Top 10 Best Single cup Coffee Maker without Pods

Best Single Serve Coffee Maker No Pods

Even a few years ago, people used to be crazy about using coffee pods to make their coffee. But nowadays, things have changed drastically. For a group of people, pods might work. But you would see people keener on buying the best single cup coffee maker without pods instead. The reason behind this change might be increasing awareness or convenience, or both.

While the market is filled with thousands of brands to provide you, quality coffee makers, it is not easy to find the one which matches your needs. But no worries! We have arranged a list of the best coffee makers without pods to make the task easy for you. We have carefully analyzed all the information, price range, customer feedback, features, etc. for the final list.

However, you may not have time to go through the list due to your busy schedule. But we have a quick recommendation for you as well. Considering the terrific features and powerpack performance, the Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker is the best one among all these coffee makers.

Let’s go and check the other coffee makers as well!

10 Best Single cup Coffee Maker without Pods Reviews

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01. Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker 


                             Best Single cup Coffee Maker without Pods

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Keurig has been a household name for manufacturing standard coffee makers for a while. It is no wonder that their K-classic coffee maker is the top pick as our best single cup coffee maker without pods.


Multi-Purpose: Built with quality plastic material, this sturdy coffee machine can brew different k-cup pod sizes from 6-10 ounces. If you want the strongest flavored brew, use the 6 ounce size. Besides, you can make cocoa, tea, and iced beverages with it as well.

Descaling: Keurig has designed this machine to make sure the cleaning process is trouble-free. The descaling method helps you to clean the calcium deposits and prevent the build-up inside of your coffee maker.

Capacity: The 48-oz removable water reservoir is quite big for a single server! You can brew more than 6 cups and save your time from refilling the machine repeatedly! Remove the water storage when empty and refill it for the next session.

Convenience: If the coffee maker remains inactive for two hours, the programmable auto-off feature will make sure to turn off the tool to prevent energy wastage. The simple button controlling functions allow you to brew the coffee just in a minute!

  • It can accommodate multiple k-cup pod sizes.
  • It can fit a 7inch tall mug.
  • It preserves energy using the auto-off button.
  • It has a large water reservoir.
  • This machine is easy to operate.
  • The size is large for a single serving machine.
  • It makes noise during the brewing process.

02. Hamilton 49980A   

Best Single cup Coffee Maker without Pods

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Want to have a machine that can brew a single cup or multiple cups when needed? The Hamilton 49980A is the perfect two-way brewer you need to have by your side! 


2-Way Brewer: Along with the single-serve brewing method, this well-built machine has a glass carafe that you can use to prepare multiple coffee servings. Put your mug under the spout or brew directly into the glass carafe.

Programmable: The programmable functions of this machine make sure you can have your coffee instantly brewed no matter when you set the time. Adjust the function at night, and get your freshly brewed coffee once you wake up for a morning cup. You can use the bold coffee function from the two settings to get bolder flavor as well.

Glass Carafe: Whether you need a solo serving or multiple, this coffee maker can cover them all. Brew yourself a cup of coffee using the 14ounce water reservoir for your personal indulgence. Or use the glass carafe to make 12 cups of coffee at once!

Brew Strength Option: The brew strength selector feature gives you two options of different strengths, ‘regular’ or ‘bold’ to choose from. Adjust your coffee flavor based on your preference. For safety measures, the automatic shut-off feature ensures the machine stops if it stays idle for 2 hours.

  • It comes at a reasonable price.
  • It comes with an extra glass carafe.
  • You can serve more than 12 cups at one go.
  • Cone-filter is present to enhance the coffee flavor.
  • Programmable functions.
  • There is no travel cup.
  • The clock doesn’t have any lock features.

03. Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker

Best Single cup Coffee Maker without Pods

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The Keurig k-elite coffee maker is one of the best single cup coffee maker when it comes to brewing delicious coffee.


Multi-Purpose: You can brew several cup sizes from 4-12 ounces depending on what you want. This product is versatile when it comes to preparing drinks other than coffee. Use this tool to make oatmeal, iced coffee, hot cocoa, or soup within a few minutes!

Hot Water Dispenser: Need hot water for making oatmeal breakfast or instant soup? The hot water dispenser allows you to get the hot water instantly. So, you can prepare your very own hot chocolate as well.

Quiet Brewing Technology: No matter when you are brewing yourself a cup of coffee, the K-elite coffee maker makes sure to keep silent all the way!

Water Reservoir: The removable drip tray can easily fit a 7.2-inch large travel mug. The big 75-oz water reservoir is removable, promoting easy refilling when it is empty. With this capacity, you can serve 8 cups of coffee at a time.

Auto Shut-Off: Increase the intensity of your coffee using the ‘Strong brew’ option. The auto alert system will notify you when to descale the machine. Moreover, there is an adjustable temperature and timer setting, so you can auto-switch off this tool.

  • It has an auto shut-off feature.
  • It comes with a hot water dispenser.
  • You can use all k-cups and reusable filters.
  • You can remove the water reservoir.
  • Multiple brew size.
  • A bit larger than necessary.nIt has no milk frother.

04. Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker 

Best Single cup Coffee Maker without Pods

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The next entry in our best single-serve coffee maker without pods list belongs to the world-known Ninja brand. If you like to try specialty coffee brews like latte, macchiato, cappuccino every now and then, the Ninja specialty coffee maker is your best choice among all others.


Specialty Coffee Drinks: Apart from the regular coffee, this Ninja coffee maker can be used to brew many cafe-quality special coffees. From the rich and classic brew to the smooth latte or the iced coffee, you can get every coffeehouse style you want.

Multiple Brewing Size: With this coffee maker, you can brew a single cup for yourself or a full carafe for a group. Put a single cup, mug, or thermal travel mug for the single serving, or get a half or full carafe of coffee instantly!

Carafe: The glass carafe of this Ninja Coffee Bar can hold up to 50-ounce. The heating plate makes sure to keep the carafe warm for a long time. You can also remove the water reservoir with a flip-top seal for fast water filling.

Built-In Frother: The fold-away frother can turn the cold or hot milk into a smooth and creamy froth. 

  • This is a sturdy and easy-to-use coffee machine.
  • It can make a variety of beverages.
  • It can brew a single cup or a full carafe.
  • It has a 50oz glass carafe
  • Removable water reservoir
  • Descaling process takes a long time.
  • There is no auto shut-off feature.

05. AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

Best Single cup Coffee Maker without Pods

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If you like your coffee strong and prefer to brew it instantly for the fresh taste, the AeroPress coffee and espresso maker is here to fulfill your needs.


Compact Design: This well-built and lightweight coffee maker is the perfect choice for your home kitchen. You can easily carry it in the provided tote bags at any time and place it in very little counter space. The package includes an AeroPress press, scoop, funnel, stirrer, filter basket, microfilters, and a nylon tote bag. 

Immersion Brewing Process: Unlike the other drip coffee maker units, AeroPress uses the immersion tech to brew the best quality coffee. You can make smooth and full-flavored coffee with low acidity and decreased bitterness. You can also use the standard brewing method if you want.

Microfilter: While this French press alternative makes your coffee taste better by reducing the bitterness and acidity, the paper microfilter ensures there are no remaining grits. Thus, making the cleaning process a short one.

Multipurpose: Brew 1-3 cups of American coffee with each pressing. The whole process takes a minute to complete. You can also brew espresso coffee that you can use in cappuccinos, lattes, etc.

  • This machine is low-priced.
  • Simple and compact design.
  • The process is similar to the French press method.
  • Brewing with this tool is pretty easy.
  • You can clean this machine with ease.
  • Not suitable for lighter roasts.
  • Strictly serve an individual.

06. Hario V60 

Best Single cup Coffee Maker without Pods

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If you are more into manual brewing methods, the Hario V60 is the one you are looking for. Given the aesthetic look with an incredible price range, it can be the perfect gift to your coffee lover friend as well.


Aesthetic Outlook: While the beauty of this manual coffeemaker is outstanding, this pour-over tool is made with quality materials. You can get the coffee dripper in plastic, ceramic, glass, or metal, the choice is yours. Due to the lightweight design, you can carry it anywhere from your office to a vacation.

Simple Brewing Process: Brewing with this tool is incredibly simple. Put the dripper with a paper filter over the coffee server. Add your favorite ground coffee to the filter paper and pour some hot water over it, and you are done!

All-inclusive package: The package comes with a coffee dripper, measuring scoop, coffee server, one-use paper filter. The glass server has a BPA-free handle and lid for easy handling. You can make 1-4 cups to fill the server.

Maintenance: Due to the simple design and minimal parts, this set doesn’t need any time to clean off. Just toss it into the water, rinse and wipe it dry.

  • This coffee maker is extremely reasonable.
  • Beautiful outlook.
  • Easy to brew coffee.
  • Cleaning this is totally hassle-free.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Beginners may have problems with it.
  • This process may take time.

07. Hamilton Beach 49976

Best Single cup Coffee Maker without Pods

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Due to its versatility and unique qualities, the Hamilton Beach 49976 coffee maker is the next one on this single cup coffee maker without pods review list.


2-Way Brewer: With this 2-way brewer, it’s easy to prepare a single cup or a whole pot of coffee. While not in use, you can set the thermal travel mug in the cup rest space as a storage option. You can also use k-cup coffee pods for a change.

Programmable Settings: The carafe side of this single cup coffee maker can be pre-programmed if you are in a rush and want to set it earlier. You can also use the 2-hour automatic switch-off option to turn off the machine.

Dual Water Reservoir: Both sides of the single cup coffee maker have separate water reservoirs for your convenience. While you can make 12 cups using the multiple-serving option, the water window shows you when to add more water.

Energy Efficient: Yearning for just a single cup of coffee? It only takes about three minutes to brew a single cup. You can also use the brew strength option to adjust the coffee flavor and strength accordingly. Besides, this coffee maker saves energy by heating the water only when you want to brew coffee.

  • It can serve single or multiple both.
  • You can brew a variety of coffee with it
  • This tool is k-cup compatible
  • Easy to clean and store.
  • It comes with programmable functions
  • It may leak water sometimes.nThe single-serving process can not be programmed.

08. Hamilton Beach Scoop 49981A

Best Single cup Coffee Maker without Pods

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Hamilton Beach has been producing quality coffee makers for quite some time. Hence, it’s no wonder their 49981A is also regarded as the best single-serve coffee maker without pods.


Sturdy Structure: Built with stainless steel material, this single cup coffee maker ensures stable performance for a long time. The in-built adjustable stand and drip tray help fit the mugs properly.

Adjustable Settings: You can adjust the settings to get your desired coffee taste and flavor. For a quick and basic or drip coffee, use the ‘Regular’ option. The ‘Bold’ option will be perfect if you want strong flavors or decaf.

Fast Process: Brewing with this personal coffee maker doesn’t take much time. You can get your 8-ounce cup of coffee in 90 seconds, while the 14-ounce mug will need around 2.5 minutes. Measuring the ground is also easy as the scoop filter has a measurement line.

Easy clean-up: Use the automatic shut-off button once the brewing is complete. The 49981A takes only a few minutes to clean up. The reusable filters are dishwasher safe as well. However, you have to deep clean once a month to make sure it performs well.

  • The price is quite affordable.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It has a durable structure.
  • It comes with an auto shut-off feature.
  • It has a netting scoop to filter the coffee.
  • It takes some time to brew.

09. Sboly Single Serve Coffee Maker 

Best Single cup Coffee Maker without Pods

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In this buying guide for the best single-serve coffee maker without pods, the Sboly coffee maker is hands down the most versatile among the lot.


Compact Structure: While the Sboly coffee maker is built with quality plastic and stainless steel materials, the compact design of this tool is what sets it apart from others. From a counter to an office table, you can fit this durable coffee machine in any small place.

Rapid Brewing: This single cup coffee maker takes only 3 minutes to prepare your freshly brewed morning coffee. You can use the adjustment function to ensure the perfect amount of coffee you want to brew. Brewing with a coffee pod or going the conventional way, you can choose any of those by simply using the side buttons.

Auto-Cleaning Function: Once you have made your desired cup of coffee, press the self-cleaning button, and it will make sure the machine gets cleaned thoroughly. Moreover, this coffee maker will auto turn off once the brewing of a perfect cup of coffee is done.

*maybe not available.

  • You can use coffee grounds, pods, or K cups.
  • This tool is easy to use.
  • Versatile coffee maker.
  • The small footprint is ideal for smaller kitchens.
  • It has an auto-clean function.
  • The The water reservoir is pretty small.water reservoir is pretty small.

10. BLACK + DECKER coffee maker 

Best Single cup Coffee Maker without Pods

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The last but not the least entry of this buying guide is the BLACK + DECKER Coffeemaker, the most inexpensive one among all. The price may be low, but the quality performance of this machine is proof of why it is your perfect ‘Brew and go ‘product.


  • Space-Saving Structure:  This is a compact-sized coffee maker that saves lots of space. No matter where you put it in, it will never cram the area. This 1.4-pound sturdy coffee machine gives you the perfect brewed coffee whenever you want!
  • Easy Brew: The one-touch operating system of this coffee machine is the simplest way to brew your coffee. Just push the button, and it will start brewing the coffee right away!
  • Brewing Capacity: The travel mug is made of stainless steel and can hold up to 15 ounces of coffee. You can fill your coffee mug and go for a walk or run while sipping your cup of joy!
  • Auto-Shut Function: The machine turns off itself when the brewing is complete. You won’t need paper filters for this machine as the metal filter is enough to do the task.


  • Very inexpensive coffee machine
  • The brewing process is fast.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It doesn’t require paper filters.


  • The water may come out.

How To Choose The Best Single Serve Coffee Maker without Pods?

As we have mentioned earlier, you can find lots of single-serve coffee makers without pods in the market. If you want your investment to be fruitful, you should check some basic features carefully before purchasing one.

Machine Size:

A single-serving machine is already a small version of a full-sized machine. However, you should buy one that is adjustable for the place you are going to use it. Hence, get an idea of the area and select a coffee machine accordingly. Just remember, too small of a machine means fewer features to apply.

 Cup Size: 

Generally, 8 ounces is counted as the standard coffee cup size for most machines. Some coffee makers have several brew sizes and power settings so you can get your desired amount. Make sure the clearance height below the spout can fit your preferred mug, or you can buy one that comes with compatible coffee cups.


Single serving coffee makers without pods mostly use permanent filters instead of the paper ones. It reduces waste production by a long margin. Since you don’t need any replacement filter, it saves your money as well. You can use a scoop or spoon to fill the filter with coffee grounds, and the cleaning process after the use is also easy.


Cleaning a coffee machine can be tiring if you don’t have enough time. Some non-electric coffee makers require less time as you just need to clear the inside, rinse and dry. A metal filter will take more time to clean up.

As for the electric models, you may have to deep clean the internal parts occasionally as well. Hence, check the instruction manual to make sure what you can do or what you can not.


There is no confirmation that your coffee maker is going to work as it should do. While most branded machines are built with quality materials, each tool is breakable and can stop working without any notice. To repair or replace a tool will obviously cost you money. If you want to avoid that extra expense, make sure your purchased coffee maker comes with a good warranty.


The price of a single serving coffee machine varies mostly depending on brands. While you can get a powerful coffee maker from a famous manufacturer by spending some extra cash, you can also find some cheap ones that can suit your budget. We suggest you crosscheck all the products before deciding to purchase one. However, it is up to you to decide the best one for you.


The best thing about getting a single serving coffee maker is the speed. You can make your cup of coffee real quick with this tool. Some models come with robust heating technology to boil water and prepare coffee in a minute. While with some, you have to pour the water over the coffee grounds. But that would probably need another extra minute, to be exact.

You can choose a tool with a simple mechanism or the one that comes with extra specs for better performance.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • Do single serve coffee makers brew faster than traditional drip brewers? 

Yes, they do. In fact, this is one of the reasons why most people prefer single-serve coffee machines over a traditional brewer. The internal elements of a single serving machine are specially built to make a solo serving rather than a full batch.

If the coffee maker has a brew strength, the process takes longer to extract bolder coffee flavor. However, it would still be faster than making a full pot of coffee.

  • What are the differences between the single serve coffee maker and an espresso machine? 

While the basic science behind these two machines has many similarities, they are definitely not the same thing. An espresso maker uses pressure to steam through finely ground and tightly packed coffee to get the bold and thick flavor.

Whereas, a single serving coffee machine works like the usual coffee brewers. They pour hot water through the coarse coffee ground and extract a mild-flavored and less thick cup. 

  • Can I make any other drink with a single-serve coffee maker? 

Yes, you can. Besides brewing coffee, you can use a coffee maker to prepare different types of beverages like hot cocoa, tea, or dispense hot water for noodles, oatmeal, etc. as well. However, you should carefully check the user manual to see if there is any limitation. Some machines may malfunction if you use anything else other than properly sized coffee grounds.

  • What coffee type does a single serving coffee maker brew best? 

When you are using a single serve coffee maker with no pods, coarse but evenly ground coffee beans are the best to work with. If you use fine-sized coffee grounds, chances are the brew basket will clog or overflow.

Although coarser coffee grounds wouldn’t clog the machine, they may not be able to extract the coffee flavor properly. Hence, try to use a uniform size similar to the coarse salt. 

Final Words:

For a coffee lover, there is nothing better than having a refreshing and hot cup of coffee in the morning. After going through the whole buying guide, I’m sure you would also want the best single cup coffee maker without pods for your daily coffee consumption. While there are numerous options for you to choose from, you should be careful about where you are going to invest.

The perfect coffee machine can enhance your coffee experience, whereas a below-standard one can ruin it. Hence, check all the facts mentioned in this write-up and choose your pick wisely.

If you like this buying guide and want to know more about other products, please keep an eye on us for future updates. 

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