Best Fantastic Uses For Paper Coffee Filters

If you think coffee filters are just for making coffee, then think again. Read on for several unique uses for coffee filters that have nothing to do with making coffee, and everything to do with saving you time and money. If you catch them on sale, you can get a lot for a decent price, which is always great.

Microwave Protector

If you heat soup and other things up with your microwave in a bowl then you know when it heats up, it splats everywhere. If you take a coffee filter and place it upside down, it will cover the entire bowl and you will have no mess. After your done heating simply throw it in the trash.


If you love to plant flowers in flower pots then you know the ones with the holes in the bottom of the pot can become a pain. When you start adding the soil, its seems like half the soil comes out of the holes in the bottom. If you place a coffee filter at the bottom, before you add the soil you won’t have that problem. Coffee filters are meant to filter out water, so your water will still come out if needed and your soil will stay in place.


If you are the type of cook who likes to reuse their cooking oil, then you should invest in coffee filters. Use the coffee filter as a strainer and run the grease through it. Of course you may need to line the coffee filter on something. I have seen people use the coffee filter as a liner in a smaller strainer. This catches everything before it goes through the normal strainer.

Spot-free glasses

If your glassware always comes out of the dishwasher with spots, let coffee filters remedy the problem. Just heat up some water on the stove or in the microwave, and hold your glasses over the hot water until they steam up. Then, wipe the glasses clean with a coffee filter, and the spots will have vanished! (Note: To avoid leaving lint on your glasses, switch to a new filter every few glasses.)

No mess clean-up

The next time you’re about to fill a tin with cookies or other treats, place a coffee filter at the bottom of the tin first; then once all the goodies are gone, you won’t have to worry about washing out the tin. Just remove the coffee filter liner, and toss it in the trash.

Party favors

If you’re looking for an attractive way to package party favors, coffee filters are the perfect solution. Place your goodies in the center of a coffee filter, and gather up the sides to form a little pouch. Then, just tie the top shut with a piece of ribbon, and your favors are ready for giving.

Odor-free fridge

If you’re tired of having to clean up the refrigerator every time someone knocks over the baking soda box, turn to coffee filters for an easy fix. Just pour some baking soda in the center of a coffee filter, and tie the sides shut around it with a piece of string or a bread tie. Then, place the pouch inside the fridge for an odor absorber that’s sure to leave your refrigerator spill-free.


Dinner parties and get-togethers always seem to yield lots of leftovers, so the next time you find yourself packaging up leftovers for guests, reach for the box of coffee filters instead of your plastic storage containers. Stack three or four coffee filters together to create a sturdy, give-away storage container. Then, fill it up with lots of leftovers, tie the top shut with a piece of string, and send the bundle home with your guests. This way guests will get to take home some tasty leftovers, and you won’t have to wonder if you’ll ever see your plastic storage containers again.

Halloween decorations

If you’re looking for a quick and inexpensive way to decorate your house for Halloween, just grab a box of coffee filters. Place a small Styrofoam ball in the center of a coffee filter, and gather the sides around it with a piece of orange or black ribbon to create an instant ghost. Then use a marker to draw on a face, and your ghost is ready to hang. For a truly spooky effect, make lots of ghosts, and hang them in unexpected places.

Keep an extra box of coffee filters on hand, and you’re sure to find even more unique uses for them!

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