Top 10 Best Dual Coffee Makers for Your Kitchen- Top Picks 2022

Best Dual Coffee Maker

It’s always a matter of conflict whether to buy a single serving coffee maker or a multiple serving one. And in the clash between the two, the winner would the best dual coffee maker.

Instead of buying each of them separately smart choice would be to buy a dual coffee maker. You can make coffee for you and your whole family all in one in a dual coffee maker.

But choosing any dual coffee maker won’t be a good idea if it can’t brew good coffee. That’s why you need to choose your dual coffee maker wisely. And to help you with that, I am here with the top ten selections.

10 Best Dual Coffee Maker Reviews

I have made this complete list of the top 10 dual coffee makers handpicking each of them. You will definitely find the right one as you go till the end.






Keurig K-Cafe

Keurig K-Cafe

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System, Auto-iQ Tea and Coffee Maker with 6 Brew Sizes, 5 Brew Styles, Frother, Coffee & Tea Baskets with Glass Carafe (CP301)

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System(CP301)

Keurig K-Duo

Keurig K-Duo

Cuisinart CHW-12

Cuisinart CHW-12

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew

Hamilton Beach FlexBrew

Cuisinart SS-20 Coffee Center

Cuisinart SS-20 Coffee Center

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System CP307

Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System CP307

Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker, Single Serve and 12-Cup Carafe Drip Coffee Brewer, Compatible with...

Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker

Cuisinart CHW-12 Coffee Plus

Cuisinart CHW-12 Coffee Plus

01. Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer Coffee Maker(49980a)

 Best Dual Coffee Maker

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Its Special Features:

  • Can brew coffee both in a single served coffee mug or a glass carafe.
  • Special smart scoop that works as a filter too.
  • Has programming options for setting time for future brewing.
  • Two strength options to choose from as per wish.

Duality is the best thing served in this duo coffee maker. You get your coffee and also brew for your entire family both in one place.

Both of the facilities are given separately with two extracting options. You need to set your mug or carafe under the right spout to extract the coffee.

The coffee basket has separate areas too. You choose the volume of coffee you need to make and the type you want to. Then put your favorite coffee grounds on the chosen side.

You won’t even have to be in the position of struggling to select the right filter or scoop volume. This coffee machine comes along with a convenient gold-tone filter scoop. It’s a reusable one. So, you can reuse it by washing it several times. It allows you to scoop the coffee and put it directly into the coffee basket.

The most facilitating feature is its programming capability for future brewing. You can preset it to brew automatically for you. it gives you the chance to select the time, volume, and strength of the coffee you want to drink.

It’s a really interesting addition as a feature. You can decide if you want it to be bold enough, have a strong flavor, or leave it to be a regular one. This helps in making a customized coffee than a regular monotonous coffee.

The taste of the coffee is a matter of priority to this. Coffee tastes best at the right temperature. To keep your hot coffee hot, it includes a warming plate. As your coffee sits on the tray it remains warm for longer hours. So, your extra brewed coffee won’t lose temperature and taste even when left for drinking later.


  • Fully programmable functionality
  • Brew strength selector option
  • Very easy to use and clean
  • Slow single server coffee brewing
  • Not supported for KCups


02.Keurig K-Cafe Coffee Maker


 Best Dual Coffee Maker

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Its Special Features:

  • Three types of coffee can be brewed.
  • Includes an automatic frother. Very effective in its work.
  • Brews from K-cup coffee pods.
  • Gives 4 brew size options.

You need duality, but this dual coffee maker gives you more than that. You can brew not 1 not 2 but 3 different types of coffee with this coffee maker. From classic regular coffee to specialties, you can brew anything as per your wish. Not only that. If you don’t want a regular strength coffee, you can make a bold one with just a press of a button.

You can make both a coffee latte and cappuccino with this competent coffee maker. Don’t think that you have to get a separate frother. Because it includes one for you. It is an automatic frother having some exciting controlling features. You can select the type of froth you need for your coffee. The best part, you can make it cold too if you need to. because It has a separate button for cold frothing.

It doesn’t need coffee ground in it. It works with k-cup pods. You may choose any k-cup pods compatible with the machine and make your desired coffee. It’s easy to insert and easy to brew.

The control panel vividly names the selecting options for designated functions. By choosing them you can customize yours and make it any moment. Besides that, it also has the feature of auto shutting when not in use. You can also change the settings anytime you want.

The most important part of the control panel is the addition of volumetric control. You get a total of 4 different size options to brew from. You can fit your regular mug into a large travel mug in it and choose the amount of coffee to be brewed. Your choice is given importance here.

  • Compatible with k-cup pods
  • Large 60oz water reservoir
  • Programmable and auto-off feature
  • No preset auto-on feature
  • High price tag

03. Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System (Cp301)

 Best Dual Coffee Maker

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Its Special Features:

  • Can brew tea or coffee both. Cold and ice brewing features are also available.
  • Foldable frother with the ability to do both hot and cold frothing.
  • Volumetric control options are available.
  • Includes smart scoop for using precise ground coffee or tea for brewing.

Hardly any other dual coffee maker can beat this dual brew coffeemaker for its versatility. You can brew not only coffee but can take it farther. It does not have to be only coffee; you can brew tea too. It also gives you the option for cold brewing.

And the most interesting one among all is the feature for over-ice brewing. This lets you brew coffee maintaining a temperature that won’t melt the ice of your coffee. Rather it helps to let it stay longer time for the perfect iced brew you desire.

For specialty drinks, you will need to froth your milk. And you can do so with its special in-built frother. It is a foldable one that stays hidden within the coffee maker. While frothing you can easily take it out and froth the milk as you require. It gives you the freedom for doing both hot and cold froth. The control panel gives you all the facilities. You just have to adjust accordingly before working.

You can brew coffee in both mugs and carafes. It is completely up to your choice. This lets you choose from 6 different volumes of coffee to brew. Just put the right amount of water and ground coffee, then select the amount you want to brew. It will give the exact volume of freshly brewed coffee right in your mug or carafe.

This set includes a smart scoop for scooping the right amount of coffee every time. Nothing less nothing more. You can get the precise scoop of ground coffee without even trying hard.

  • Five brew styles and six brew sizes
  • Both hot and cold froth
  • Auto IQ one-touch intelligence technology
  • It doesn’t accept Kcups
  • Cleaning the machine isn’t easy

04.Keurig K-Duo Coffee Maker

 Best Dual Coffee Maker

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Its Special Features:

  • Can serve single cup or multiple proportions in a carafe.
  • 4 different options of volumetric sizes.
  • Has both ground coffee and coffee pods brewing facility.
  • 60-ounce transparent water reservoir that is removable for easy filling.

This is a 2-in-1 brewing facility integrated dual coffee maker. Neither you have to leave out your family while making coffee nor you have to waste a lot while making only for you. You can do both with this. It lets you make single-serving coffee when you are drinking alone and also make multiple proportions for the whole family separately.

In terms of volumetric controls, you get 4 different options to choose from. When brewing in a carafe you have to choose the carafe option and then select your volume. The same goes for single-serving coffee too. This lets you brew the exact amount you need or want. This helps to prevent waste and increase satisfaction.

You can make coffee in it using both ground coffee or k-cup pods. You are not limited to one here. The k-cup pods are used for brewing the single-serving coffee and ground coffee for the carafe. Both have separate chambers with separate lids but all within this one tool.

It has a very simple design even though it includes that many sophisticated features. With the transparent water reservoir at the back and two extracting facilities in the front, it has almost a square shape and takes the least space possible. Its size and shape are a plus point as a countertop coffee maker.

The transparent water reservoir is a very handy one to use. It’s a 60 ounces water reservoir to store enough water for brewing coffee. You can see through it to know how much to fill or it is already filled. As it is removable, you can take it to the sink for easy filling. You can complete the task of filling skipping hassles.

  • It accepts both ground coffee and k-cup pods
  • Easily Programmable and handy pause and pour feature
  • Compact size for convenient placement
  • You may face the coffee dripping issue
  • The water reservoir is smaller in size

05. Cuisinart CHW-12P1 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

Cuisinart CHW-12

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Its Special Features:

  • Has a water drainage facility.
  • Includes self-cleaning option.
  • The temperature of the carafe can be adjusted as needed.
  • Can prepare hot water separately for other purposes.

Having a water reservoir is essential, but draining the water and cleaning it is a headache. But you will be free from this hassling works if you get this duo coffee maker.

It has an effective drainage system that can drain the water after use. You won’t have to do a thing for that. Its plumbing system includes a water pipe through which it drains the water safely without any chances of spilling.

Self-cleaning is an advanced feature that this coffee maker has. Everybody gets lazy when comes to maintenance and cleaning. But with this one, you won’t feel the same. Because with just a push of a button you can get your coffee maker to clean itself automatically. No need to remove the body parts and separately wash them. The device itself will clean the necessary components and keep itself clean for you.

The taste of the coffee fluctuates as its temperature changes. It does not remain the same. If you don’t want your coffee to lose temperature as soon as it starts falling in the carafe, you need this feature of this coffee maker. This coffee maker has the unique feature of letting you adjust the temperature of the carafe. You can go from low to medium to even high.

Interestingly this 2 in 1 coffee maker works as a hot water dispenser too. It is an unpopular trend but a really useful one. You can get quick hot water without waiting for long. For several things, you need hot water. It can be for making your warm cereal or simply a cup of tea maybe. But waiting for it while your kettle boils is annoying. So, you can skip that and get your hot water quickly with this coffee maker.

  • Two separate heating system
  • Well-defined control panel
  • Removable drip tray and basket
  • The water dispenser is not top-grade
  • It doesn’t keep the coffee hot for a long time

06. Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio 2-Way Single Serve Coffee Maker

 Best Dual Coffee Maker

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Its Special Features:

  • Has both auto-brewing and auto shut-off features.
  • Comes with both a ground coffee basket and holder for pods. Can use anyone.
  • Two separate water reservoirs for brewing in a carafe and single-serving mugs.
  • Can customize the brew strength as per preference.

What could be better than finding your cup of coffee ready for you just at the time you want? This dual brew coffee maker allows you to program the device for brewing at a fixed time. You can choose the exact time when you want your coffee and this coffee maker will automatically brew it for you.

The best thing an electric coffee maker can have is this thoughtful feature of auto shutting. And this coffee maker ensures it for you. During its idle time, it will shut off automatically. This will help you save energy and money. But it won’t create any problem for your brewing. It will stop after a 2-hour cycle of warming. Again, it will keep the device on when set for automatic brewing later.

You are not constrained in this coffee maker for choosing only coffee pods or ground coffee here. You can choose anyone you like. Because this coffee maker comes as a set along with 2 separate baskets designated for ground coffee and k-cup pods. It is up to you which one you choose for brewing.

With separate brewing chambers, in this coffee machine, the water reservoir is separated too. So, when you are making in a carafe or a mug you need to pour water to its designated water reservoir.

If you are not a fan of regular coffee, you can switch to bold coffee anytime. Its brew-strength customizing capability allows you to brew a bolder coffee fulfilling your wish. When you brew without selecting the option, the word regular will pop up on the screen. So, you can always know if your coffee is brewing regularly or bold.

  • Compatible with both K-cups and ground coffee
  • Programmable timer and handy brew strength selector
  • Separate water reservoir for each brewer
  • Water doesn’t heat quickly
  • No brew time setting option for the single-serve side

07. Cuisinart Ss-20 Coffee Center

 Best Dual Coffee Maker

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Its Special Features:

  • Can program ahead to brew later.
  • Brews from coffee pods for single servings and ground coffee for the carafe.
  • Alerts when ready. Can turn on or off the feature as per requirement.
  • Auto pause for sneaking a cup before brewing ends.

Auto brewing functionality is a very helpful addition to the coffee maker for working people. When you are in a hurry and can’t make time for brewing your daily coffee, you can set it ahead of time. The coffee maker itself can prepare the coffee for you right at the time you need it.

You can choose ground coffee or a k-cup pod for brewing. Its single-serve brewer utilizes cup pods and for preparing coffee in carafe ground coffee is used. When you are keeping it for auto-brewing, you need to put the coffee beforehand.

The best part about this fully automatic thermal coffee maker is that it will give a signal to you when the coffee is ready. Interestingly you can also turn off the feature any time you want. But keeping it is very useful. You won’t have to keep an eye on it as it is brewed. You can set it to brew taking its time, and call you when done. It saves and time and lets you do other works.

Sneak pouring is a common thing to do. When brewing in a carafe it takes a long time to do so. But you don’t have to wait until the end to get your cup. You can simply take the carafe out and sneak grab your share. The coffee machine automatically will detect the carafe’s absence and stop extracting coffee. It pauses for a moment when you take the carafe out. As soon as you put it back it will continue doing its work as it is programmed.

  • Coffee stays extremely hot for hours in the pot
  • Heavy-duty coffee machine
  • The machine brews coffee pretty quick
  • Filling the drip brewing chamber is tricky
  • You can’t brew carafe and K-cup simultaneously

08. Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System Cp307

                                Best Dual Coffee Maker

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Its Special Features:

  • Has a thermal carafe to keep the coffee warm for long.
  • Can brew from tea to coffee and special coffees.
  • Includes special categorized options for advanced adjustments.
  • 6 volumetric options for choosing the amount of coffee to be brewed.

No need to worry about getting your coffee cold when brewed more at a time. You can expect to have hot coffee even after a long time. The secret is its thermal carafe. It is not merely any carafe. The carafe insulates properly to keep your coffee hot and deliver the perfect taste at any time.

Sometimes, you don’t feel like drinking coffee, you can make tea anytime with this versatile coffee maker. Brew whichever tea you want. There are no conditions for that. take the right amount of ground tea on the basket and brew.

You are also given the chance to brewing special coffees like cappuccino, latte, or others. Its foldable frother is an important addition that facilitates making such special coffees.

It does not end here just by letting you choose the type of drink you want to brew. This coffee maker has a special category for advanced adjustments. You can choose if you want a rich brew or a classic one. Not only that, but it also lets you choose from a cold brew or straight over the ice. This coffee maker takes the adjustment game to a different level.

After programming how to brew the coffee then you can select how much to brew. You are given 6 different volume options to choose from. This is applicable for your mug, travel mug, and even carafe. You can choose how much to fill them based on the options given. it works with a simple round dialler. Simply rolling around will let you choose what you require.

  • Both hot and cold brewing system
  • Individual basket for tea and coffee
  • Five brewing styles and six brewing sizes
  • It doesn’t support K-cups
  • The water reservoir is not that sturdy

09. Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker, Single Serve, and 12-Cup Carafe Drip Coffee Brewer

 Best Dual Coffee Maker

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Its Special Features:

  • Can brew coffee for single or multiple servings.
  • Brew sizes can be customized with the options given on the control panel.
  • Has an option of making bold coffee.
  • Includes auto-brewing facility to brew later.

Having the option for brewing in two ways is the best thing a dual coffee maker can provide. You may brew for yourself or your entire family without any trouble. This dual brew coffee maker has both facilities for you.

The glass carafe is big enough to fit 12 cups of coffee altogether. It comes along with the coffee maker so you won’t have to worry about buying it separately. It is made to be compatible with the coffee maker.

You can choose the amount of coffee you want to brew. The control panel includes all the necessary adjusting options you require. You can choose from 4 different options of volume.

At first, need to choose if you want to brew it in the carafe or a mug. The control panel has all the clearly pointed so you won’t find any difficulty doing so. After successfully doing that, you can choose the amount to brew. If you choose a carafe, the chosen amount will be brewed in the carafe. If you chose the other, then it will be brewed in a cup as you asked it to.

Your taste and preference are highly prioritized. You won’t have to sacrifice the taste of how you like your coffee. Whether you are a lover of strong coffee or a regular one, you can select as per your taste and brew your coffee.

Out of all its features, the best one would be the pre-programming ability. You can pre-program the device for brewing later. The timer can set both hours and minutes for delivering precise results. It will brew your coffee at the exact time you want to drink it.

  • Compatible with both k-cup pods and ground coffee
  • Multi-positioned water tank
  • Pre-programmable brewing facility
  • No proper instruction manual
  • The carafe doesn’t keep coffee warm for an extended period.

10. Cuisinart CHW-12 Coffee Plus

 Best Dual Coffee Maker

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Its Special Features:

  • Simple control panel including so many different unique adjustment options.
  • Has a self-cleaning function to automatically clean the tool.
  • Can be programmed for brewing later within 24 hours.
  • Auto shut-off feature is available to shut off the device when not in use.

This easy-using two-way coffee maker would be the best thing you take home. Its simple controlling system is what makes it an easy-going one. All the adjusting items are tagged for you to find them easily. It’s so simple to use even though having so many advanced features.

An important addition to this coffee maker is that it includes a hot water dispenser. You can get hot water any time you require from this machine. As you fill the water reservoir it boils the water and keeps it ready for you to use. It gives a signal and alerts you when the water is ready.

An automatic coffee maker makes coffee for you. But this automatic coffee maker not only makes coffee but also has the capability of cleaning itself. You can use the option self-clean integrated into it for regular cleaning and maintaining the machine.

Auto brewing is an important feature in a coffee machine for busy people. You always can’t take the time to make coffee right before hitting the road. Sometimes the rush hours make you miss your daily coffee. That is why this auto-brewing program is necessary. You can set the coffee maker to brew coffee for you automatically within the next 24 hours at your set time.

After the coffee maker is done brewing your coffee, it can shut itself off. You do not have to be worrying about extra bills or about wasting energy. Sometimes when you leave home in a rush without turning it off, you won’t have to worry then too. All will be done by the machine itself.

  • Super easy to use
  • Separate filters for both tea and coffee
  • Effortless cleaning with self-cleaning function
  • Hot water system takes much time to heat
  • The water reservoir is smaller than its competitors

How to Choose the Best Dual Coffee Maker

You can simply go shopping and buy yourself a dual coffee maker. But following a buying guide can help you get the right one you should buy. To assist you in your quest of finding the right one, I have made this brief buying guide for the best dual coffee maker. Hope you find it useful.

Volumetric Options

This is an essential option for a coffee maker. You may make a pot of coffee, but in the end, you cannot drink them all and they will be wasted. To avoid any sort of waste and to brew the exact amount of coffee you want at the time, volumetric options are added.

With this option, you can choose the right amount you want to brew. Not more not less, the automatic coffee makers will brew the exact amount you selected. It can be for a carafe, a simple mug, or a travel mug. You may choose any and then decide the volume of coffee to be brewed.


Coffee is for making you refreshed and energetic. But if making coffee becomes a headache then it will be a big problem. Try avoiding the machines with complicated control panels. They will kill much of your time first thing in the morning.

Automatic coffee makers are for cutting your work and making it easy for you to make a cup of coffee. Simple usability is welcomed by all. You will find tons of coffee makers that may have so many adjusting facilities and controlling systems but the using process is very simple. Such coffee makers are the ones you should be looking for. They will help you make the perfect coffee in the easiest way possible.

Size of the Machine

As coffee makers are machines for the countertop, size is an important matter. You do not want to regret buying the machine. That’s why it is important to check the size of the device before you buy it. It needs to fit your counter and be able to adjust with all other equipment.

Being a dual coffee maker, it has many segments and is comparatively larger than the normal ones. So, you need to be careful if it is too big. You cannot help the size of the dual coffee makers but can search for a smaller one or the right one that can fit your kitchen.

Frequently Asked questions

Let’s now check some of the most frequently asked questions about dual coffee makers and professionals’ answers to them.

  • What is dual coffee maker?

A dual coffee maker is a coffee maker that can make two cups of coffee at the same time.

  • Is buying a dual coffee maker worth it?

 I would definitely say yes. If you live with your family, a dual coffee maker would be the best thing you buy. It can make coffee for your entire family and when needed can brew you some in your mug.

This feature will help you brew the right amount of coffee. Nothing extra, nothing too little. You can brew as per the instant situation.

  • What kind of coffee is used in dual coffee makers?

Different coffee makers have different conditions. Some brews from ground coffee where others brew from k-cup pods. Being dual coffee makers, some have the flexibility of brewing both. You may put a k-cup pod or ground coffee it depends on what the coffee maker allows.

  • Do the dual coffee makers always be large in terms of size?

No. A dual coffee maker may have so many extra features than a normal coffee maker but it is fixed that it will be a huge machine. Even though having all sorts of advanced features, it might still maintain a sophisticated design and have a space-efficient structure. It varies from machine to machine. But not necessary that it will be only of large size. but there are some commercial coffee makers that are dual and huge in size as well.

  • Is it safe to leave the coffee maker on for the whole day?

No, it is not a safe thing to do so. A powered coffee maker continuously keeps the water and the coffee tray hot. This is dangerous to keep them in such a situation for time hour over 2-4 hours.

It may result in burning the carafe or mug whatever is placed on over the platform. And in extreme cases, fire issues may arise. So, you must turn the machine off after long hours of use or keep monitoring it.

In many coffee makers, you will find an auto shut-off feature. This automatically shuts off the machine after long hours of idleness. So, you won’t even have to do it yourself.

My Special Suggestion at The End

As you came to the end, I bet you already got something in your mind. It’s not hard to choose a coffee maker. What is hard is choosing the right one that will satisfy your needs.

You can go ahead choose any from this list. All the coffee makers have been chosen carefully. They all include many advanced features to make your coffee-making task easier. You can find differences in their size, shape, and design. But the sole thing that makes all of them similar is that each of them is the best dual coffee maker on its own.

But there is always one that stands out among all others. And for this list, it’s Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System. Its specialty is its versatility and ability to meet varying demands. You can go ahead and take a deeper look at it.

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