How To Adjust Nespresso Pods Size [The Complete Guide]

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Nespresso coffee machines are one of the most advanced coffee makers available today. You can easily prepare great coffee thanks to them. This is the machine that is viable for brewing a wide range of types of coffee with ease. 

They may be tailored to your preferences thanks to their customizability and ability to remember your preferred settings. It’s crucial to understand how to calibrate the cup sizes if you possess a Nespresso and are new to the device. 

Thanks to their adaptability and capacity to remember your preferred settings, they may be customised to your tastes.It is crucial that you understand how to calibrate the cup sizes if you own a Nespresso but are inexperienced with the device.

For that reason, we’re going to tell you how you can set Nespresso pod sizes with ease. But, please be sure to go through this article till the end so you can learn everything in a good way. 

Without getting more late, let’s get to our topic.

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Nespresso Pod Sizes Explained

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Before you head over to the ways of adjusting the Nespresso pod sizes, it’s crucial for you to know a little more about Nespresso cup sizes. The most well-known espresso makers in the coffee pod industry are Nespresso models, and most of them operate similarly in terms of cup sizes. 

The Pixie model, which is the most basic, includes two cup sizes: Lungo and Espresso (40 mL and 110 mL). If you want stronger or weaker espresso, the higher-end versions include additional cup sizes as well as potential barista choices to prepare lattes and macchiatos.

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Adjusting And Resetin The Sizes Of Nespresso Pods

The ability to customize cup sizes and calibrate the device to remember the precise quantity of water to use to brew your espresso is one of the Nespresso machines’ finest features. Each machine’s calibration process is easy, and it provides comprehensive cup size modification options:

Methods For Adjusting Nespresso Cup Sizes

Now we’re going to tell you about adjusting and resetting the Nespresso pod sizes. But, what if you have another model of Nespresso coffee maker? So, the method of resetting and adjusting cup sizing would almost be the same except for some of the steps. Don’t worry, though; we’ll show you how to build any model you would like. You can only read the method of the modal you own and then set the cup size and reset them.

Adjusting And Resting The Cup Size Of Nespresso CitiZ

The Nespresso CitiZ uses the same calibration configuration as the Pixie, but it resets the memory to factory defaults in a slightly different method.

The CitiZ has a beautiful appearance and offers espresso and lungo cup sizes.

The following is how to preserve your personalised cup size:

The Method Of Adjusting Cup Size

  • Start your Nespresso Citiz and add water to the tank.
  • You should insert a Nespresso capsule into the capsule compartment when the flickering lights cease.
  • Select the size of your cup, push and hold the button until you have the desired quantity of espresso, and then let go of the button. Until you reset it, your Citiz will retain this same amount.

The Method of Resetting the Cup Size

  • Switch off the Nespresso Citiz.
  • While turning it back on, keep holding down the Lungo button.
  • Turn the button off. The settings on your Nespresso Citiz have been reset to default.

Resting And Adjusting Nespresso Pixie Pod Size

The Pixie is easy to tune and reset to factory settings despite its little size and basic Nespresso machine capability.For those seeking a straightforward Nespresso machine without any extras, this is a fantastic choice. The Nespresso Pixie may be calibrated and reset as follows:


  • Activate the Nespresso Pixie and fill the water tank at the rear with filtered water.
  • In the event that the lights stop flashing, insert a Nespresso pod into the pod slot.
  • Select the desired cup size, then press and hold the button.
  • Once you’ve achieved the required quantity, let go of the button. Until you reset it, your Pixie will retain this exact amount.

Resetting The Cup Size

  • So switch off your Nespresso Pixie.
  • To turn the Lungo back on, hold down the button while continuing to push it.
  • Your Nespresso Pixie will not have factory defaults restored.

Adjusting And Resting The Cup Size Of Nespresso Essenza

The Nespresso Essenza features hot water for tea and four cup sizes that may be customised to suit your needs. Although it is a more adaptable model than the Citiz and Pixie, it lacks the Latissima and Latissima Plus’s milk steaming choices. Observe these steps to calibrate the Nespresso Essenza:


  • Before filling the water tank, press the power button.
  • Place a coffee capsule in the capsule port when the lights have stopped blinking.
  • Hold the button down while selecting the cup size that you want.
  • As soon as you get the desired quantity, release the button. The Essenza will pour precisely this quantity unless you change it or reset it.

Resetting The Cup Size

  • Cut off the Nespresso Essenza’s power.
  • The lungo button can be depressed and held down to restart the device.
  • Your Nespresso Essenza is now set to its factory defaults and may be customized once again.


We’re sure now you know how to adjust the Nespresso cup sizes. That’s how easy that is. Now you may ask, what is the ideal size of nespresso pods that we recommend? Becasue, there are different size nespresso pods. For a Lungo, a 100 ml cup size is advised; for an espresso, a 40 ml cup size; and for a ristretto, a 25 ml cup size.

To select the optimal cup size, utilise the following methods: Make sure the water reservoir is full and the machine is switched on.

These are ideal cup sizes for specific Nespresso modals. Most of the famous Nespresso modals’ cup sizes are already mentioned above. But, still, if your machine’s modal is different than what we mentioned, then please let us know in the comment section so we can help you out.

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