Aeropress Metal vs. Paper Coffee Filter

Brewing a cup of coffee may take only a few minutes. However, the taste remains a good source of motivation for the whole day. If you are an Aeropress user, the type of filter you use can not only impact the taste but can also make a difference in the very brewing method. Hence, it is worth understanding how different filters make it a bit more convenient for you, and offer you a better taste.

In other words, which one is more suitable when it comes down to Aeropress metal vs. paper coffee filter?

Aeropress Metal vs. Paper Coffee Filter

Make a Good Choice: Aeropress Metal Filter vs. Paper Filter

In Aeropress brewing method, you add hot water to the ground coffee, and the solution goes down to your cup. The filter works as a barrier to separate odd-shaped grounds from the fines.

It massively contributes to the taste of your coffee. Apart from the taste, there are several reasons to prefer one over the other. Here are some of the most important things you should consider before buying an Aeropress metal filter or a pack of paper filters.


Paper filters tend to absorb all the oil and don’t let it contribute to your coffee. As a result, you get a lighter taste and floral flavor. It also looks cleaner and no porosity is felt on your mouth. On the other hand, the metal filters let the oil go into your cup to enrich it stronger taste and flavor.

Metal filters, however, comes in different types: ultra-fine, fine, and mesh. Much of the difference depends on how big the holes in a filter are. Ultra-fine filters don’t let any odd ground go into your cup, making the coffee smooth as well as sweet. Fine filters work best to make full-bodied coffee and retain some acidity. Mesh filters, however, offer you smoother and sweeter coffee than that of other two types.


Paper filters do not let any grit go into your cup, as a result no sediment can be found at the bottom of the cut. But things happen differently when you use a metal filter. Many think that metal filters let grits make it to the bottom of your cup.

However, this notion is changing as there are different types of metal filters available on the market, and not all of them allow sediment into your cup. Newly-manufactured filters allow you to control the amount of grit, acidity, and porosity.

Reusable Filter vs. Disposable Filter

‘Use a filter once and throw it away’, this is what a retailer would say when you buy a paper filter. That means you cannot use it ever again. But did you ever think about what can it possibly cause to our planet? If you didn’t, just relax! Paper filters are completely disposable and they do not affect our planet badly.

On the contrary, you can use a metal filter countless times until you break it. But there is a little chance of breaking as metal filters robust and sustainable. Although they are much more expensive than paper filters, many people prefer them for the long-term sustainability.


Imagine, you are bored and craving for cup of coffee. Then you get in the kitchen to find out that you ran out of coffee filters. Utter disappointment! This could happen when you rely only on paper filters.

However, you can look at this from a different perspective too. You don’t have to clean the filter every time before brewing a cup of coffee. You can use a new, clean filter for every brew!

On the contrary, you have to clean a metal filter before each use. That’s an extra task, isn’t it? But good thing is, you don’t have worry about how many filters are left for use. It’s like, ‘Buy once and never worry again!’

Final words

Neither is better than the other in the sense that different people are interested in different Aeropress recipe. You might love lighter taste and flavor which is effectively achieved when you use a paper filter. However, if you opt for a metal filter, you are likely to have a stronger, richer taste of coffee.

If you think of the cost-effectiveness for long-term, a metal filter can be a great choice for you. But if you don’t want to spend so much at a time, you can go for a paper filter.

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