.

So what best options can parents order for their kids? It is explained next with a detailed justification of various drinks.

1: Regular Milk 

A regular milk drink is one of the kid’s menu’s most apparent and essential drink ranges. It is the best pick out of Starbucks iced drinks for kids because of its exceptional taste. It is very light in terms of its consistency and does not contain too much sugar content.

Moreover, you can even ask to order a long cup of almond or other optional flavored regular chilled milk. Moreover, Starbucks would love to serve you with its whole heart.

2: Oatmilk; Iced Brown Sugar

The iced brown oat milk can be a tasteful option, according to the flavor and desire of your kid. It is a very refreshing option available on the menu of Starbucks. It is ideal for kids looking for the oatmeal cookie taste in Starbucks drinks.

The ingredients do not take any additives. The ice cubes, oat milk, and brown sugar syrup combined all the flavors. The maker places all these ingredients in a blender and presents this milkshake blend to customers with whipped cream on top.

Furthermore, the whipped cream can be an optional element that is available as per your taste.

3. Hot chocolates

Hot chocolate is the best Starbucks hot drink for kids. It is a fusion recipe in which mocha sauce forms a mixture with vanilla syrup. This mixture, then puts along the milk and presents with whipped cream for dense consistency.

Thus, the result would be more chocolatey and extremely rich with cocoa flavor. The milk is teamed before the usage and additionally topped by whipped cream. You can ask not to add this cream if you do not want excessive richness.

4. White Hot Chocolate

This is another caffeine-free option of Starbucks drinks for kids. White chocolate has a common use in place of the dark option as that in the hot chocolate. The only difference between hot and white hot chocolate is a white sauce, steamed milk, and cream.

But the finished product overall provides the best taste and output.

5. Organic Chocolate Milk

As the name shows, it is one of the purest hot milk drinks available for kids who do not like too much dark influence and the taste of chocolate. It is not a hot drink, but preferably, people take it at room temperature.

However, the container of the chocolate milk requires a steam procedure at room temperature along with the milk. After that, it served either cold or at room temperature, preferably according to the customer’s will. You can add up the whipped cream at its top if required.

6. Babyccino

It is one of the most fascinating drinks for kids at Starbucks. It is simple and easy to make; this simplicity is the beauty and taste of this drink.

The steamed milk makes it with some additional foam over it, and the flavor of the milk is enhanced by drizzling caramel or cinnamon powder over milk. Moreover, the milk is steamed at the average temperature and added to the cup over half its length.

Whereas the other half of the cup is filled with additional foam, which enriches its taste and consistency.

7. Caramel Apple Slice

It is the most popular Starbucks drink for kids and is free from caffeine. The expert assembles all the stuff and ingredients to convert them into a liquid for iced chilled glass. The steamed apple juice, cinnamon syrup, and caramel drizzle enhance the flavor, and the whipped cream for the topping provides a vibrant flavor.

8. Hot Syrup Steamers

This is also a popular Starbucks hot drink for kids. It is simply the milk adding the flavor. The flavor has several varieties in it. The most popular and optional flavors for the syrup steamer are vanilla, cinnamon, and most caramel syrup is enriched out of all the options available.

9. Strawberry Crème Frappuccino

This Starbucks drink is highly appropriate for hot summer days. It is a unique innovation of the strawberry milkshake, with a special touch of Starbucks.

It consists of the milk of your favorite flavor (almond milk etc.), strawberry puree, ice, or, most importantly, the Frappuccino crème at the base of the cup. 

Additionally, the blending of all these ingredients provides a cold, creamy treat to the kids on a hot summer day

10. Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino

Frappuccino crème drinks are the most favorite drinks at Starbucks for kids because they are sweet, chocolatey, and free from coffee flavors.

The blender combines all ingredients and collectively blends to provide a frothy shale for the kid’s intake. The elements include milk with ice, Frappuccino crème, chocolate drizzle, mocha syrup, and java chips.

11. Lemonade

You can even enjoy the iced chilled water drinks apart from milk products at Starbucks. You can prefer the versatility according to what you need; strawberry slush or frozen lemonade can be the best options.

Afterwards, the dealers blend ice, lemonade, and strawberry puree and get the kids presented with the most preferable chilled or blended juice drink in summer to keep themselves hydrated.

12. Iced Water with Strawberry Fruit Inclusions

This is the most fusion drink option for the kids, and they like it due to its less sugary taste infused with strawberries and other fruits. Moreover, It is a kind of hydrating drink along with a unique flavor.

The maker at the inclusion along with dried or frozen strawberries at the bottom of the cup. The fruits are followed up with ice and chilled water. After this, the cup is given a regular shake, and it’s all ready to be served.

13. Strawberry Milk

It is the purest Starbucks iced drink for kids. You give an option for your choice’s milk and add the Starbucks special strawberry puree.

The milk might be oat, coconut, almond, or any flavor you want.

The milk, puree, and iced are togetherly shaken and added to the cup for a quick serving.

14. Vanilla Crème Milk

It is another simple recipe of drinks at Starbucks for kids, containing the essential ingredient: steamed milk and vanilla syrup. The cup is rolled up with vanilla syrup, and the steamed milk is added. Moreover, you can even ask to add whipped cream over, but it will provide a very sugary taste with vanilla, so it is not much appreciated.

You can also try this steamer with oat, coconut, almond, and other options available.

15. Steamed Apple Juice

Steamed apple juice is one of the perfect Starbucks hot drinks for kids. This steamed apple juice option contains 100% apple presser. To enhance the flavor, you can even ask to add cinnamon powder according to the taste.

Additionally, it will enrich your order and provide a feel that resembles hot apple cider.

The Final Statement

The round trip to Starbucks with your family, especially the kids, will surely be worth your money. Anything you order will provide you and your kids a perfect taste that you won’t regret your visit at any time.

Thus, this is the primary reason that Starbucks is known for its taste and service all around the globe. For placing the concise order for your kid and treating them with the right drink option, we here try to clear up the versatility of drinks for you.

Hope you come up with the flavor of your choice!

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