Top 5 Best Specialty Coffee Maker -Buying Guide 2022


 Best Specialty Coffee MakerHaving the same food every day can get boring at times – even if it’s your most favorite meal in the world. And the case is not so different when it comes to coffee.

There are a number of variations of coffee in the world that you deserve to have without having to spend 5 bucks on it every day. And that is why you need the best specialty coffee maker in your life.

Whether you are craving lattes, cappuccinos, or a cup of Americano, a specialty coffee maker will never disappoint.

And to tell you a secret – some can also make tea along with coffee!

Go through our reviews to know more secrets about specialty coffee makers.

5 Best Specialty Coffee Maker Reviews

Been thinking about getting a specialty coffee maker for some time now but couldn’t choose one yet? Well, the reviews of our top five picks are here to help you.




Ninja 10-Cup Specialty Coffee Maker

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker

De'Longhi 3-in-1 Specialty Coffee Brewer

 Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro Specialty 12-Cup Drip Maker

Trinity Coffee Company Trinity ONE Immersion Specialty Coffee Maker

01. Ninja 10-Cup Specialty Coffee Maker

Ninja  Specialty Coffee Maker

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Are you looking for a coffee maker that will provide not only tremendous blending power but also ensure top-notch flavors at all times? In that case, you have come across the ideal product for yourself. Get to know more about this amazing product in our review.

Whether you are craving latte, macchiato, or cappuccino, this machine is capable of brewing rich concentrates of coffee. As a result, you can get the taste of your favorite coffee from a café without putting too much effort into it.

If you are tired of having your regular hot coffee, this machine will provide some variations for you. For instance, you can brew some coffee over the ice of your favorite flavor – and don’t worry about it getting watered down at all!

When it comes to versatility, this coffee maker will exceed your expectations. The machine includes about six brew sizes, including half carafe, full carafe, and even a single cup. Hence, you can readily make coffee for yourself only or your entire family.

Another major benefit of this product is that it comes with a fold-away frother. What this does is basically turn milk of any temperature into a froth with a silky and smooth texture. So you can get the best out of it!

With this machine, you will require no pods either. That is because it has been designed to work with grounds – saving up to 200 dollars annually. Hence, you enjoy your favorite coffee brands without splurging too much.

On the other hand, the device comes with various accessories, which ensures you don’t have to purchase anything extra. For instance, you will be getting a removable water reservoir, a ninja smart scoop, and much more.

  • Brews rich concentrates of coffee and makes the perfect iced coffee
  • Includes six brew sizes for versatility
  • Turns milk of any temperature into silky-smooth texture
  • Requires no pods and saves extra costs
  • Comes with various accessories
  • Does not brew desired amount of coffee
  • Mould might develop


This coffee maker ensures the best when it comes to quality and versatility.

02. Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker

Best Specialty Coffee Maker

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We all hate a coffee brewer that is difficult to clean. And this is one aspect a lot of buyers don’t pay attention to. However, you should know that this one is absolutely effortless to clean – and it includes other amazing features that will continue to blow your mind.

When you are in a rush, you might forget to have your coffee right after it has been brewed. But this machine takes care of that problem quite well with its innovative feature – a warming plate that will adjust the temperature to make sure you can drink your coffee even after five hours.

On the other hand, you can get different coffee styles with this machine, thanks to its automated brewing technology. And for that, all you will have to do is push a button. For further versatility, it also includes a fold-away cold and hot frother.

The ninja smart scoop has the ability to measure coffee accurately for each size and amount. Therefore, you won’t have to be concerned about any bit of your coffee going to waste – which will significantly save your costs as well.

It comes with a removable water reservoir that comes with auto metering. The benefit of this part is that you won’t have to take the hassle of constantly refilling the reservoir; it will definitely take care of that task for you.

This machine also reduces plastic waste by not using pods. You can easily use the coffee grounds of your favorite brand, and it will work with top-notch efficiency anyway.

For durability and consistent flavor at all times, the item comes with a glass and plastic construction. Moreover, you will never get bored of your coffee with six brew sizes and four brew styles!

  • Keeps the coffee hot for about five hours
  • One-button operation with fold-away frothers
  • Accurately measures coffee size and refills when necessary
  • Reduces plastic waste by not using pods
  • Provides durability as well as versatility
  • Can be flimsy at times
  • Does not have an auto switch


A highly versatile and innovative coffee maker that will take care of your daily coffee needs.

03. De’Longhi 3-in-1 Specialty Coffee Brewer

Best Specialty Coffee Maker

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It can be difficult to find a coffee brewer that is worth the investment. However, here’s a coffee maker that will provide great value for money and will exceed your expectations with every use. Get to know more about this terrific item in our review.

The premium quality of this machine will never fail to provide the ideal cup of coffee for you. Along with that, it will also provide the versatility that you need – while getting three different ways to brew. Its breakthrough technology really sets it apart from its competitors.

For top-notch flavor and aroma, the machine has been designed to disperse water over the coffee grounds. This aspect maximizes saturation. That is why, with every cup, the quality of the coffee will be consistent, and you will be able to able to enjoy it within minutes.

If you are fond of iced coffee, then you are about to fall in love with this machine. The over ice feature of the item will let you brew full-bodied coffee over ice without letting it water down – providing maximum satisfaction with the taste.

The glass carafe further enhances the flavors of your coffee, and the warming plate makes sure to keep it warm even when you are away. Therefore, even if you forget about it temporarily, you will not have to brew another cup all over again.

Moreover, the coffee maker also comes with an automatic shut-off system that will save your power and also save you from a lot of hassle — no more checking whether the coffee maker is on or off!

With a water tank capacity of 42 ounces, you will be able to make coffee for your family and friends at once. And it will be completely safe – given its parts are BPA-free.

  • Three different brewing styles
  • Maximized saturation for consistent and top-notch flavoring
  • Glass carafe and warming plate keeps the coffee hot
  • Automatic shut off system saves power
  • Huge capacity with safe parts
  • Quite finicky
  • Not long lasting


A coffee maker that is well-known for its over-ice feature and has other top-notch functionalities too.

04. Ninja CFP301 DualBrew Pro Specialty 12-Cup Drip Maker

Best Specialty Coffee Maker

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Are you looking for an overly versatile coffee maker that will let you use both grounds and pods? In that case, you have come across the item that you are going to love. Find out about its versatile functionalities and features in our comprehensive review.

Your time is valuable to this drip coffee maker; and for that, it will provide a fast brewing process for when you are in a rush. The water reservoir will also allow you to refill it easily, significantly saving your time and effort.

Another benefit of the water reservoir is that it comes with a 60oz capacity. You can also position it just how you would like – so that it fits your space well. Therefore, despite the large construction, you will not face any hassle with it.

When it comes to versatility, this coffee maker will really beat all of its competitors. With nine grounds brew sizes and four pods brew sizes, you will be able to divulge into whichever size you prefer, whenever you want.

On the other hand, you will also get about four brew style options. Hence, there is no way for you to get bored of your coffee because you can style it just how you want – and even make it just as good as your favorite barista made it.

The specialty brew coffee maker specializes in making rich concentrates of coffee that will provide consistent flavoring. So whether you want to go for a cup of latte, cappuccino, or mocha, there is no need for you to compromise.

One unique aspect of this machine is that its independent hot water system will let you make oatmeal, soups, or hot chocolate as well. Not to mention, it also comes with a built-in frother.

  • Fast brewing process and easily refillable reservoir
  • Large capacity and fits into any space
  • Versatile with multiple brew sizes and styles
  • Makes rich concentrates of coffee
  • Independent hot water system makes oatmeal, soups, etc
  • Not long lasting
  • Difficult to assemble


A coffee maker that listens to the demands of its users and fulfills it all accordingly.

05. Trinity Coffee Company Trinity ONE Immersion Specialty Coffee Maker

Best Specialty Coffee Maker

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You wouldn’t want to waste your time on a specialty coffee maker that is difficult to use. Therefore, you need one that comes with a simple operation and will serve you well without you putting too much effort into it. And here’s one just like that – find out more right here.

To make the perfect cup of coffee every morning, all you will have to do is press a button. This drip and immersion coffee maker will provide the best service while saving your time and energy.

If you are concerned about your coffee maker taking too much of your kitchen space, then we have good news for you. This product comes with a simple design that will save space in your kitchen while providing superior results to others.

With minimalist brewing, this machine will provide the functions that you need. You will be getting your coffee just as you like it without getting involved in too many steps or complications.

One major benefit of this machine is that it will let you control the flow of your coffee. The filter head will make sure to let you control the flow of coffee as you like, pour it into various cups, stop drips or even brew cold coffee.

For more amazing results, the machine comes with a stainless steel cylinder that weighs about 2.25 kg. This cylinder moves on its own to provide the same taste and results all the time.

The brew chamber of the machine is insulated – not to let any heat get transferred to the environment. And it has been made using dual walls, while the construction of the coffee maker consists of stainless steel and black walnut timber for durability.

  • Makes the perfect cup with the press of a button
  • Minimalist brewing provides all the functions needed
  • Flow and dripping can be controlled
  • Cylinder moves on its own to provide the same taste
  • Insulated chamber and a durable construction
  • Handle does not work
  • Difficult to assemble


A simple coffee maker that will brew perfectly without involving any complicated functions.

What to Look for Before Buying?

Getting a specialty coffee maker is an important decision, and it is not one you can make sloppily. You will have to get acquainted with their features as well as your own requirements – and see if the machine actually matches your criteria.

Now, if you are confused about what you should look for, we have a compiled list for you that will give you insights into what is important and what is not.

If you go through the factors and features properly before making your decision, then you will surely be satisfied with your purchase!

What Is Its Capacity?

The capacity of a specialty coffee maker is one of its most important aspects, and it should not be overlooked under any circumstances.

You should carefully estimate the number of people you will be making coffee for on a regular basis and then determine the capacity you will need. On average, a capacity of 40oz should be enough.

How Many Brew Sizes Does It Offer?

When it comes to versatility, specialty coffee makers barely disappoint.

And hence, most of them contain multiple brew sizes. Opt for ones with 4 brew sizes at the least – it will give you various options to choose from on a daily basis.

How Many Brew Styles Does It Offer?

The number of brew styles that the machine offers is also necessary.

This aspect will provide flexibility and will also let you choose between the styles regularly. Also look for any additional aspects – for instance, if it can brew coffee over ice or such.

How Long Can It Last?

The lifespan of a specialty coffee maker is often written on its face through its construction.

Take a close look at the materials used to make the machine, but don’t overlook the warranty provided in the process because that is important as well.

Is It Easy to Clean?

You don’t want to invest too much of your time into cleaning your coffee maker. And that is why you should check whether it is easy to clean or not.

One way for that is to look at the cleaning process instructions and check if the product is dishwasher safe.

Will the Coffee Flavors and Aroma Remain Consistent?

If the flavor and aroma of your coffee are not consistent, then the coffee maker is not really worth it.

To make sure of that, you should go through the reviews of your chosen product to check if it actually provides that facility or not.

Can It Make Anything Other Than Coffee?

Since specialty coffee makers are known to be versatile, it is guaranteed that they can make different types and flavors of coffee.

But if you want to use it to make tea, hot cocoa, soups, and other items, you will have to search accordingly.

How Much Should I Invest in It?

In general, you will find great specialty coffee makers within $150-$200 or so.

But the price of these machines can highly vary depending on their quality and brands. So you should prepare a budget first and then check the brands that fit into this budget.

Does It Include Other Accessories?

With specialty coffee makers, you will need other accessories – carafe, cups, etc.

That is why it is necessary to check if your chosen product comes with other accessories you will need because it is quite an important aspect.

Do I Need to Use Pods or Coffee Grounds with It?

Some specialty coffee makers will give you the liberty to use both coffee grounds and pods.

Using coffee grounds is better than using pods, as it reduces waste, and so, you should go for one that supports the former.

Benefits of Specialty Coffee Maker

If specialty coffee makers have caught your attention, then that is for a reason – they provide barista-quality coffee right at your home. And if you are thinking of getting one, then you might as well know that it will be worth your purchase.

But why would that be?  It is because they come with various benefits that will be discussed right here.


Specialty coffee makers are known for providing tons of options that will let you brew different styles and flavors of coffee on a regular basis. You can also choose whether you like them hot or cold.

Moreover, these coffee makers also come in different brew sizes and provide the option of making other drinks, such as tea, hot cocoa, etc.

Strong Flavors

No matter which type of coffee you want to make, specialty coffee makers will make sure the flavors and aroma remain consistent throughout each other.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the last cup being worse than the first one with these machines.

 Various Accessories Included

With tons of accessories included with specialty coffee makers, you will never feel the need to get anything separately.

This aspect will not only save your cost but will also save the hassle of buying anything extra.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are specialty coffee makers expensive?

Specialty coffee makers are a little expensive compared to their other versions. However, the pricing all totally depends on the brand and the product itself. In general, you can find a top-notch specialty coffee maker within $200 or so. You can also spend more or less depending on your requirements.

  • Can I make tea with my specialty coffee maker?

One of the best aspects of specialty coffee makers is that they are highly versatile, and they will let you make different types of drinks as well.

Therefore, you will have the liberty to make tea with some specialty coffee makers. However, that does not apply to all of them, as not all contain the same features, so you will have to choose accordingly.

  • Is my specialty coffee maker dishwasher safe?

You will have to check in the description of your chosen product as to whether it is dishwasher safe or not. Now, most specialty coffee makers are designed to be dishwasher safe and easy to clean; but, again, that does not apply to every specialty coffee maker out there and you will have to make your purchase accordingly.

  • What should be the capacity of my specialty coffee maker?

That depends on the number of people that you will be serving at once. If you are going to use the coffee maker at your home, then getting one with an 8-cup capacity would be enough.

But if you are going to use it in a coffee shop or a restaurant, then you should eye on the largest capacity possible within your budget.

  • How long do specialty coffee makers last?

Specialty coffee makers are generally durable, as most of them are constructed using sturdy materials. However, to estimate the lifespan of a specialty coffee maker, you will need to keep an eye on its construction and the warranty that it comes with. With a heavy-duty build, it should last for about 2-5 years.

  • Are specialty coffee makers safe to use?

These coffee makers usually come with safe parts – BPA free plastics, non-toxic materials, etc. But other than that, you should also check if the one you have chosen includes any safety features or not. In general, you can expect them to be completely safe, but any including features would surely be a plus point.

Final Words

If coffee is your favorite drink, then you should definitely make no compromises when choosing the best specialty coffee maker for yourself.

Remember that it is a one-time investment – and it will really determine how your mornings go.

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