Best Espresso Machines For College Students

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 You’ve picked the right guide if you’re a college student looking for the best espresso machines for college students. You should also look for a simple type to feed with beans & water and empty when necessary. Are you undecided about the machine to choose? We’ve looked into various models to see which ones produce consistent outcomes.

Patricia Robert – Director of an American coffee maker company, says the best espresso machines can make a thick, full-bodied espresso that will give you the boost you need to get your day started. If you’re a college student, this article will recommend the Best espresso machine for college students to buy here.

4 Best Espresso Machines For College Students

1. De’Longhi Original EN80B Espresso Machine

De'Longhi Original EN80B Espresso Machine


  • Brand Nestle Nespresso
  • Color Black
  • Input power: 1200 W
  • Capacity 1.5 Pounds
  • Water tank capacity: 0,7L

Feature Description:

The De’Longhi EN80B Espresso Machine for students delivers 19 bars of pressure and is programmable. Running at 1200 watts, this coffee machine heats the water quickly to an ideal temperature for brewing espresso or coffee. The patented extraction system has a compact design and auto-sensing technology with an internal water tank.

This 12.6 x 4.7 x 9 inches machine also has a special drip tray. Plus, that attaches to the drip tray holder on top of the machine and has energy-efficient features. The optional Aeroccino Milk Frother whips up luscious foam in just seconds for your drink of choice. This espresso Coffee machine is perfect with a 0.7L water capacity with its compact footprint.

  • Energy-efficient Coffee maker
  • Best extraction system
  • Automatically switches off the system
  • Consume more power

Bottom Line

The De’Longhi Nespresso Original EN80B Espresso Machine is the ultimate coffee solution for espresso lovers. Like its automatic operation, it keeps it simple and easy to use. Moreover, the patented extraction system guarantees excellent brewing results every time.

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2. Lavazza BLUE Single-Serve LB 300 Espresso Coffee Machine

Best espresso machine


  • Brand Lavazza
  • Manual Feature           
  • Weight: 7. 7 lb
  • Color Blue
  • Power supply: 110V
  • Maker Type Espresso Machine
  • Water tank capacity: 0. 2Gl
  • Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Feature Description:

Get familiar with the Lavazza BLUE Classy Espresso Coffee Machine for college students, a single-serve machine uniquely for your college needs. This small and handy espresso machine is an ideal choice for a student. It makes top-quality coffee with energy efficiency.

 This premium quality coffee maker is built to deliver delicious lattes, cappuccinos, and espressos. Its simple touch controls and patented extraction system provide good pressure to extract even the most refined flavors from your favorite coffee beans.

The 13 x 5.3 x 10.2 inches Lavazza BLUE Espresso machine for college students offers incredible features in a unique design that will catch your eye. This coffee maker uses Lavazza Blue capsules to deliver a delicious espresso hot and flavorful shot every time.

  • Prepares excellent-tasting espresso
  • High-quality and single-serving coffee machine
  • Combines a classic design and handy
  • Just prepare one cup at one time

3. DeLonghi Black Espresso EC155 15 Bar Machine

DeLonghi Black Espresso EC155 15 Bar Machine


  • Brand De’Longhi
  • Color Black
  • Capacity 1 Liters
  • Maker Type Espresso Machine
  • Three-in-one filter
  • 5-bar pressure

Feature Description:

The DeLonghi Black Espresso EC155 15 Bar Machine is a high-quality, full-featured espresso coffee machine for college students that automatically prepares excellent-tasting espresso and cappuccino to your personal preferences.

It features 15 bars of pressure, a patented extraction system, and an automatic system. The system shuts off after 8 minutes to help you save energy. The boiler can deliver 2 cups of coffee at 190 degrees in only 25 seconds!

In addition, the 12.2 x 19.3 x 15 EC155 De’Longhi machine combines a classic design with a variety of advanced features. Take this Espresso machine apart and put it back together in less than five minutes without breaking or losing parts, thanks to easily detachable legs.

  • Maintains the optimal temperature
  • Simple and easy to remove the water tank
  • Dishwasher save machine
  • Serve only two cups at a time

Bottom Line

 I love this fast and automatic that is easy to use and clean. Furthermore, it comes with a unique design that allows you to load only one pod, so you can make only two espressos at a time.

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4.  Stainless Steel EC680M De’Longhi Espresso Machine

Stainless Steel EC680M De'Longhi Espresso Machine


  • Brand De’Longhi
  • 1 Liters Capacity           
  • Color Metallic
  • Maker Type Espresso Machine
  • Imported
  • 15-bar pressure

Feature Description:

The De’Longhi EC680M machine is perfect for espresso lovers and those looking for simple, easy-to-use machines. The stylish EC680M is made of stainless steel, with a 15-bar pressure system, and has an easily removable water tank.

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The holder for a three-in-one filter allows you to make your beverage choice with ease. An automatic flow stop ensures that your coffee will brew at the ideal temperature every time. At the same time, the drip tray allows you to make milk foam or tea whenever you want it.

 With an elegant, modern design and stainless steel construction, it’s a great addition to any college needs — whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned coffee drinker. The drip tray is removable and allows you full access to the removable water tank. 

  • Create professional-quality coffee drinks easily
  • Latest in espresso technology
  • Using a three-in-one filter holder
  • Little louder

Bottom Line

 I like its 3-in-1 filter holder with ideal brewing temperature. It has a 15-bar pressure and removable water tank, built with a metal casing to prevent internal corrosion. In fact, it comes with a removable water tank and automatic flow stop, which I love the most.

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Buying guide for the Best espresso machine for college students

Fully Autonomous

The machine sets the amount of water in a fully automatic espresso maker. Many provide you with the option to tailor the grind, temperature, strength, and/or amount to your preferences. This is essentially a built-in timer that shuts down the coffee maker after 30 minutes!

Produces a Large Amount of Coffee

The ideal Best espresso machine for college students is one which makes just the proper amount of coffee to get your day going. A single serving may make espresso shots (about 2 fluid ounces) or a large black coffee (approximately 5 fluid ounces). 

Cleaning Performance

First and foremost, think about cleaning. My go-to single-serve coffee machine is definitely a Rancilio machine with the ability to use grounds. These machines have the fewest parts, so cleaning them is as easy as putting a descale powder into the water tank & rotating it until it is drained.

Other aspects to think about

You’ll constantly hear about Bar Pump Pressure when searching for an espresso machine. Pump machines measure pressure in bars as well as units of atmospheric pressure. Even though 8 to 9 bars are deemed adequate, most machines and our top espresso machines feature at least 15-bar pumps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

a. When it comes to coffee pods, how long do they last?

As a college student, you may run through coffee quickly or keep it for months! If you keep ground coffee properly, you can extend the life of the grounds for up to 6 months.

b. Is there a distinction between Nespresso and espresso?

Espresso is a full-bodied, full-flavored coffee with complex aromas and a firm acidity kick. It’s stressful, complicated, and enthralling. The body of Nespresso shots is medium, with a rich flavor, pleasing scents, and a slight acidity.

c. In a dorm room, how would you make espresso?

If you’re unfamiliar with AeroPress, it’s a one-cup manual coffee/espresso machine. Place the press on top of your favorite coffee mug, scoop in the grinds, and fill with boiling water. You press out the coffee after a fast steeping process.

Final words

In short, I hope that this guide is helpful for you in selecting the Best espresso machine for college students as per your need.

Our top picks:

De’Longhi Original EN80B is best for a large number of cups with fast speed. On the other hand, the Lavazza BLUE LB 300 Espresso Coffee Machine is the best among all coffee makers because of its single serving.

Happy shopping 🙂

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