Best 5 Cup Coffee Maker That We’ve Tested & Reviewed

5 Cup Coffee Maker

An excellent five-cup coffee maker can brew sufficient coffee to get you throughout the day if you’re a coffee drinker. Coffee makers are designed for more than just functionality. The greatest coffee maker will consistently deliver that ideal cup of Joe. The coffee maker, on the other hand, will differ between individuals.

Anais Saoirse – a coffee café owner from Newzealand, says the top 5 cup coffee makers are extremely simple to operate and may include programmable features. Furthermore, it allows you to prepare fresh coffee even if you’re not home. To discover more, see our guide to the best cup coffee makers.

Product Reviews For the Top 5 Cup Coffee Maker

1. BLACK+DECKER CM0700BZ 5-Cup Black Coffee maker


  • Color Black
  • Material Plastic
  • Feature Permanent Filter
  • Capacity 5 Cubic cc

Feature Description:

The BLACK+DECKER CM0700BZ best cup coffee maker is undoubtedly one of the most significant coffee makers I’ve ever used, particularly for the price. This feature temporarily slows the stream of coffee then. You can serve your initial cup without leaving a mess even before the brewing process is finished.

The permanent filter is easy to clean & works with your favorite coffee grinds. For ease of use, there’s one-touch control and an on/off indication light. I have been using this permanent filter maker with a 5 cup capacity for a long time, and the coffee came out robust and flavorful, just the way I like it.

With the flip of a button, the 1.79-pound BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Serving Coffee maker gets to work, boiling water to the ideal temperature for complete flavor extraction. In the Duralife glass carafe, coffee is brewing. Furthermore, the permanently installed grounds filter eliminates the need for dirty paper filters.

I used to have the older model back in college, which lasted for years until it ultimately failed. I chose to switch to one of those high-end Keruig coffee makers & promptly regretted my decision. I couldn’t get the espresso to taste as nice or be as strong as it was.

  • A two-year warranty is included with this model.
  • The filtering basket, tank, & carafe lid may all be washed on the top rack.
  • It’s small and compact, making it ideal for clean edge spaces.
  • A single button is used for turns on and off the machine and the plate both

Bottom Line

This 5 cup BLACK+DECKER CM0700BZ coffee machine is fantastic. I brew directly into my cup, and the hot plate keeps my coffee hot while I sip it leisurely over several hours.

2. KRUPS 5-Cup Brew Compact Silver Drip Coffee Maker


  • Brand KRUPS
  • Color Black & Stainless Steel
  • Maker Type Drip Coffee
  • Feature Programmable
  • Capacity 5 Cups

Feature Description:

The KRUPS 5-Cup Quickly Brew drip coffee maker has a large door opening for simple refilling as well as a deep water tank. That can hold enough water to produce up to 5 cups of coffee. I appreciate this machine since it keeps your freshly brewed coffee hot for as long as you keep it on.

For those who can’t wait, the Quick Brew enables you to serve a cup (or two) while the coffee is still brewing. I bought this 2.78-pound tiny Coffee Maker jewel because I am the one and only guy in my family who drinks a lot!! It’s easy to operate, makes excellent coffee, and doesn’t take up much room on my counter. It also brews relatively quietly!!

Its prominent water level display guarantees you have the proper water to the coffee ratio for the chosen taste, which I enjoy. The one-touch switch on the unit’s side is so straightforward that those who get up early seem to have no excuse for not making the coffee. 

I like how the Amaste 25 Oz Drip  Compact machine takes up so little counter space. I crush the beans and use purified water to produce the most enormous batch possible. The coffee keeps hot over several hours in my 2-in-1 thermos, which sits on the base. Because I don’t like sediment, I use a paper filter rather than the supplied filter.

  • A reusable coffee filter, as well as a measuring spoon
  • Keep coffee hot by plate for an hour
  • It’s simple to replenish the water tank
  • Pricey as a newbie

Bottom Line

This tiny coffee maker, like other best espresso machines, is perfect for my two large mugs of brew each morning. It brews excellent coffee, has a sleek stainless steel design, and is easy to use.

3. Amaste 25 Oz Drip Glass Pot Coffee Maker Machine


  • Brand Amaste
  • Color Matcha Green
  • Maker Type Drip Coffee
  • Feature Programmable
  • Capacity 1.6 Pounds

Feature Description:

This 3.96-pound Coffee Maker allows you to make cappuccinos and lattes, among other coffee beverages. Whether it’s Mild, Medium, or Strong, modifying the strength to your liking will make you memorable. This drip machine features a reusable coffee filter, eliminating the need to purchase paper filters regularly.

It’s adorable. I’ve never seen a coffee machine as incredible as this one. Not only that, but it also makes a fantastic cup of coffee. You may even choose how strong you want to be! STRONG is one of my favorite words, and it comes out brilliantly. It’s also a washable filter, so there’s no waste!

Having light, medium, and dark selections is not a gimmick. This machine produces a cup of coffee with a distinct flavour based on which choice you select. I tried both the light and the medium, and the light is clearly superior. As a result, I skipped the dark mode. The fact that the grip is open-ended is also a plus.

Our drip machine will hold your newly prepared coffee hot for 30 minutes to preserve flavor after brewing. The anti-drip construction & visible water gauge enable the coffee to pour into the pot smoothly and without spilling. Overall, it’s a bit pricy for the capacity, but it’s still an excellent buy.

  • Coffee is available in three strengths: mild, medium, and strong.
  • After 25 minutes of inactivity, the coffee machine turns off.
  • You can choose from four different color schemes to fit your kitchen
  • The plastic structure may not be as long-lasting

Bottom Line

This coffee pot is fantastic!! I prefer strong coffee, and I was using a Keurig, which produces watery coffee, and this little mom jam must have been like, Wow! There’s a new sheriff in town! Let me assure you, even though it’s small, it packs a punch, and as a coffee lover, I had to have Kona coffee. 

4. Mr. Coffee 2129512 Black Mini Brew 5-Cup Coffee Maker


  • Brand Mr. Coffee
  • Color Black
  • Material Plastic
  • Feature Manual maker
  • Capacity 5 Cups

Feature Description:

The compact and lightweight design are ideal for small places; the new ergonomic carafe allows for simple pouring and handling, with enough indications for accurate measurement. You’ll have peace of mind with the 2-hour auto-shutoff. This coffee pot was affordable, tiny enough to fit in a small place, and tasted delicious.

The Mr. Coffee 2129512 manual machine offers a handy Auto Pause function that allows you to serve a cup before the brewing cycle is finished. It brews just enough for two 12-ounce cups. Furthermore, the coffee maker is ideal for tiny places.

I’m a coffee addict; however, my old coffee pot’s coffee usually tasted metallic and would cut off right after brewing because it was too big. It’s not difficult to remove the basket and clean it, and the coffee tastes just as good as it does in my Keurig.

  • Compact design
  • Water window that is easy to see
  • Cleaning is a breeze.
  • Indicator of power
  • Need a lot of coffee grounds To brew a strong

Bottom Line

In this Mr. Coffee 2129512 Coffee Maker price range, I returned the black and decker model and replaced it with this, which I prefer. In the morning, one coffee makes plenty for my coffee mug as well as a cup. This coffee maker appeals to me because it includes a warming plate, which the one I purchased only a week ago did not. It’s straightforward and accomplishes the task at hand.

5. Holstein Housewares HH-0914701E Teal 5-Cup Compact Coffee Maker


  • Brand Holstein Housewares
  • Color Teal
  • Material Glass
  • Feature Auto Pause and Serve Functions
  • Capacity 5 Cups

Feature Description:

By improving life in the kitchen, Holstein Housewares intends to make preparing & entertaining easier. The Holstein Housewares 5-Cup Coffee Maker (HH-0914701E) allows you to start your day with freshly brewed coffee. To make your purchase worry-free, the firm offers a one-year warranty coverage.

The space-saving compact form takes less space on your countertop. The easy-to-read writing on the glass carafe lets you track your coffee levels. One-touch operation is convenient & user-friendly. Purple, The striking design, which comes in blue, red, purple, or teal, offers a splash of color to your kitchen.

The 2.2-pound coffee maker comes with a replaceable filter basket & measuring spoon, making it easy to drink your favorite blend in the morning. The included filter disassembles fast for easy cleaning. The simple on/off action will make your mornings easier.

It’s a compact coffee maker, but it does the job properly for me. Because I live alone, I only need one pot. The color is adorable, and it’s simple to use. Coffee is also tasty, but it’s difficult to mess up with a regular coffee machine.

  • Cone filter that can be removed
  • Operation using only one touch
  • Warm plate (nonstick)
  • Keep-warm function that works automatically
  • Most typical filters may not work with this appliance

Bottom Line

I’ve had this coffee maker since April 2020, which was still going strong in December 2021. This coffee machine is fantastic. I like the color, and it’s tiny enough because I’m the only one here who drinks a lot. If you’re unhappy with the filters, all that you have to do is have the cone-shaped filters.

6. Capresso Black and Stainless Steel 5-Cup Drip Coffee Maker


  • Brand Capresso
  • Color Black & Stainless Steel
  • Maker Type Drip Machine
  • Feature Programmable
  • Capacity 1 Cubic Inches

Feature Description:

This Capresso small drip coffee maker is one of my favorites because it has adequately sized cups. For 1 or 2 persons, a 5-cup glass pitcher is excellent. I usually program the equipment to brew at the time you specify. Brews 5-cups (25-oz) of coffee in a glassware carafe with just an ergonomically grip as well as a drip-free pouring nozzle in a flash.

You can easily program the 2-pound coffee machine to begin brewing when you want. The coffee maker will remain heated for two hours before shutting down automatically. The GoldTone filter is simple to clean and replaces paper filters. The Capresso maker’s on/off button is a switch on the right-hand side of the coffee maker. 

The Capresso programmable 5-cup coffee maker is just the right size for me and has performed admirably thus far. It makes good coffee, and I get a pretty strong cup whether I use an Italian grind. It’s adorable, takes up very little counter space, and is also the perfect size for my tiny family.

I’m pretty pleased with this small coffee maker. The 2.2-pound maker is perfect! In fact, it makes great coffee without the obnoxious bells and whistles of larger machines. Multiple nozzles uniformly spray water onto the ground coffee, ensuring that the grounds are completely saturated.

  • Water reservoir that can be removed
  • Automatic shutdown of the hot plate
  • Auto-pause and brew in a hurry
  • It may be a little noisy.

Bottom Line

I adore coffee and need at least two cups to start my day. My coffee maker broke, so I’ve been looking for an excellent tiny coffee maker.  I would have kept it if it hadn’t been too huge for one person and too tall to fit beneath the wall cabinets on my counter.

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Buying guide for cup coffee maker


The majority of 5-cup coffee makers operate on a one-button system. This is unsurprising, given how inexpensive they are. With a computerized machine, you can set a time limit up to 12 hours ahead of time. You can drink a cup of freshly ground coffee as quickly and efficiently as possible tomorrow.

The capacity of the reservoir

The storage or water reservoir capacity will significantly depend on how much coffee you drink in a different situation.

Your coffee maker’s tank should contain precisely 5 cups or 20-25 ounces of water at the least. If you take up to 6 oz of cocoa per cup. However, you may discover that you’ll have to replenish the reservoir more often.

Material for a carafe

Glass, steel, or plastic carafes are the most common materials used for coffee machine carafes. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Stainless steel has the best heat retention, although it can be hot to the touch.

In terms of looks, glass is a popular choice, but it can lose heat more quickly. While plastic is more robust and safer in the event of a spill, there is always the possibility of chemicals seeping into the coffee when it is introduced to the hot drink.

A stainless steel carafe, often known as a thermal carafe, seems to be a more costly solution. You’ll not get burned if you touch the carafe’s external body.

Standard of coffee

If you’re a coffee enthusiast, seek a maker that states it fulfills the Golden Cup Standard. This indicates that the coffee is brewed at the optimal temperature and time for the most excellent cup of Joe.

However, remember that this standard calls for two tablespoons of brewed coffee per 5-ounce cup. Plus,  that results in a full-bodied, robust cup of coffee that may not be to everyone’s liking.

Size of maker

When choosing the right coffee maker, the amount of counter space you have is a significant consideration. Unless you like to keep it in the box and put it away whenever you aren’t using it.

What’s the point of it, though? Measure the area available on your counters before purchasing a machine. Then, choose a model that would work best in your kitchen.

Permanent or paper filters

Choose between a permanent filter and a paper, disposable filter. Permanent filters are environmentally friendly. And do not have to be replaced as often, but they must be hand-washed and have a tendency to discolor.

Paper filters are also easier to discard than metal filters since they are easy to knock out of the ground. You can also discover that the flavor of the coffee brewed varies depending on the filter type, and you favour one over the other.

Most versions now include a reusable filter that’s both environmentally beneficial and convenient. This filter also allows some oils and micro-fines to get through, resulting in a bolder, fuller-bodied brew.

Your budget

Budget-friendly choices usually feature programmability as well as an auto shut-off feature for folks who just need a simple coffee machine. Meanwhile, if you require something more sturdy, you can locate it as much as your budget allows.

Pause automatically

Auto-pause functionality of the best five-cup drip coffee maker isn’t available on all coffee makers. Still, if this is, it’s great for users who may not want to wait till the brewing process is complete to get a cup of coffee.

You can take the carafe from the coffee machine. While it’s boiling as well as the machine will recognize that it’s gone with auto-pause. If you don’t have to deal with spills, the brewing will stop until you return to the carafe.

Frequently Asked Questions

a. What Is the Life Expectancy of a 5-Cup Coffee Maker?

Traditional drip coffee machines are generally long-lasting, though individual results may vary. In most cases, a five-cup coffee maker will last around five years before something requires replacement.

This, obviously, requires that you cleanse and descale it regularly and that you do not misuse your appliance. Cheaper versions have a short life span, with some just making it past the two-year mark before needing to be replaced.

On the other hand, Premium coffee makers can typically go well beyond the five-year mark. Some people claim their coffee makers have lasted up to ten years.

b. How can I increase the amount of caffeine in my coffee?

It’s not as simple as adding extra coffee grounds to the filter to get more caffeine from your coffee. Alternatively, you may have to alter your brewing method or drinking habits. Coffee has a significant caffeine content without a doubt.

Similarly, lighter coffee beans, which have far more caffeine than their darker counterparts, may be preferable. Try brewing the current favourite coffee for a more extended period to produce more caffeine.

c. How can I wash my coffee maker in the simplest way possible?

Washing a coffee maker isn’t as difficult as you would think. in this dish. Allow roughly 4 cups of vinegar to sit in the reservoir for at least 30 min. Start the coffee maker and let the vinegar brew for a few minutes.

 Run water through two or three brewing cycles to remove the vinegar odor, & your coffee machine will be ready to use.

Final words

In short, I hope that our Best 5 cup coffee maker reviews help you well in purchasing time. There are many excellent 5-cup coffee machines on the internet, so picking one is tricky. A 5 cup coffee maker can enable you to conserve space, cost, and effort if you live in a tiny place or are on a budget.

Our top picks:

The BLACK+DECKER CM0700BZ isn’t flashy, but still, it gets the job done, has a tremendous reusable filter, and is reasonably priced. Its revolutionary burner, imaginative glass design, and general attention to detail make it a model that will be the center of attraction in your kitchen.

Alternatively, if space isn’t a priority in your kitchen, consider the Zojirushi EC-DAC50. This clever design is ideal for people searching for a fashionable coffee machine that can also be placed away in a corner.

We believe that your search for the finest 5-cup coffee maker yields a nice cup of coffee, regardless of whatever product you choose.

Happy coffee maker Shopping!

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