Top 7 Best Gourmet Coffee Maker-High End Coffee Makers of 2022

Best Gourmet Coffee MakerDid you ever run late for work because your coffee took too long to brew? Or you had to stand in a long line to even get your coffee?

Such incidents are common for everyone – especially if you need a cup of coffee to wake up properly.

And to prevent anything of this sort from happening, you need to get the best gourmet coffee maker.

These coffee makers will deliver your coffee within a minute – mostly with a one-touch operation. Some will even contain a travel coffee mug for you.

If you can feel yourself getting curious about them, then this article is the perfect opportunity for you to get to know these coffee makers.

7 Best Gourmet Coffee Maker Reviews

Tired of searching for your ideal gourmet coffee maker? Don’t give up yet, because our top seven picks are here to save your day!




Elite Gourmet EHC111A Maxi-Matic Personal 14oz Single-Serve Compact Coffee Maker Brewer

Keurig Elite Gourmet Single Cup Home Brewing System

Elite Gourmet 30 Cup Electric Stainless Steel Coffee Maker Urn

De'Longhi 3-in-1 Specialty Coffee Brewer, IcedCoffee Maker (Bold Cold Brew), Gourmet Pour Over

Elite Gourmet Maxi-Matic Personal Single-Serve Compact Capsule Coffee Maker

AVLA Pour Over Coffee Maker, Gourmet Porcelain Coffeemaker

ZUCCOR Milano Heat Resistant (Borosilicate) Gourmet Black Coffee Maker

01. Elite Gourmet EHC111A Maxi-Matic Personal 14oz 

Best Gourmet Coffee Maker

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Are you ready to get introduced to one of the best and most innovative gourmet coffee makers out there? Because nothing matches this product’s level, you will get the proof as soon as you use it.

This coffee maker hates plastic waste, and hence, it comes with a stainless steel travel mug, which is designed to fit under the dispenser perfectly. You can brew some coffee and take the mug outside or enjoy a hot cup of coffee right at home – thanks to its insulated body.

You will never have to waste more than a minute on brewing some coffee for yourself ever again. That is because the fast brewing process of this product will serve you within a minute. No need to compromise between being punctual and enjoying your coffee!

With a 14oz capacity, you can make a full cup of coffee for yourself. And the one-touch function only makes it more convenient and time-saving for you – no need to go through complicated processes just to have coffee.

The machine includes a reusable filter that can be removed whenever you want. This aspect gives you the liberty to not use paper filters and brew coffee grounds just as you would like to.

Even when it comes to durability, this coffee maker is no less. With the usage of durable materials, this machine is easy to clean and requires little to no maintenance. It prioritizes the safety of its users and hence includes auto shut-off and a thermal reset switch.

The switch prevents the machine from overheating, making it suitable for its users. Moreover, the lightweight and compact design of the coffee maker will allow you to store it wherever you want.

  • Fast brewing process with plastic waste reduction
  • Time-saving and convenient function
  • Reusable filter included that can be removed
  • Durable and easy to clean
  • Safe, lightweight and compact
  • Power button is faulty
  • Poor heating element


One of the best gourmet coffee makers out there with every function that a coffee lover would require!

02. Keurig Elite Gourmet Single Cup Home Brewing System

Best Gourmet Coffee Maker

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It can be difficult to find gourmet coffee makers that are both effortless to use and easy to clean. But to make sure you go through absolutely no hassle at all, this product has been designed to provide both the facilities – and much more. Find out about its facilities right here.

With this machine, your drinking options will not be limited to coffee only. The top-notch versatile feature of it will allow you to make your favorite tea or cocoa as well. You can also opt for different flavors of coffee whenever you want.

The versatility of the machine is not about having different drink options only. With this item, you will be getting about 2 different cup sizes. This aspect will allow you to enjoy the amount of coffee or other drinks you want without putting in any extra effort.

On the other hand, you will be getting a single-cup brewing system with this product. The benefit of this feature is that the spills and messes will be limited, and you will get exactly the amount of coffee you want without any hassle.

Another feature of the machine that prevents messes and makes sure you don’t have to go through the trouble of clean-ups is the use of patented k-cups. Hence, you will not have to waste your time cleaning up the gourmet coffee maker.

Whether you are in a rush for your work or are craving a cup of coffee suddenly, this machine will serve you within a minute only. The brewing time is quite low, and hence, you will never have to wait or be late again!

You will also be getting a removable water reservoir with the machine. It comes with a capacity of 48 ounces. Other than that, the coffee maker also includes a drip tray that can be removed whenever you want.

  • 2 different cup sizes and 3 drink options
  • Prevents spills and messes
  • Brews coffee in under a minute
  • 48 ounce capacity of removable water reservoir
  • Drip tray can be removed as well
  • Not durable
  • Might overflow


A versatile gourmet coffee maker that will brew coffee in under a minute.

03. Elite Gourmet 30 Cup Electric Stainless Steel Coffee Maker Urn

Best Gourmet Coffee Maker

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The worst thing a coffee maker can possibly do is ruin the actual flavor of the coffee. For that, you will need one that will ensure consistent flavor and aroma at all times. Here is one that will provide exactly that.

You will never have any complaints regarding this when it comes to durability. The stainless steel construction, which surrounds both the exterior and the interior of it, will make it last for a long time without much maintenance.

Another benefit of this item is that you can set it where you want even if the power supply is far away from the spot. With a 3 feet power cord, you will never face any hassle in that sector.

On the other hand, the fast brewing process of the coffee maker will meet your coffee needs in a matter of a minute. With this machine, you will not need to wait for your coffee or run late for your work!

The two-way dispenser makes the product quite versatile – allowing you to choose between continuous or single-cup fillings. You can also clean the machine in a dishwasher instead of having it done all by yourself and wasting your time and energy.

But you will not need to clean it that often because it comes with a lid that can be locked with a simple twist. The benefit of this feature is that it will prevent any accidental spills, and reduce unnecessary clean-ups.

With this coffee maker, you will not require paper filters either. It comes with a coffee filter basket that makes sure not to let it be costly for you. Moreover, the 30-cup capacity will let you brew coffee for a large group without any hassle.

  • Interior and exterior are both durable
  • Makes coffee in a minute
  • Versatile settings and easy cleanup
  • Reduces accidental spills and messes
  • Prevents the use of paper filters
  • Plastic basket might melt
  • Spigot is not sturdy


An up-to-the-mark gourmet coffee maker that comes with a large capacity and ease of cleanliness.

04. De’Longhi 3-in-1 Specialty Coffee Brewer

Best Gourmet Coffee Maker

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If you are tired of coming across coffee makers that are oddly overpriced and not of much use, then you need to get introduced to this one. It has been designed to provide absolute ease of use – and great value for money as well. Get to know this amazing product right here.

Worried about whether the coffee maker will go with the interior of your kitchen or not? Well, there is no need to be concerned because the silver metallic shade of the machine will make sure to fit in well with any ambiance – all while enhancing the ambiance itself.

If you crave a cup of barista-quality coffee now, then you will not have to run to your favorite café. With this machine, you can make it right at home – within a few minutes.

No need to compromise with the quality of your coffee or its flavors anymore, either. The breakthrough technology of the machine will make sure you get to enjoy the perfect flavor and aroma of your coffee beans without any setbacks.

And you will get all of it without putting too much effort into it either. That is because this machine consists of a simple operation, which makes it absolutely easy to use – so no need to spend too much energy on the process.

The coffee maker will offer two options for you – from which you can choose and get the perfect cup of coffee each time. Whether you want gourmet pour over or drip-style coffee, this machine will provide it all without compromises.

With an 8-cup capacity, you never have to enjoy your coffee without your friends. This aspect will let you share the coffee with your family and friends whenever you want.

  • Goes well with any interior
  • Makes coffee of barista-quality within minutes
  • Easy to use with a simple operation
  • Two options for two styles of coffee
  • 8-cup capacity for sharing with family and friends
  • Quite finicky
  • Does not boil properly at high altitudes


A stylish coffee maker that will provide versatility as well as ease of use.

05. Elite Gourmet Maxi-Matic Single-Serve Compact Capsule Coffee Maker

Best Gourmet Coffee Maker

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Making some new space for a coffee maker in your kitchen can be hassle-some when it is already packed with other devices and utensils. That is why this one has been designed to be compact to fit well into any space! Get to know about this product right here.

Whether you are a student or a worker, early mornings are all about rushes. To make sure you don’t lose any more of your time, this machine has been designed to provide a one-minute brewing process – while the quality of the coffee remains top-notch.

You won’t have to divulge into a complicated coffee-making process either with this machine. The one-touch function of it will make sure your water is heated to the right temperature, and your coffee consists of the right flavor and aroma.

Are you more of a k-cup pod person or a coffee ground person? Regardless, this coffee maker will allow you to work with both, thanks to its versatile design. The 12oz capacity will also be more than enough for you.

The machine has included a reusable filter, which prevents the need to use paper filters with your coffee grounds. This filter is ideal for making tea as well – so your option isn’t just limited to coffee.

With top-notch portability, this machine will allow you to carry it all the way to your office and also to your trips. You will never have to miss out on your mandatory cup of coffee, thanks to its lightweight body.

You can also use your favorite mug with this brewer because it is compatible with most mugs. Making it fit under the dispenser will be as easy as a piece of cake!

  • One-touch function and brews within a minute
  • 12oz capacity and can use both pods and grounds
  • Prevents the use of paper filters and makes tea
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Compatible with most mugs
  • Generates noise
  • Takes a long time to brew more than one cup


A compact and portable coffee maker that is ideal for carrying around to different places.

06. AVLA Pour Over Coffee Maker, Gourmet Porcelain Coffeemaker

Best Gourmet Coffee Maker

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Looking for a coffee maker that is elegant and durable at the same time? In that case, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this one! It contains some of the best features, which we will discuss right here – so go through our comprehensive review for more information.

This machine has been made using ceramic – which is BPA free, of course. The insulated dipper and pitcher will also make sure to keep the coffee hot while easy to clean. You don’t have to worry about putting any scratches on them either.

You can also put this coffee maker into a dishwasher for cleaning, and it does not contain any toxic materials into its construction – so it is totally safe to use for everyone.

On the other hand, you will also find a top rack carafe that consists of a large drip opening and a spout design that is drip-resistant. This aspect not only prevents excessive bitterness but also retains the original flavor and aroma of the coffee.

The coffee maker has been designed to provide barista-quality coffee right at home. With different sizes of mugs, coffee grounds, and a top-grade brewing process, you don’t have to miss a good cup of coffee on any day.

Along with pouring smooth coffee at all times, the ceramic retains the temperature. Therefore, no matter how cold your environment is, the coffee will remain at its optimal temperature – just how you would like it.

One aspect that would make it the perfect gift for any coffee lover is its elegant design. With a porcelain pour-over cone and carafe, this will be the perfect decorative piece in one’s dining room as well.

  • Safe, insulated, and durable with ceramic construction
  • Prevents excessive bitterness and retains flavor
  • Top-grade brewing process maintains quality
  • Keeps the coffee at the optimal temperature
  • Elegant design makes it ideal for gift
  • Filter holder is too small
  • Actual color is different from the picture


A good-looking coffee maker that performs equally well.

07. ZUCCOR Milano Heat Resistant (Borosilicate) Gourmet Black Coffee Maker

Best Gourmet Coffee Maker

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If the design is your priority alongside top-notch functionality, then you are about to fall in love with this gourmet coffee maker. With a stylish and contemporary design, this coffee maker will meet all your needs without any setbacks.

The machine is quite a catch in terms of durability as well. With a heat-resistant glass construction combined with BPA-free plastic and a stainless steel plunger, you will not feel the need to replace this item anytime soon.

In terms of maintenance, you won’t have to put much effort either. This dishwasher-friendly coffee maker provides ease of cleanliness – so you don’t have to spend your time cleaning up any messes by yourself.

On the other hand, the machine comes with a mesh filter that makes sure to extract every flavor and essential oil of your coffee. This aspect also eliminates the need to use paper filters, which reduces waste and extra costs.

Apart from the safety provided by the BPA-free plastics, the coffee maker contains a safety lid. The purpose of the lid is to prevent hot water from splashing while making the coffee, which reduces the chances of getting burns from it.

The 32oz capacity of the coffee maker will easily let you serve 3-4 people at once. Therefore, you can enjoy your cup of coffee with your friends and even make some for your family during breakfast.

You will also be getting a small scoop with the machine, which will let you deliver the coffee grounds easily from the bag to the press. Hence, you won’t have to purchase a scoop separately just for this purpose.

  • Heat-resistant, durable and stylish construction
  • Mesh filter enhances flavor and reduces waste
  • Safety lid included to prevent splashes
  • 32-ounce capacity is enough for 3-4 people
  • Scoop included for easy transfer of grounds to the press
  • Bottom plastic might come off
  • Bottom glass might crack


A contemporary coffee press that makes daily coffee making convenient with no waste.

What to Look for Before Buying? (Buying Guide)

If you are a coffee lover, you know that you cannot be reckless when getting a gourmet coffee maker for yourself. There are details and factors that you should keep in mind when you are in the process of choosing one.

A coffee maker is a long-term purchase, and you will invest quite a bit in it – so there should be no carelessness while purchasing one.

However, if you are confused about the factors and features you should look out for, we are here to help you. We have made a list of everything that you should keep in mind when choosing, and with this, you can surely pick the right one.

Brewing Time

The purpose of having a gourmet coffee maker is to get your coffee as soon as possible. Therefore, brewing time is necessary and something that you should never overlook.

You can go through the specifications and the review of your chosen product to see if it can brew coffee within a minute or not.

Ease of Use

You wouldn’t want to wake up every morning and go through a hassle-some process just to have coffee.

Hence, you should check if the coffee maker is easy to use or not. You can go through the instructions and see how it needs to be used exactly to get a clearer idea.


Some gourmet coffee makers are capable of brewing tea as well. And if you are looking for one like that, then versatility should be your priority.

Before choosing your coffee maker, take a look at its functions and all the features that it provides.


Sure, the purpose of a coffee maker is to make coffee solely, but you will feel a lot better when it looks good as well!

And that is why you should not overlook the design. There are tons of stylish options for you to choose from, and hence, you should not compromise.


Gourmet coffee makers are compact in general – and their size determines whether they are portable or not.

So, if you need to transport your coffee maker to various places, then it is best to go for one that will come with a compact body.


The capacity of a gourmet coffee maker is also important if you like to brew coffee for your friends and family as well.

In that case, you should go for one with a 32oz capacity. And if you only need to brew some for yourself, then a 12oz capacity should do.

Ease of Cleanliness

Cleaning gourmet coffee makers become the easiest task if the machine is designed properly. Therefore, you should look out for its parts in that case.

Moreover, you should also check if your chosen coffee maker is dishwasher safe or not. This feature alone will make it a lot easier for you.


You wouldn’t want to replace your gourmet coffee maker a month or two after you have just bought it.

Therefore, you need one that is designed to last long and function well. Make sure it comes with durable construction and a long-term warranty as well for further assurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I maintain my gourmet coffee maker?

Maintaining gourmet coffee makers is really no hassle, given most of them are dishwasher safe. All you can do is turn them off once you are done making your coffee and keep it empty as long as you are not using it.

  • How long do gourmet coffee makers last?

That really depends on the coffee maker itself. To check the lifespan of your chosen gourmet coffee maker, you should look at its construction. At the same time, have a look at the warranty provided. In most cases, you can expect them to last for about 5 years or so.

  • What is the average capacity of gourmet coffee makers?

Gourmet coffee makers are generally compact and not suitable for a large group of people. So you can expect them to have a capacity of 4-8 cups on average. However, some can have higher or lower capacity depending on the product itself.

  • Do coffee shops use gourmet coffee makers?

Gourmet coffee makers do ensure consistent flavors, which makes them suitable for use in coffee shops. And while some do use them, all don’t because gourmet coffee makers can lack in terms of versatility. But if you are looking for barista-quality coffee, then you will surely get it with gourmet coffee makers.

  • Do I use pods or coffee grounds with gourmet coffee makers?

The specialty of gourmet coffee makers is that they mostly use coffee grounds when brewing coffee. And most of them even come with filters that will extract the coffee perfectly without it losing any flavors or essence. So there is no need to use pods with them.

  • Can I take my gourmet coffee maker to my office?

As gourmet coffee makers tend to have a low capacity in most cases, they are rather compact and portable. And if yours is lightweight as well, then you can easily take them to your office without any problems. But do check the weight before you decide to carry it with you.

  • Is a gourmet coffee maker worth it?

Gourmet coffee makers come with tons of benefits that will make them a worthy purchase. You will have top-notch coffee every day with the lowest brewing time, and you won’t have to put much effort into it either. So, these highly functional coffee makers are definitely worth it.

Final Words

The best gourmet coffee maker will never disappoint you because it is built to meet all your expectations and requirements. And we hope this article has helped you find the right one for yourself!

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