What Goes Good with Coffee? Cold Weather!

Let’s take a break today to talk about having coffee when it’s cold outside.  It’s an adult hot chocolate!  When it’s cold outside, naturally, we need proper heating and cooling.  So below will be some information regarding the HVAC industry.

As there are so many heating and cooling service providers operating in Pearland, Texas; hence it is not a surprise that you are either intimidated or just plain annoyed at the idea of finding the best service provider for you and your needs. Well relax, as here some characteristics of only the best heating and cooling service providers of this area is jotted down for your very convenience.

So, without further ado, here are the characteristics that you should be looking for in a service provider to know if they are truly the best:


In the field of providing effective, quick and affordable heating and air conditioning installments and services, experience matters a lot. With an experienced service company/contractor you are getting the advantage of the best possible service. There are two reasons why the company can provide the best service to you.

You see, as they are working in this field for a long time, so they are familiar with all kinds of problems a customer can have and how to handle the problems in the best way so that the customer truly gets 100% customer satisfaction. Another reason to why a qualified company does its best to provide a remarkable job is because they have a good reputation to uphold.

Effective and Certified

All experienced and qualified service company have been operating in this place for a long time, thus as a result they are well familiar with all the rules and regulations associated with installing and working with the different HVAC products.

Besides, experienced service company has under it equally trained and experienced technicians and other staffs who are well capable to get the job done. Here it is also important to mention that all outstanding heating and cooling service providers have the proper certificate needed (as per the State’s requirements).

Free Consultations

With one of the best heating and cooling service provider, you are getting the advantage of free consultation. A qualified service company/contractor will provide some sort of free survey/consultation where trained technicians will come to check your place (both commercial and residential) to see the condition your current heating and cooling system is in. In such a visit, they will check if you have leaking air duct or outdated model and such other things.

Based on this consultation, the company will provide you an estimated price of the service they are going to provide in order to fix the heating and cooling problem you are dealing with. So, this feature also means no hidden cost or pushing of unwanted and high-priced replacement and other such nuisances.

Other advantageous characteristics

Some of the other advantages characteristics of a qualified heating and cooling service provider operating in this area are:

Warranties/guarantees on all the products they will provide during the installation and repairing services.

24/7 or customized emergency services for each and every customers.

Use of only the latest technologies, products and safety procedures for an effective and quick service.

Discounts and other such benefits for new and also existing customers.

There you have it, some of the many advantageous characteristics of all the best heating and cooling service providers operating in this very area. So when choosing a company/contractor, do keep these in mind to ensure that you indeed have the best to guide and help you.


Just the name is enough


The name is powerful enough to seduce the mind and lull one into an escape that reeks the aroma too tempting to ignore. It brews the mind just perfect along with its many thoughts and awakens the soul. The way our senses respond to this concoction served in a mug, is way beyond explanation.  That color of the coffee beans, the way they pull you close to them….that aroma that finds it’s way through the nostrils, filling it in completely, till it reaches the heart through the lungs and decides to stay there for a while…that flavor, and the way it engages in a dance with the taste buds, teasing, playing and later, lingering even, as a memento, a heartfelt goodbye. Such is this potion!

Christmas in a mug!

This beverage rightly deserves the above title. I mean,  it shouldn’t even be a nominee and steal the award right away. It’s so easy to come across the coffee-lover’s gang and when that happens, there’s some sort of telepathy and an exchange of smiles  between them saying, ” I get you”  which gives one a sense of belonging. The coffee craze has become some sensation and it’s gripping the entire nation. No wonder so many cafés are emerging in every nook and corner,  each serving their own variety of options. It’s like a Disney land for coffee-philic people , where the many options present confuse and torture the mind, making one opt from a list of all the “Must have’s”

The addiction! 

Once you get the taste of it, it’s difficult to stay away from it. The craving keeps on building up like a storm in you, till it peaks to a point where it’s all ready to explode any minute. The want to sip it through the hectic days, empty mornings or long nights and silent conversations is inevitable.

My first cup of coffee for the day, started with me being on my way to the Doctor’s. I had an appointment in an hour and I took off from home all alone. After being picked up by a wheelchair transportation company, I got tested for a few things and was on my way with the reports. I was both apprehensive and eager, and for some reason, I didn’t want to visit alone. And I thought to myself, what can be a better company than a cup of coffee brewing amidst the entire tensed atmosphere surrounding me?!With the first sip that I took, it made me forget everything for a brief moment. With the next, all came back to reality. But with every sip, it calmed me down. It gave me a pep talk I so needed, held my hand and  whispered to me, ” Don’t worry, this too shall pass ” Finally, they called out my name, the wait was over. And I walked in, to brave the world with a smile on my face.

CCD ain’t wrong to quote ~ “A lot can happen over a cup of coffee”

The coffee-stained carpet struggle

Remember the struggle to get The perfect carpet for your front room? The one suiting your needs and also resonating the interiors?  The one you decided to flaunt to the visitors, displaying your choice and getting jealous looks in return?  Such a task right?! And given the sky-rocketing price these days, it ends up being one of your prized possessions.

Mini ~ Heart-attack

Now, how do you feel when someone you invited over for a cup of coffee maybe, spills the very drink on this expensive peice of art of yours???? It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that it gives you a mini heart attack. You freeze for a while, not knowing how to react.  Or how to undo recent events that happened so fast, and how you wished you were some ninja to have reacted to the stimuli fast enough before the damage was done. I feel you all!

Good news!

The good news is that there’s  a solution to your misery!!! Yes, you heard it just right!
In the text that follows, lies your relief. Follow these easy steps and kick the worry out of your lives with expert carpet cleaning services.

Things you’ll require~

Mild non-bleaching detergent
Rubber glove
White cloths
Spray bottle
Paper towels

What to do?

Put on rubber gloves to protect your hands as a safety measure.
A wide range of carpet-cleaning chemicals are available but should be avoided as they damage carpets and may contain caustic ingredients and may cause allergic reactions or poisoning of the user/children/pets.

How to do it?

Follow these steps:
Start with blotting the stain using paper towels as early as you can, but remember not to rub.
Decide on the nature of the stain before treating it.
Sprinkle some lukewarm water to make the stain  damp or dab using a sponge.
Recipe to the solution~ To ¼ tsp of mild carpet shampoo/ detergent that won’t bleach, add some amount of luke warm water, say a litre and then stir well.
Test the solution in a spot invisible to all but your you and if you notice any discoloration or any changes per say, remove it without delay using cold water.
If all goes well, apply the solution to the stain. Wet a  piece of cloth that’s not dirty with the solution and lay it over.
Apply little pressure to  the cloth using a spoon making spiral movements starting with the outside and progressing towards the centre.
Rinse-clean, taking the cloth away and sprinkle few drops of warm water .Or, wet a  sponge with luke warm water and dab gently.
Repeat the blotting step again as directed  earlier.
Let the carpet dry. Place a dry towel over the spot and cover it with a plastic wrap. Apply pressure using a book. Wait for 7-8 hours or till it’s morning.


The stain will definitely vanish and you’ll have your  carpet, as good as new!

Conversation over coffee anyone?

Just the other day, I was at a coffee shop in my neighborhood and found an awesome sign with some very interesting facts about coffee. Thought this post would serve as a good way to share some of these pieces of information with all your coffee lovers out there.

Before getting into the actual tips that were shown on the sign, I thought it was important to distinguish between the hard-core coffee drinkers in those Who just drink it if their meeting someone else for coffee. I’ve come to notice over the years that there is one type of individual, like myself, who happens to crave coffee at any time of day no matter what the situation, who’s around, or how many cups of coffee coffee have been consumed already that day.

With caffeine being the most popular drug in the world, they’re actually more individuals and you might think you’re like this. But there are also a great number of people who just happen to drink coffee if their meeting someone who is also drinking coffee. It is important to note that coffee is a catalyst for good, healthy conversation between friends, colleagues, and business associates of all different backgrounds. It is almost as if coffee is a way to bring us all together, and that’s one of the things I love about it.

Now let’s get into the little tips and nuggets of information that were captured on that sign I mentioned earlier. The sign was called 15-ish things worse knowing about coffee.

  • It begins by talking about different legends, Such as the one that states how shepherds in Ethiopia used to notice effects of caffeine when they were observing their goats in the fields. They happen to become friskier and do a little dance after eating coffee berries. Isn’t that awesome
  • Another interesting fact to her that was contained on the sign was the story about how George Washington actually was the inventor of what we now know is instant coffee.
  • If you think that’s cool, then let’s look at another leadership figure from history back in 1675. The king of England actually band coffee shops because he thought they were places where people would conspire against him.
  • A couple more interesting factoids on the sign talked about the different types of espresso, the way the coffee grows on trees, and the type of high you get when you had too much caffeine.

As I mentioned, coffee brings people together and I happened to notice this when I was brought together with a brand-new business associate the other day. He works for a roofing company in Spring, Texas. He is always enjoying coffee, especially in the early hours of the morning before going out to fix leaking roof jobs. He and I had a good conversation, and a few good chuckles about the sign in the coffee shop.

It never ceases to amaze me how much conversation can be struck up a simple cup of Joe. Hope you enjoy your coffee next time you meet up with a friend.

Has Your Coffee Been Behind Locks Inside A Conex Box?

It’s warming up here in Houston, Texas, but the serious coffee drinkers among us will still stay focused on our daily caffeine not matter how hot it gets. Even when temperatures rise above the current-mid-60’s, and into the 100-plus range, you can find coffee drinkers enjoying their conversations with friends, family, and other coffee fans at local cafes all over Texas.

coffee cup in houston tx

We recently interviewed some coffee shop owners and learned a bit more about the local coffee economy in and around Houston.

Here are a few tidbits about what we learned:

  • Coffee is actually a seasonal drink, but the fanatics (you know who you are) never go away and will always be great for business
  • True coffee lovers are quite polarized on Starbucks vs. local coffee house (we tend to prefer the local players)
  • Buying coffee is a constant task you must stay on top of in order to ensure the right price, the best quality, and the quickest service
  • Coffee that’s been sitting too long on the shelf is only going to frustrate the end customers (the coffee drinkers), so be cautious about where your coffee has been and how long it’s been sitting where it was before you got it

On that last note, we found coffee house owners tend to be very loyal to their trusted network of coffee suppliers. Here’s why:

  • If you buy from someone you know and trust, you have more confidence that you know exactly where the coffee has been and how fresh it truly is
  • We learned that coffee is sometimes purchased in bulk from a variety of different countries near the equator, and the beans are then shipped to their local distributors in a conex shipping container
  • For example, when a container full of burlap sacks arrives in Houston, Texas, that shipment of coffee beans is then sent out to the right stakeholders and it continues on its way in the fast paced coffeeconomy (yup, we just made up that term)
  • If you are dealing with a new or not yet trusted player in the coffee buying business, they might have had a huge shipment of beans that they just cannot sell
  • If this happens, a seller might be stuck with a conex box all sealed with locks and full of stock that will sit for way too long
  • Word of caution: always go with someone you know who will take caution in how long coffee sits before it sells

Our preference is to have a brief conversation with the employee taking our order at the coffee shop, or the owner, just to learn a bit about how each coffee shop buys its coffee.

fioza coffee shop

Favorite coffee house in Houston include Fioza, Starbucks in Meyerland and Bellaire, and of course, several other small mom and pops all across the city. Feel free to post your favorite in the comments section below, and please tell us why you chose it.


Coffee on a cruise!

Who doesn’t love coffee?

It’s true, caffeine is one of the most beloved conversational comfort drinks on the face of the earth. Next time you’re sipping your favorite Starbucks drink, just imagine yourself going to a place in your mind that is more heavenly than your current reality. There are plenty of people who leave work for a while just to talk it up with their colleagues and force a little removal from reality.

Here’s a new idea for you.

When you lounge back with a cup o’ jo on a real life vacation, while you’re with those you love, life just doesn’t get better than that. So why not take a cruise to see your favorite islands in the Caribbean or maybe just hop on down to Mexico for a bit.

If you want a great deal, check out cruises from Galveston. There are usually quite affordable prices and it is pretty central to anywhere you might be in the United States.

But it will only happen if you plan it and make it a reality. Don’t work your life away without really get a chance to enjoy your favorite drink. Don’t just make coffee your five-minutes-a-day escape drink.

Make it your regular ritual to sit back and sip a little bit of heaven while you’re actually looking at a heavenly sight, too.

Transportation is one of the most interesting industries in the world, because with all the advances in technology, we still haven’t been able to “automate” getting from point A to point B. So why not just accept that it’s going to take a long time, and savor every moment.

We hope to see you on your next cruise out of Galveston, or anywhere else in the world you might choose. And don’t forget to grab a cup of coffee with your friends and family!