Who doesn’t love coffee?

It’s true, caffeine is one of the most beloved conversational comfort drinks on the face of the earth. Next time¬†you’re sipping your favorite Starbucks drink, just imagine yourself going to a place in your mind that is more heavenly than your current reality. There are plenty of people who leave work for a while just to talk it up with their colleagues and force a little removal from reality.

Here’s a new idea for you.

When you lounge back with a cup o’ jo on a real life vacation, while you’re with those you love, life just doesn’t get better than that. So why not take a cruise to see your favorite islands in the Caribbean or maybe just hop on down to Mexico for a bit.

If you want a great deal, check out cruises from Galveston. There are usually quite affordable prices and it is pretty central to anywhere you might be in the United States.

But it will only happen if you plan it and make it a reality. Don’t work your life away without really get a chance to enjoy your favorite drink. Don’t just make coffee your five-minutes-a-day escape drink.

Make it your regular ritual to sit back and sip a little bit of heaven while you’re actually looking at a heavenly sight, too.

Transportation is one of the most interesting industries in the world, because with all the advances in technology, we still haven’t been able to “automate” getting from point A to point B. So why not just accept that it’s going to take a long time, and savor every moment.

We hope to see you on your next cruise out of Galveston, or anywhere else in the world you might choose. And don’t forget to grab a cup of coffee with your friends and family!