10 Best Commercial Coffee Machine

Starting a new business? Or renovating the old one?

No matter what the case is, buying a new up-to-date commercial coffee machine is the best decision.

Technology changes frequently. With this advancement, new machines come to the market with brand new features. It will be hard for you to keep pace with the competition if you still stick to your old version coffee maker. That’s why it’s best to make a change now. Make a change now and get yourself the best commercial coffee machine.

10 Best Commercial Coffee Machine at A Glance




​Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

​Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

Keurig K155 Office Pro Coffee Maker Brewer

Keurig K155 Office Pro 

BUNN - FBA_33200.0015

BUNN - FBA_33200.0015

Philips 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine w/ LatteGo, Black, EP3241/54

Philips 3200 Series 

De'Longhi ESAM3300 Super Automatic Espresso/Coffee Machine

De'Longhi ESAM3300 Super Automatic 

Keurig K-Cafe Special Edition Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee, Latte and Cappuccino Maker

Keurig K-Cafe Special Edition 

Calphalon BVCLECMPBM1 Temp iQ Espresso Machine with Grinder and Steam Wand, Stainless

Calphalon BVCLECMPBM1 Temp iQ 

Cuisinart SS-20 Coffee Center 10-Cup Thermal Single-Serve Brewer Coffeemaker, Silver

Cuisinart SS-20 Coffee Center 

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker

Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker

Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 Perfectemp Coffee Maker, 14 Cup Progammable with Glass Carafe, Stainless Steel

Cuisinart DCC-3200P1 Perfectemp Coffee Maker

I have selected the 10 commercial coffee machines for this review list. Hope you will find the right one for you among them.

01.Breville Bes870 Xl Barista Express

Best Commercial Coffee Machine

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The first coffee maker to blow your mind is from the Breville store. Its advanced system along with convenient features is a must-have for commercial coffee makers. The machine itself will do half of your work.

Espresso is best when made using freshly ground coffee. And this coffee machine’s in-built bean grinder can help you in making that possible. Its spacious hopper can feed in more beans than the general amount. You can keep it loaded and grind just the quantity you require by adjusting the grinding amount.

As you can program the grinder, you can program the brewing options too. It has a volume control option to let you decide the volume of shot you want to extract. You can customize it as you want and then let it do its job automatically.

The ground coffee is collected in its given brass plated standard maintaining portafilter. It comes with four sets of baskets. You can choose one based on the type of espresso you will be brewing.

You can take out the hopper and so the water reservoir. The best part about the water reservoir is its useful handle. This large water box can be easily lifted and carried to the water source holding this advantageous thing. The charcoal water filter remains inside this reservoir.

Having a water dispenser along with the frother is a plus point for a coffee maker. And having an articulating frother is even better. You get it all in this. Even if you are not good at making froth, you can turn to be a pro after using it for a while. What could be better than this for your business?

Features that matter:

  • Espresso maker with an in-built burr grinder. Can get freshly ground coffee instantly.
  • Programmable grinding and brewing options to customize the coffee.
  • A removable hopper and water reservoir give easy access.
  • Includes both a water dispenser and a frother. The frother is a pivoting one.
  • 4 keys Formula ensures third-wave specialty
  • You won’t face any issue using and cleaning the machine
  • Grind-size dial for desired grind size
  • Digital temperature control and pre-infusion facilities
  • Top and bottom sides of the machine are plastic
  • No separate boiler system for milk and coffee extractions


02. Keurig K155 Office Pro

Best Commercial Coffee Machine

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Next up is the coffee maker from Keurig. It is the simplest automatic coffee maker that you can get. It uses K-cup pods. You can put any flavor of coffee in it that you need to make. Not just coffee, you can also make tea, hot cocoa, and others that come in cup pods.

With simplicity, it has a touch of sophistication too. It includes an advanced touch-sensitive control panel. This allows you to choose the volume of coffee to be extracted. You get five different volume options in this.

It is hard to function when the machine is set in an unknown language. But you won’t be facing the same in this one. You can set it into a language you can understand from three different options.

The long height between the platform and the group head of the coffee maker can fit cups to mug and even travel mugs. By adjusting the volume of extraction you can choose any of your desired coffee collectors.

The water reservoir of the machine can fit about 90 oz of water. The large tank once filled with water can go a long way. You also get a plumbing option too. The water and drainage pipes are given in the back to use as per your need.

Cleaning and maintaining the machine is a piece of cake. The simple body with simple attaching mechanisms gives the ease of doing so. You can take out its drip tray and the water reservoir for cleaning purposes. This helps you reach all the inaccessible parts for washing properly. Such regular maintenance helps the machine to last long.

And most importantly, this coffee maker has an auto turn-off feature. Even if you forget to turn it off after use, it will automatically shut down itself. It lets you be tension-free and saves energy too.

Features that matter:

  • Has a touch screen control panel handy to use.
  • Can choose among three common language options for instructions.
  • Its large-sized removable water reservoir can fit 90 oz of water at a time.
  • Auto turn-off feature saves energy while not in use.
  • Touch screen interface with programmable settings
  • 90-ounce removable water reservoir
  • Quick coffee brewing process
  • Durable and easy to operate
  • It does not support the reusable coffee filters
  • Annoying Keurig advertisements on the screen


03.BUNN – FBA_33200.0015

Best Commercial Coffee Machine

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Want something to serve fresh classic coffee? You get it. This Bunn pour-over commercial coffee maker is just the thing you require. It’s a black coffee maker that does its job right.

This coffee maker has a simple working mechanism. You neither have to go through a lot nor have to prepare too much for that. The best part you can put it anywhere at your convenience. It’s no plumbing system that gives you this flexibility.

By simple functionality, it genuinely means it is this simple. Just pouring water in the water reservoir turns the brewing system on. It starts as soon as you do that. Better you keep your carafe always ready to catch the freshly brewed hot coffee.

Keeping the coffee warm for longer is a challenge too. This challenge is accepted well by this machine. It has two warmers, one over the other. Both have separate switches. You can use both or one at a time, it’s up to your requirements.

The coffee is extracted through a plastic funnel which acts as a filter cup. It is there for you to put the filter paper along with the ground coffee. The hot water passes through this brewing the coffee. Its splashguard structure prevents the extracted coffee to splatter around. This ensures you are safe from any sort of burning accidents.

The internal part of the coffee maker is made with stainless steel to give long-lasting service. Not only that this helps in keeping the water boiling. Every time you brew you get hot water best for making the best cup of coffee.

Features that matter:

  • For making classic black coffee.
  • Easy working method. Just pouring water brews the coffee.
  • Includes 2 warmers. One on the top and one on the bottom.
  • Coffee extracted through a funnel with a splashguard facility.
  • Can Brew 14.4L coffee per hour
  • Robust stainless steel made internal components
  • Highly portable and pour over functionality
  • Easy to use
  • No auto-shutoff system
  • Hard to clean


04. Philips 3200 Series

Best Commercial Coffee Machine

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This automatic coffee maker from Philips is one of a kind. It is a smart idea to keep it by your side if you are in the coffee business. You can get freshly brewed coffee straight from coffee beans within the least time possible.

The taste you are going to get from freshly ground coffee won’t be the same as the packed ones. You can grind the coffee beans in it instantly and brew at the same time. All this happens automatically. You won’t have to work for any of these. Adjust the settings and your job is done. The machine itself will grind the beans and prepare the coffee for you.

You don’t get a separate frother here like the typical ones. It’s different. Instead of the normal steamer, you get a carafe structured automatic frother. Once you pour milk in it and place it, it will froth the milk and use it in the coffee as per the coffee type. It couldn’t just get any easier. You can just put your hands off and relax.

Not 1, not 2, you get a total of 5 different options for making coffee. You can make classic black coffee to latte macchiato but not touch a thing at the same time. It grinds the beans, froths the milk, and prepares the coffee all by itself. However, you get the flexibility of customizing too. You can choose from the given programs or adjust them as you want to.

Its water reservoir is something like a transparent jar making it easy to track the water level. It slides from the side and is removable. You can fill it with tap water which will be later filtered by its aquaclean filter attachment.

Features that matter:

  • Fully automatic coffee maker with automatic grinder, frother, and brewer.
  • Can prepare 5 types of coffee: classic black coffee, cappuccino, latte macchiato, americano, and espresso.
  • Unique carafe style automatic frother that is also dishwasher-proof.
  • Transparent water reservoir with aquaclean filter.
  • Provides five types of coffees
  • Simple touch display for smooth operation
  • 12 step grinder adjustment
  • No milk clean-up is needed
  • It doesn’t support tall coffee mugs
  • Very loud machine


05.De’Longhi ESAM3300 Super Automatic

Best Commercial Coffee Machine

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What makes a good coffee maker is convenient and simple functionality. As an example, you can check this coffee maker. It is a representation of a quality ensured coffee maker that can offer all the necessary features in just the right way.

From volume to the amount of coffee to be brewed, you can set them all. Everything is given in the simplest way possible. You can get at the first glance how to use or adjust it. The pictured control panel with a simple knob system can be used by anybody without having prior knowledge.

One highly important thing is the maintenance facility. And it is particularly prioritized here. All the important parts that need to be deep cleaned are removable for you to get easy access to them. Even you get access to the removable brewer unit for thorough cleaning.

In case you couldn’t put the removed component in the right place properly, it will alert you by giving signals. The control panel has a series of alarm facilities that glows light in such situations. You can easily detect which one is at fault by the signal popping beside the integrated icon.

By the virtue of its double boiler, you get boiled water for brewing and steamer for frothing. It can give you the perfect froth you need for making your cappuccino or other coffee.

You get to choose the size of the cup you want to fill. Its flexible spout can be moved up and down to fit the cup size you choose. Along with the size, you can also choose the number of cups. You can brew coffee for 2 cups at a time if you want to. Just need to set the amount accordingly.

Features that matter:

  • Simple control panel including icons and knobs.
  • Most body parts can be removed for thorough cleaning.
  • Has alarm facility to signal when misplaced.
  • Includes an effective double boiler for boiling water and creating steam.
  • 60-second heat-up time
  • Steel bur grinder with advanced frother
  • Removable water reservoir, waste bin, and drip tray
  • Dual Thermo-block and patented milk system
  • On/off button is difficult to press
  • Beans may stick in the grinder


06.Keurig K-Cafe Special Edition

Best Commercial Coffee Machine

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You get what you need. And this Keurig coffee maker is there to ensure that. You can get the perfect cups of coffee on every attempt. It works both with k-cup pods and ground coffee. You choose your preference and make the coffee.

It has a simple design and functionality. Nothing complex to confuse you. Anybody can use this. Juts few simple buttons in the control panel for programming. You can choose the type of coffee to be brewed and the volume.

You can make regular coffee, coffee latte, and cappuccino with this versatile coffee maker. All of them have almost the same settings so you won’t have to be overwhelmed every time you choose one. With the quick movements of your fingertip, you can select the one you want to brew.

Four options are there for selecting the volume. From small to large cups, you can fill any. Its removable drip tray allows you to fit longer cups than you can otherwise. Another interesting option is its shot button. You can fill for shots with this when brewing a cappuccino or latte.

Moreover, it gives you the option if you want to make the coffee strong or not. With a simple push of the button, you get the strong brew you need for the regular coffee.

You need to froth milk for latte and cappuccino. You will do it but don’t have to do it yourself. Its fully automatic frother will do the job for you. You can command it to make it cold or hot, for a latte or cappuccino and it will do it for you.

After you are done for the day, comes the cleaning part. Its dishwasher-safe body parts will cut the work for you let you relax. You can remove the core parts that need to be cleaned and clean them easily.

Features that matter:

  • Simple control panel for easy usability.
  • Can make regular coffee, cappuccino, and latte as per selection.
  • Automatic frother for making cold or hot-frothed milk.
  • Dishwasher body parts for easy maintenance.
  • Attractive appearance and top-notch build quality
  • Energy-saving programmable auto-off feature
  • Quick and easy coffee brewing style
  • The milk frother is Dishwasher safe
  • The water tank’s handle is not durable
  • Slow coffee brewing process


07. Calphalon Temp iQ coffee maker

Best Commercial Coffee Machine

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Size is a fact when trying to fit the coffee maker on the counter. Normally coffee machines take such wide space to leave almost no room for other equipment.

But you can relax if you have this one. This three-in-one coffee maker includes a grinder, brewer, and frother. By buying one you save the space of three separate tools.

Its grinder is something you can’t skip to talk about. It is a burr grinder with a massive 30 click adjustment facility. The hopper has a coarseness level engraved on it so you can set the grinder the most precise way possible. The black translucent hopper is large enough to hold a lot of beans together and store them for later use. It blocks UV rays and air to keep your beans in good condition.

The ground coffee is collected in its large portafilter. Right after collecting the ground coffee, you can press with the given tamper and give it to brew. This ensures the water is dispensed evenly. You may ask for one-shot or two at a time. They remain programmed for you but you can always customize them.

Just beside the extraction spout is the stick frother. Its control panel includes a knob with hot water and steam options. For frothing simply chose steam and get your milk frothed in no time.

And for making espresso you get this facility of cup warming. The temperature difference fluctuates the taste of espresso. But it won’t be happening when you are making that. It consists of a cup warming tray that will help in warming the cup before the brewed coffee is poured.

Features that matter:

  • Space efficient coffee maker including a grinder and frother.
  • Large bean hopper to store more coffee beans.
  • Articulating stick frother. Very easy to use.
  • Comes with a cup warmer for making the perfect espresso coffee.
  • PID temperature control and Thermoblock heating technology
  • Integrated conical burr mill Grinder offers 30 grind settings
  • Removable and easily refillable 2.8L water reservoir
  • 58mm portafilter distributes water evenly
  • The filter basket is hard to clean
  • The portafilter is difficult to get in and out

08. Cuisinart SS-20 Coffee Center 

Best Commercial Coffee Machine

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This coffee maker is a versatile one that can brew both ground coffee and K-cup pods. You can choose the one you like based on your requirements. It can extract the brewed coffee straight into a mug or into a carafe.

Commercially using this can give a really fruitful result. This has the capability of being always busy and ready to pour out the perfect cup of coffee you need to serve. The carafe can store more coffee for multiple uses. Whereas the single shots are useful considering that they can be extracted really fast.

Its carafe is not merely a carafe. It is a thermal one that maintains heat and keeps the coffee warm for a long time. The stainless-steel structure is very appealing and avoids stains tackling all worksite abuse.

The LED light featured clock flashes on the control panel for the timer. You can set the time for brewing with the help of the simple hour and minute buttons. Just rotating the knob, you have to select what you are going to work at.

When brewing select brew. This then gives you the option if you want a simple regular brew or a strong one. For the latter, you can simply press the bold button and your coffee will be prepared likewise.

This automatic machine has various other simple but exceptional automatic features. The first one to talk about is its self-cleaning system. You can let go of this responsibility from your shoulder and just select the clean button. It will itself clean the necessary parts that it needs to clean.

The other important feature is its auto shut-off system. When left unused for a certain time, it will automatically shut off itself. This saves a lot of energy and saves you from paying extra bills electric bills.

Features that matter:

  • Both K-cup pods and ground coffee can be used for brewing.
  • Includes a thermal carafe. Keeps the coffee warm for a longer time.
  • The automatic self-cleaning ability for internal cleaning.
  • Auto shut off feature to turn off automatically when idle for a long time.
  • Self-clean and ready alert system
  • Supports any single-cup pod and k-cup pods
  • Reusable Filter cup
  • Brew strength control and brew-pause feature
  • small and non-removable water reservoir
  • Ground basket doesn’t stay in its position properly


09. Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker

Best Commercial Coffee Machine

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This coffee maker has a different new look with a unique structure. It is an uncommon one so you can easily differentiate it from others.

The first thing that you will notice in this is a movable platform. It remains fixed to the main body from the side. At a first glance, you might think the platform is floating itself as this machine does not have anything on the back. It’s more like an empty rectangle that only has two vertical sides and two horizontal sides.

You can move the platform up and down to fit the mug you are using to extract coffee. While making more coffee you can use the carafe that it includes in the set.

Not only that the set includes a smart scoop to measure the right amount of coffee for each cup. Nothing more or nothing less is going to go in it.

In this coffee maker, you get an efficient volumetric control system. It gives you 6 options to choose from. You can set the amount of coffee to be brewed at a time and it can do the job effectively.

An interesting integration of this coffee maker is the cold brew facility. When you choose the over-ice option, it brews temperature-controlled coffee for you to not melt the ice and give the perfect cold coffee you require.

Just above the control panel is the water reservoir. It has a transparent one that gives you a clear view inside that. An interesting inclusion in it is its volume measurement. The tank has certain icon markings that resemble how much water you may need for brewing a certain amount of coffee.

Features that matter:

  • Unique style coffee maker with an exceptional design.
  • A flexible platform that can be moved up and down to fit coffee cups.
  • Foldable frother to keep away when not in use.
  • Has a special over-ice option for cold brew.
  • 6 brew sizes and 4 brew types
  • Build-in fold-away frother
  • Brews coffee faster with less sound
  • Fully detachable for hassle-free cleaning
  • 1.Coffee becomes less hot than the most coffee maker
  • 2.The milk frother doesn’t heat the milk

10. Cuisinart Dcc-3200 P1 Perfectemp

Best Commercial Coffee Machine

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As we reached the last one, it’s time for unveiling the last star. Size is a highlighting issue for countertop equipment. And this coffee maker will definitely win in the space war.

Its slim sophisticated body structure will blow your mind. Taking the least space sitting on your countertop it can assist you in your coffee-making journey.

It brews ground coffee. The top portion of the coffee maker is actually a hood that opens to the coffee holding basket. It comes along with a fine-quality gold-toned filter that is reusable. You can wash and reuse it several times.

Beside that is the water reservoir. At a first glance, you won’t get it if this machine even has a water tank. It is kind of like a confidential one but not too much like that. On the sidewall, lies a small window that traverses a certain length to see through it. You can keep track of the water level and do so precisely by the virtue of its length measurements engraved on the window.

The coffee is extracted into a comparatively large carafe that comes along with it. It can fit up to 14 cups of coffee and very handy to use. It does not become too hot to touch and the handle is safe for holding even right after hot coffee is brewed.

The timer option also prevails in this coffee maker. You can pre-set the brewing period within 24 hours and keep yourself free for other tasks. A very simple control panel is given on the machine with all the necessary programming options. You can choose all that you require without getting lost on buttons and numbers.

Features that matter:

  • Slim body structure to take small space on the countertop.
  • Comes with a gold-toned reusable coffee filter.
  • A large-sized glass carafe is including. Can fit up to 14 cups of coffee.
  • Has 24 hours programming ability to pre-set brewing time.
  • Produce the best quality coffee
  • 24-hour programmable and self-cleaning
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Reusable gold-tone filter
  • The water tank’s inside part is difficult to clean
  • loud bubbling sound

How to Choose Best Commercial Coffee Machine

A simple buying guide makes the choosing task easier. So, I have made a commercial coffee machine buying for you. Check it out before you make the purchase.

Manual vs Automatic

A manual coffee maker can be a good one but not efficient as a commercial tool. For commercial purposes, you must choose anything that is automatic.

Automatic coffee makers can deliver faster results and can make multiple servings at a time. You won’t have to wait long for the coffee to be served.

The basic feature of such automatic coffee makers includes self-brewing. The machine brews the coffee as programmed. Sometimes it is preprogrammed, sometimes you customize it. But most importantly it does the job itself without requiring you to be involved in it.

Some coffee makers have the exceeding capability and can automatically grind beans, froth milk, and prepare specialized coffee all by themselves. You can also get multiple at a time by setting the volumetric controls.

So automatic coffee makers are the best choice as commercial coffee makers.

Versatility in Making Coffee

You can get varieties of coffee makers with varieties of features. One such is the versatility in making coffee.

Some coffee makers are so simple and can brew only regular coffee. But you will also find others with so many high-tech features allowing you to brew multiple types of coffee.

Coffee makers that have the ability to brew different coffees are really impressive. You may brew coffee to make cappuccino, latte, americano, or even espresso. If you are lucky you can get the options for all these in one in the same coffee maker.

And in this list, Philips 3200 Series Fully Automatic Espresso Machine w/ LatteGo, Black, EP3241/54 is such an example of a versatile coffee maker.

With or Without Grinder

The coffee maker might or might not come with an in-built coffee grinder. It couldn’t get any better if yours come with one. You can skip the thought of buying a separate grinder and save both money and space.

The in-built grinders are generally very effective and sometimes is completely automatic. You can customize the grinding options but the automatic ones will directly start brewing after grinding following your instructions. They are really time efficient and delivers a good result too.

Even the ones that do not brew the ground coffee automatically perform a great job. Normally such ground coffee is collected on portafilter to be taken in for brewing. Both the systems work fine and do the job efficiently.

However, for the ones with no in-built grinder, you have to get the grinder separately or use ready ground coffee.

Cleaning Facility

Cleaning the coffee maker after use is important. Regular cleaning increases its longevity and keeps it in a good shape. You definitely do not want dirt and debris here and there on your coffee machine.

But the problem arises when the machine does not have enough cleaning facility. For better cleaning it is important the coffee maker includes removable body parts. The regularly used parts like water reservoir, hopper, coffee basket, frother, and other important parts can be separated from the main body for many coffee makers. This lets you clean them thoroughly taking them to the sink.

Moreover, some coffee makers have dishwasher-safe parts. You can directly put them into your dishwasher and clean them.

Final Words 

Coffee making is just not merely making a cup of coffee. It is an art.

When we order coffee, we all seek the aroma, freshness, and fineness in it. And you can get all these with the help of a standard-maintaining coffee maker.

You don’t have to make coffee yourself for the coffee the perfection you require. Today’s coffee machines are built to serve you the best quality coffee. They are efficient automatic devices to make your task easier.

All the coffee makers mentioned in this list are examples of such competent machines. Choosing anyone among them would be choosing the best commercial coffee maker.

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