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Coffee Mashups is #1 Coffee resources website that share his honest reviews which helps you to drink the bestest coffee of Your help.

Coffee is something to be consumed to the fullest, and we’re here to assist you in doing so. I believe that life is too short to waste it on terrible coffee. While many coffee journeys begin with instant coffee, they frequently finish up in considerably more wonderful and aromatic locations. For the past few years, I’ve been obsessed with coffee and refuse to drink anything that isn’t freshly ground or brewed! I’m here to assist you in realising your coffee potential.

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Ryan McNeil – Co Founder & Editor


Ryan, A devoted coffee purist and caffeine enthusiast, was introduced to the wonder drug in the early 1996 when visiting one of the first Starbucks outlets to open in Chicago. Christian became the general manager and chief barista of a coffee business in his hometown after discovering his first perfectly drawn triple espresso.




REGINA NELSON – Coffee Expert


Regina has worked in the specialty coffee market for over 10 years and is enthusiastic about accessibility and industry education. She thinks that all professionals and coffee enthusiasts should have easy access to information, both educational and otherwise.

Regina provides a range of coffee education courses as a trainer, from Barista Fundamentals to Machine Maintenance. Regina also has years of experience working both behind the bar as a barista and in roastery operations. Regina adores coffee and coffee lovers.



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Since my first drink of coffee, I’ve known that coffee runs
through my veins. My taste buds embarked on a trip that led to the creation of
my own coffee company and blogs the instant it touched my tongue.

My adventure did not begin with the highest quality coffee.
We all start somewhere, thinking what we’re drinking is the best cup of coffee
or espresso, just like most coffee junkies. To our astonishment, coffee has
always improved and will continue to improve.

With that said, my adventure began with my first cup of
instant coffee. To be honest, I thought it was the best innovation since bread
and butter!

To say the least, I don’t think I could drink instant coffee
today, given my preferences. Anyway, one day I decided to make my own cup of
coffee and discovered the wonder of the process.

Even while instant coffee has its advantages, nothing beats
grinding my own beans and preparing a fresh cup of coffee. Coffee beans seemed
to have tendrils that reached out and grabbed my taste receptors and veins.

My true coffee journey began after that. I experimented with
various bean flavors, grinders, and makers and eventually acquired an
insatiable thirst for espresso. This was when coffee made its way into my veins
and heart.

I can now say that I have spent decades studying coffee and
espresso all across the world.